Rufus - Close The Door Lyrics

I'll ask you once
Look in my eyes
Is it gonna work
Is my advice

Have a little trust in me
I love you
Baby, can't you see'
It's a lie and I don't care

Have a little faith
It's only fair
That you trust in me
I love you

And you'll always be here
A piece of my heart
My peace of mind
That's for sure

'Til you close the door to giving
To giving
Don't call it quits
It would be a shame

Our little fits
Would be to blame
I'd give all of me
And my precious time

I'm not afraid to give
And what's mine is mine
I'll ask you once
Look in my eyes

Is it gonna work
Is my advice
Have a little trust in me
I love you

And you'll always be
A piece of my heart
My peace of mind
That's for sure

'Til you close the door to giving
To giving
'Til you close the door to giving


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Rufus Close The Door Comments
  1. memorymom1

    Chaka Khan and Rufus ! One of the greatest collaborative efforts in the history of music/singers.

  2. Elizabeth Williams

    Close the Door awesome CHAKA/Rufus

  3. Reginald Thomas

    A golden cut should be in the archives love it

  4. Anthony Choyce


  5. stringfellow39

    I played this album from beginning to end until I had to by another.....still one of my favorite albums...

  6. Reginald Thomas

    Don't close it love this song

  7. lady Blue

    My peace of mind

  8. loveld Lu

    ladies who is March of the king his a million-dollar question you ever watch the show is on BET games people play and you have a woman who's beautiful smart and intelligent as a basketball wife of course we don't understand what they go through and how they deal with the issue with her husband's but somehow we have inside view of what is Ben going on in their marriage and how these women handle with their husbands cheating on them and here it is this one woman who is the star of the show her character has to do with her husband infidelity every single time compared to what JZ did Beyonce it's like minor cellular, she decided to do the same thing with someone that she used to go to college with now you knew this man was coming on to her from the beginning you don't kiss a woman that she she's a married woman you don't do that that was out of place disrespectful toward her marriage and who she stands for but she didn't stop him she didn't correct him and said please don't do that so her husband of course went out and send staying home with his wife and what did she do she decided she said she will cheat on her husband have sex with this man because her friend set to her the only man you have is your husband and that to me is what boring now this is the question who is she to talk about a woman should have more than one man in their life when we have issue finding the one the one that you are married to your love that does such a fantastic loving you and treating you and appreciate you and taking care of business and home and this one friend who single who cannot commit to anyone I have a fantasy about one man and then have a nerve to give advice to a married woman about her boring life being with one man only seriously ladies do we listen to those kind of objections toured when women finally found the one at even if you only have one man and he is your one and only no way I should have to experience anybody else because I don't need three or four other men to finally find the one that I should have had in the first place ladies so to those who have their King who preciate lost them and you complete each other and your kisses is just one afternoon of joy and pleasure and being in his arms and his presents and when he's away even a thousand miles does not break your boundaries your love your connection because it is so strong that nothing cannot come between you two so all the best to the kings and queens who have what women been searching for too many relationships and still not have not get it blessings in a trillions to you peace be with you and your man

  9. trizz54

    Til you close the door to giving!

  10. Karlann Herndon

    🎼🎤❤Close the Door...CHAKA spanked the. $HIT outta this !🎤💋❤🎵...Incredible vocals!

  11. Gregory Eberhardt

    Chaka is in a class all by herself. An awesome singer and legend

  12. Mzmaryd

    This album was the shit!!! Repeat this album over and over.

    Afroblu Atlanta

    Still is!😊

  13. Taiquan James

    Tracey Lee brought me here. #WhosCrew

  14. Cat Perez

    2018 💋

  15. Supreme Ali

    Music used to be Rhythm and Blues, Soul.  Glad I grew up wit it.

  16. moehammondmedia

    Ask Rufus very good candidate for greatest female soul/ r&b album ever recorded. A masterpiece through and through.

  17. Walter Brown

    i not afraid to give whats mine is mine .cool. go chaka....

  18. Jerry Tasker

    Now this is one of the best jams that I fell in love with.

  19. Mary Burrell

    Happy Wednesday

  20. ReiMourr Power

    Rufus & Chaka Khan --- next on UNSUNG on TV-1?


    ReiMourr Power I dont really think you can call them unsung tho. Chaka went on to a great solo career. And the other fellas went of and did big things.

    ReiMourr Power

    Still Unsung because their fans would love to hear of their origins, career together, break up and reformation as the show displays. They are as UNSUNG as Minnie Riperton, Ohio Players, George Clinton & P-Funk, Angela Winbush, Donny Hathaway, etc. who had great & informative UNSUNG episodes as popular as they were..

    venus baptiste

    @2tonsolid all vintage artists have to rely on their "old hits" it's called "catalogue" which she has an extensive one... Hater


    Nothing Unsung about Rufus and Chaka Khan

  21. V H Sr

    Chaka Khan, Chakah Khan...what a songstress. One of the greatest ever.

  22. Larry Pittman

    I've played this song more than any other song on the album its such a smooth sexy song

  23. Mary Burrell

    I love this too. Such a funky groove always put me in a mellow mood

  24. Maggi Manno

    Classic then,Classic now....

  25. 2008bikey

    Rufus had some real jewels of songs..this  was one..Chaka's vocals..smokin'!

  26. Tiffany T.

    one of my faves. thanks for the upload.