Rufus - Better Together Lyrics

We thought we could do it without love
Kept tellin' ourselves that here's where it ends
Your way is my way and it's shown
Something that we never admit

In changin' the way I was feeling
Only love and joy makes it right
Feel first, and love lasts forever
I'll do it with you if that's what you like

Better when we do it together
Can't leave it alone
Good things get away

All the other ways we've gone don't matter
Can't leave it alone
Good things get away

Remember when happy was with us
And all his dreams were sung
Such things are forgotten thereafter
'Cause we had to go on with the show

Things, different places, adventure, makin' love
'Cause love was the way
Golden exchange, lots of money
And the best of it all at our feet

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Rufus Better Together Comments
  1. Gamel Derder

    c est grave ca j etais en boite quand je l ai ecouter au galaxy et francois le dj nardine mouk c est trop grave ce morceau hhhhh

  2. Alexander Harholt

    It dosen't getting better.

  3. Daniel Burns

    this song only went to #66 on the R&B charts in 1982!!!

  4. Antonio Licona

    Iits better if its 2 together...thats sk true ..2 is better than one....amen ..

  5. Pipu Damu

    Perfektní prostě randal

  6. Darrel Outland

    Just like the song says they were GOOD on their own..BUT THEY were better together.....

    J Christopher

    Darrel Outland / So true, they were best together! All time favorite group

  7. nicolas Funk

    Classic banger !!

    Willie Gill

    Better with time, everlasting love. Love Chaka

    Thomas Quinn

    love this song better together