Rufus - Better Days Lyrics

It's not the way you smile that makes me realize
I think I love you
It just might be that all my life I've been searchin' for
Someone just like you

Takin' my time
Everything's fine
I call you by the phone
Nobody's home

We've got better days
There'll be better days
We've got better days

I don't know why but I wanna cry

Every time you touch me
I've givin' up, just can't help it
In your arms is where I'd rather be

I just can't hide it
So I decided to give
Stored away, I've got the strength to live

There'll be better days
We've got better days
There'll be better days

Better days, better days

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Rufus Better Days Comments
  1. denise davis

    Funky yessssss....

  2. Wadjet

    *I was 18 going on 19 when this came out😄😍😌*

  3. HerNana LovesHer

    Clark College, Spring ‘77, ATL

  4. hashbeen 1985

    Highly overlooked and underrated track from Rufus

    HerNana LovesHer

    Absolutely agree!!

  5. Shirley Jones

    Call you on the phone! No one is home🎤🎼💋💋

  6. Elizabeth Williams


  7. Elizabeth Williams


  8. Elizabeth Williams

    CHAKA....ON THAT......

    Joe Galvestoin

    Better music better days

  9. S0671 Mamba

    They just don't make music like this ANYMORE.