Ruff Endz - Someone To Love You Lyrics


I bet you that I could read your mind
And tell you everything you're going through
Baby, I could try to find a thousand reasons why
You're alone and acting so cold

Tell me how long you've been this way
Maybe I can open up your heart
See, I've been waiting all my life for someone just like you
And I know you've been waiting too
For someone to love you

All you need is someone who cares (For someone to love you)
Someone who will always be there (Mmm...mmm...)
All you need to say is that you want me to be with you
Girl, I know you've waited so long
For someone to love you

Mmm, mmm, mmm

Baby, I wish I could be there
For every time you ever shed a tear
Baby, I hate to see a pretty girl like you
Going through the things that you do, yeah

Girl, I think you've gone too far too long
Without a good man to make you smile
How can I appeal to you and make you understand
That I'm here, when you're ready for
Someone to love you


Baby you've been waiting for the man from all the fairytales
or maybe just the man from all your dreams
try to think reality, explore the possibilities
cause girl you know you've waited for so long
for some one to love you
(for someone to love you)
(waited ooh so long)

all you you need is someone who cares
(all you need, all you need, baby)
someone who always be there
(in the middle of the night, in the middle of the night)
All you need is someone who cares
(I ain't trying to play no games with you, no, no)
Someone who will always be there
(never leave your side, no no no no)
(all you need!)
all you need is someone who cares
(someone, someone to love you endlessly)
(all you need is someone)
Someone who will always be there
(a man like, a man like me)
All you need is someone who cares
(I just want to hold you)
someone, someone, someone
(How was your day baby)
(all you need)
Someone who will always be there
(baby open up your heart!)
All you need is someone
(baby, lady, someone who loves you, will care for you)
All you need is someone
(baby, lady, i wanna be the one, please)
All you need is someone

woo! I care for you
all you need is someone
take my hand, I wanna be that someone
all you need is someone
momma said there'd be days like this, momma said there'd be days like this
tell me, tell me baby you believe in someone

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Ruff Endz Someone To Love You Comments
  1. Clauzell Blackshear

    I was in 8th grade when this came out that was my shit then and still is. Damn I miss the old BET it was better

  2. Mandy Fay

    Always one of my favorites 👌🏼👌🏼

  3. skylar ray

    P.S.G <3

  4. Tracy Knowles

    Walking like you single again so what is this other page I seen you so what that mean I mean come on now you know you know you you play too muchlol bk thing so said jeloues hurt meaw good puzzy

  5. Tache Love



    He smooth as hell leaning on the piano

  7. nicholas monchak

    Old school

  8. Marie Khela

    My man came in from work.tired but had me on his mind. Sent this to me thru messenger a the way from West Africa 2.10 monthd long distance relationship before he came to me in U.S. Best sweetest man I've ever known.

    Tache Love

    Marie Khela I can relate From South Africa to Nigeria 🇳🇬 U.S💋💋💋✨✨✨✨

    Tache Love

    Marie Khela Now you know the real meaning of love🌞🌞🌞✨✨✨

  9. A Boogie

    Music from our time hitz different these younginz aint got a clue what real music is

  10. Cerberus2g

    in 2019 Someone will find this offensive...

  11. gwendolyn smith

    Okay very well, 🥰.This song grows on you. It reminds me of some other song.? It’s nice and hits target 🎯.💜

  12. Kal Walker

    Man I love the way he looks at her and the way she looks at him .. looks like they are a match made in HEAVEN!

  13. Mrz. Taylor

    It hurts knowing R&B will probably never be this good again.

  14. ldyluv6988

    We need real R&B back. What happened 😭

  15. ldyluv6988

    Classic 🥰

  16. Royal Royal

    #🎤🔉🔥♨❣ not just any someone #theone #🙏💌

  17. Louis Stephens


  18. Jason Washington

    Drkskyn bortha gam on 11.

  19. Kind Ness


  20. Tia Freeman

    Listening to this turns my thoughts into flashbacks of instances that haven't even happened yet, but they're so beautiful. I've had this on repeat for like 2 hours and counting.

  21. Jamaican Choice tv

    Some one to love u is everything

  22. T.L. Marbury

    Love his raspy yet jazzy vocals!! 🔥 #TakeItToChurchBoy🎤🎶💯

  23. Celo Smith

    How was ur day baby real men music

  24. Kenya Armstrong

    Old school music will never die. love it will always be jamming to it.🤩🤩😘

  25. Harold Lundy

    What ever you'll going through try & work it out this song for you'll love is strong

  26. Frances Bxgrl4ever

    They seriously look good together.

  27. Elisa Ellis

    Still jamming in 12/2019
    Music isn't great like this anymore!
    Where did the romance go? Ugh

  28. Karyn mwamba Chilembo

    December 2019 anyone else..??

  29. Canei Levise

    This still is a jam right now


    This right here is true GROWN folk music...NO YEAR NEEDS TO BE QUOTED and CHOCOLATE 🍫 deliciousness omg 😲

  31. Kunning KY

    this used to be my song I wonder whatever happened to him, handsome man with a beautiful voice

  32. LaTasha Covington

    I love this song #realmusic

  33. Sabrina E

    I remember this being my shit in 5th grade because of my crush LMAO I'm dead

    DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus

    The library part was me but I never made my move

  34. Anita G

    This song will never get old 2020 n on 😘

  35. Aza Elise

    Birthday Dec 23rd Ill Be 29 And I've Loved This Song My Whole Life 💞

  36. victoria trotter

    One of my all-time fav jams...

  37. MusicalMoonMan2

    Cory & Troy were the best!

  38. Barbara Hardy

    Great song and video.

  39. Torico Johnson

    Who still listening to this old school jam

  40. Sunshine B

    This was the jam!!

  41. Recklesskhadz

    What’s her name again?
    It’s bugging me cause I know who she is and can’t remember her name

    Ian Hutton

    Thats malinda williams shes on soul food and first sunday and thin line between love hate and the woods

  42. Charles Mills

    All you need is someone...someone like me!

  43. Christine Elliott

    Beautiful song and video

  44. Christine Elliott

    Real music

  45. Margaret Gant


  46. Sabrina Torres

    Warms my soul

  47. Say Brittaney

    Good taste in music brought me here

  48. Nardsy


  49. brittney moore

    I give up on on this type of love 😥💔

  50. Laquita Gilmer

    I will forever 💖💖💖this song. 2019

  51. Twin Mason

    Still here for it 11/29/[email protected]:48p.m.🔥🔥🔥📌📌📌❤❤❤ my favorite song by them

  52. JGodlikenation1 Ward

    Man bring back Real R&B

  53. Von Chris

    Nice video! Now these days, you cant have a dude give you a drink, it might be Bill Cosby...

  54. Tajuan Harri

    If you didn’t have this CD and there where no YouTube or streaming we would never being in touch with our old feelings because certain songs remind you of bad/good times or vice versa lol

  55. Ronnie Jones

    Black men singing to black women?? This would never happen in today's era of music.. 80s babies had great music

  56. Iris Jackson

    A real song...

  57. Ti chèz ba Mizik

    Wowew!!!back when clip was clean..

  58. gddb831

    11/27/2019 still dope.

  59. char luna

    💘 this song this was the jam in the 2000 back in high school

  60. Paul Sanders

    11.27.19 & F.E.

  61. Mr. Dont Trip

    This song is timeless...

  62. Tangela Gray

    My only issue with this video was always the fact that she was holding up the line. She should have had her money together before getting up there. 🤣🤣
    Petty I know, but it use to bother me back in the day.



  63. Lyndon Westcott

    I picture that i can read your mind..2019

  64. Julius Viverette

    Reminds me of my son He loved this song . Rip

  65. Wyneishia Saddler

    Back when video vixens were all flesh and very little or no plastic. Naturally beautiful 😍😍🥰

  66. Mama Ke

    That's my s!!!!

  67. Ashley Brown

    Someone will love me right one day🤞🏿

  68. Sonya Adams

    Love it!!💜💜

  69. L A

    Love this song!

  70. Pink Lady

    What happened to them?

  71. Venus Jones

    Does anybody know this guy name is doing all the chasing so fine

  72. Arome68 Thomas

    This song have so Much Meaning to it, Man those was the Days.......Real RB

  73. Zee Three

    Its beautiful!!

  74. Shon Mai

    I was in highschool when this track hit. Damn I'm old.

  75. Zonnie Crockett

    This reminds me SOOOOOO MUCH like my ex. That's CRAZY!!! OUCH!!!😂😂😭😭. RL

  76. Sharon Williams

    I am still praying and waiting for the right one to come into my life.

  77. Dom DelaWeeds

    ❤ 🌎 ✌️

  78. Tressie Dorcelus

    November 18,2019 That's all I want

  79. Dwanita Mitchener

    Yes lord 💗💗😥can we get a tour?

  80. Janelle Grimes

    I always loved this song and the video. Back in the day there were always fineeee! and handsome guys in the videos.

  81. Timothy Alexzander Carthan II

    Ayyyy that's ol'girl I can't think of her name but I've seen her in a movie before


    Malinda Williams is her name

  82. J Flowers

    7K haters couldn't find someone 2 luv !

  83. Barbara rose

    Some one to love in 2019♥️♥️

  84. Tamar Lee

    7K don't know what good music is.

  85. Las Assassyn

    Another classic

  86. Kyn Hart

    I don't know who I thought this was singing but wasn't expecting them lol. I hear this song every day on the radio lmao... sorry to this man

  87. Franciaca Oduwa

    Beautiful song.

  88. Elaina Espada

    Me and my sister called the radio station and told them we were twins and they sang Happy Birthday to us.... we aren't twins tho and it wasn't our birthday😂🤦🏽‍♀️ young sh*t...

  89. Joe Oliver

    Y'all don't crack on me but this is the first time I heard this song. Nov 2019. I've been missing out.

    Namronnomolos Ubiquitious

    U Here Now.

  90. Melissa Monroe

    Love this tommorow

  91. Daniel brigman

    Damn this hurts...90s

  92. Trascents

    Boy was they dope

  93. Carlton Beckford-Dozier

    Malinda Williams is so FINE😍

  94. Song Bird Soulful

    Still Hittin

  95. Candice hemans

    November 2019?

  96. Shay Taylor

    I’m 26 I want a man who love back in the day songs as much as I do . 2019 and couple years back I still have these songs on repeat .These young dudes have no clue. ❤️❤️❤️ Sincerely A Hopeless Romantic .

    Anthony Dacosta

    Church. We still sing. Your beautiful and well spoken. Real men appreciate real women. Happy holidays

  97. roy mize

    Sounds a lot like stevie

  98. DeNiceGuy FinishLast

    Amazing song! From day one a instant classic.