Rudy Mancuso - My Tequila Lyrics

My Tequila
I don't like Vodka
I just like Tequila
I don't like Beer
I just like Tequila
I don't like Mojitos
I just like Tequila

My Tequila
I don't like chocolate
I don't like vanilla
I just like Whiskey or Margaritas
I like that it's inside some Tequilas
My Tequila

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Rudy Mancuso My Tequila Comments
  1. JJ A

    When your being saved by spider man: Thanks

    Spider-Man: 3:42

  2. Estefanas Flor

    Genteeeeeeee kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk contrangedoramente engraçado kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk vergonha alheia é roubar o nossos olhares e não aguentar tanto dinheiro 😂😂😂😂😂cachicachicahco cajcoxhaihciisjshzkkkkkkkk

  3. David Amora

    It’s a spider

  4. Lionel Messi

    is rudy trying to beatbox!!

  5. Luis Chacon

    3:05-3:24 this made me laugh so hard LOL

    Luis Chacon

    Marshmelllo is like wtf are they doing

  6. Gaming Jefferson

    4:16 I love how rudy is like yea bro and Lorenzo is like some help

  7. Tracey Rowan

    3:42 actually sounds good

  8. Gaming Jefferson

    3:50 love the hand movement bro

  9. Gaming Jefferson

    3:05 Marshmello is like what am IListening

  10. Cryptic

    3:04 and 3:42 are lit 🔥

  11. Ellen Arnold

    They're killing me with the dueff dueffs lmao 😂

  12. Rock Davenport

    Marshmallows brain: are they having a seizure?

  13. Tayssir Nemer

    Who want the long version of "Tequila" ??? 😂😂

  14. Rahma

    Actually the part of spider man is fantastic ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍

  15. MR NOOB_YT69

    Who else thought 3:05 had a good beat

  16. wolf_boi

    1:29 My tequila i dont like vodak i just like tequila i dont like beer i just like tequila i dont like mojotos i just tequila my tequila i dont like chocolate or vanilla i just like whisky or margarita i hope inside theres some tequila inside.

  17. LMR

    3:45 AAAAYYY this be LIIIIT! 😄 but for real some songs are actually really good!❤😯

  18. Mia Davila

    Deadpanck Spiderman? Spiderman

  19. Kell Driskill

    I like the dj part

  20. mimi attar

    Despacito 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Mr B6

    Aye. That beat box at the end. That was actually siiick

  22. MasterAaron

    pause the video at 0:17 and play the look at this dude meme at "Lorenzo"

  23. Francisco Albarran

    Como cuando creés que eres un genio pero si desaparece YouTube se termino tu inteligencia jeje. Mas aparte tu accent is not good at all amigo.

  24. I_.j _.m

    Itsa spider

  25. Alter Blue

    watching Dora....I died 😂

  26. King Daddy


  27. Idk what to say xd

    That ‘T’ word should change to underrated DJ’s

  28. Tweaze

    music people

  29. Taina73

    3:43 he was trying not to get hurt and not to laugh


    I want a full version of the spider man beatbox

  31. Meryem Basak

    3:42 the song was acc good😂

  32. A.X.E.L Wierdo

    Their beatboxing was on point

  33. Shaila Velasquez


  34. aijai Simpson

    i am a dj to

  35. Thunder Struck

    3:49 when i see a spider😂

  36. Abhishek Barua

    Lorenzo went red bro2

  37. Meilani Nunnery

    I don't think you guys are bad DJ

  38. Just Jalene

    The spider man song was lit

  39. Kayla Carter

    Who else actually liked all their ideas? I did.

  40. Ronal Checo

    Alan Walker also wears a mask

  41. Victoria

    My inner theater kid came out when Lorenzo said JD.

    Freeze your brain tho.

  42. Shuaib Gokhool

    I loved the part when they sang that tequilla song

  43. Shuka Perkins

    Its a spider 🕷🕸🕷🕷🕷

  44. Jaxon James


  45. Jaxon James


  46. yummy yum

    Watching this for the 65358742389864322367534th time!!!

    I love you guys so muchhhh

  47. Like my comment please

    4:12 put it in 0.25 speed. ;)

  48. Siomai RICE

    who else thought they look like Brothers or maybe they are brothers?? im curiossssss

  49. Jay S.

    Yo! It's a spider actually sounds good...

  50. Angela Lopez

    3:42 actually good

  51. Kris I eat slime


  52. Yeyito Gaming and More!!

    Was that the real marshmallow?

  53. Miles Salter

    Favourite vid because of 3:42

  54. Minerva Sanchez

    My teqila my teqila

  55. Viper XD

    From 1:37 to 2:10 has to be my faviourite bit😛😆😝

  56. John Quinõnes

    3:03 3:42

  57. R J


  58. Marija


  59. Jasmine queen

    OMG 😂

  60. Dijana Pavlovic


  61. Mr. Killer

    The bass tho🔥🔥 3:40

  62. LMR

    3:17 THAT WAS LIIIT!😆 en ilthe spider rap is even beter.😍

  63. Bab Ull

    I want the complete version of that Spiderman song 😂


    3:09 that's fire ngl


    Great beatboxing
    3:42 it's a spider
    3:04 beatbox
    4:05 I don't know

  66. Michelle Peregrina Hernadez

    I agree

  67. Thomas Bangalter


  68. DRG. Motion

    I can’t stop listen to it’s a spider 😂😂🤣

  69. Zmenace Angel

    Ruby Mancuso: hello marshmello? Can you just sit for a video?
    Marshmello: [X_X] ok

  70. The Flow

    When Me and my friends are bored 3:43

  71. Layla Sykes

    “Tequila maybe”
    -song from Rudy Mancuso from the yt series amigos

  72. Renuka Nonis

    BTW it's not terrible at all...

  73. Renuka Nonis

    I never knew Rudy could Beatbox!!!

  74. H3nNy Atayde

    Freaking in 4:13 they were feeling themselves 😂😂💀

  75. Sunshine Sunlight

    3:48 lol juanpa was legit

  76. Samaneh OstadNejad

    Why I never knew Rudy knows how to beatbox ?????

  77. Anya Valsamis

    So funny

  78. Mayank Chaurasia

    3:43 will come again for that ..😂

  79. hannah lambert

    rudys really good at beatboxing

  80. hannah lambert

    3:42 to 3:58 was the best thing i ever heard in my life

  81. Boo

    Luis Fonsi got despactio from Lucas and Lorenzo


    Bro that Spider-Man rap was quite bl nice

  83. 2AG

    my tequilla song slaps straight fye

  84. Boss of gaming

    Who opened the video just for the *it's a spider* song?

  85. Josef London


  86. Tesska Mills

    So did marshmello really come

  87. Super Xhaiden

    4:05 nice

  88. Armin Bagheri

    Do yonder

  89. Mr.StawBewwy TV

    3:43 was actually LIT🔥🔥🔥

  90. Kevin Playz

    is marshmello asleep or shocked

  91. Abdul Wahab Shamsi

    Nice beatboxing at 3:45 👌🏻🤩

  92. Esther M

    3:50 me when I see a spider in my bathroom at 3am

  93. Chinn Chinn

    Theres nothing similer ......ohh wait theres Despasito.

  94. IGCniss

    3:34 that’s a sick beat