Rudy Mancuso - Mama Lyrics

She said "I never want to leave you but I gotta go"
And then she left me for a reason that I'll never know
But I don't mind
I'm feeling fine
My mama told me all the things that I already know
Sometimes I feel it in my bones just like an animal
She's on my mind
I guess I'm not alright

I've been through this shit so many times
And I can't deny
I'll give you one more try
I'm hoping things go differently this time
'Cause she could be right
She could be right

Mama told me "Play it cool"
But I can't help if I'm a fool
And in my mind there's only you
'Cause happy endings I can't choose
I guess I'll play it cool

She says you're going way too fast, you've gotta take it slow
This love is like a plant, we gotta let it grow
And I said "Why?"
"Sounds like a waste of time"
I'm getting tired of tryna be what you want me to be
But mama told me I can't keep playing hide and seek
She's on my mind
I'm not gonna lie

I've been through this shit so many times
And I can't deny
I'll give you one more try
I'm hoping things go differently this time
'Cause she could be right
She could be right

Mama told me "Play it cool"
But I can't help if I'm a fool
And in my mind there's only you
'Cause happy endings I can't choose
I guess I'll play it cool

I've come through same old things so many times
Some things in life
You just can't rewind
Things don't seem to change although I try
And I know why
And I know why

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Rudy Mancuso Mama Comments
  1. Ariyana Edwards

    Slap count: 7

  2. paper fox


  3. Zainab Khan

    that girl in the blue is so pretty

  4. Cerys Cooke

    I love this 😍😍

  5. Selene Molina Mata

    My favorite song ❤️❤️👌

  6. Michelle Cruz

    Rudy that is my favorite song

  7. salma cobain

    Why so many dislikes 😒

  8. Michael Lyons

    Furrys no
    My worst enemy’s

  9. Monir Uzzaman

    My,younger brother watch it daily.

  10. Kevin Mata

    Sooooooooooooooo coooooool

  11. Sumaia Sultana


  12. I don’t know What to put here

    I love how there’s a distinct colour change in the first few scenes- it’s like these are each the bad experiences he’s had, and all the scenes that have no particular colour theme are when all the experiences are coming back and he remembers them and he’s feeling the most depressed

  13. C C

    I think that the mascots are addiction in drugs he utterly use to keep on going and "playing cool. Alongside with the lyrics the drugs loose effect on him, so I guess he will abuse substances to play it cool ones he can't bear pain. He first doesnt "mind" but as soon as the drugs fade away he admits that she alone is actually in his mind. He was only trying to avoid his vulnerabillity with relationship represented by a slap on his face from several women in his past. He uses women to forget the previous girlfriend. He rush into it to replace a girl for another, so wait to get into a new relationship is a waste of time for him because he is hungry for love and acceptance. He can't actually play it cool without a gf and/or drugs that leads him to feel euphoric and "fine". That rush and emotional attachment drains and scares women away. In the end when he decides to play it cool to deal with the breakup, he overdoses. The mascots/addiction send him right into the abyss. They just don't work anymore so he keep on giving it a "try"! And now he is dead!

  14. Isabelle Luna

    Rob and the guy on Twitter is he the first one and the year I ygn gbbtghbgbbbgtuhgygyuhtgbytyyyyyyyyyyvtyvcfu

  15. Derpy Goofballnerd

    ''How many times do you want to be smacked?"'

    Rudy: YES

  16. Jessica Davey

    Thus song is so depressing

  17. wendy nope

    So many furry's

  18. Shalinta Molly

    This song scared me

  19. Lil Goose

    This beat hits hard

  20. artistic Soul

    Love this song first time I heard it 😍😍😍😍

  21. memento moriy

    this is actually so good

  22. sami Saim

    Still in love with this song

  23. John Fefefit

    This scared me😂😂

  24. 37diamond

    At the end u know how he went old and started moving his hip and like cracked

    Famous Person With No Videos

    your not a real fan if you just saw this video

  25. Rana Qader

    tbh is sound pretty good in 1.5 speed to me

  26. KGC Kenny

    This Song Is about demons those maskots or his demons and he can’t Get Rid of them Till he dies

  27. Athex D

    Dam right in the soul

  28. ParvezVeVo

    It's sweetly amazing

  29. Amareona Blackwell

    I love this 🥰😍

  30. life vs death

    My brother was about to kill himself before he saw this thank you

  31. Unlimited Limits

    Justin Bieber:yea you got that yummy, yummy
    Rudy mancuso:hold my beer
    Please dislike because this comment sucks and makes no sense..i had no time so i did this

  32. Ansh Verma

    Fucking talent 😭❤️

  33. Belvis Ebambe

    That a good one Rudy

  34. Immunitydoggo YT

    My life in school and home

  35. Gacha__Life__Fox__ _

    When you really listen to it its dark

  36. Lillian Gibson

    Honestly Rudys music reminds me of happier times

  37. Navdar Suleymanoglu

    Anyone watch 2020?

  38. Tristen Helton

    How many stars do you get this video I give it thousands

  39. Tristen Helton

    I can you explain how good

  40. Tristen Helton

    This is the best the best the best movie on video I ever watched

  41. Kawther Almarifawi 123

    your sooooooooooooooo gooooooooooood i mean sooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooood

  42. Ruby Barrios

    Anybody listening in 2020 because I am and the song is still amazing !!

  43. Mana Deane

    Try to listen with it sped up to x2

  44. Maia Lazcano

    I'm a little girl and I still love this song. I can't stop hearing it it's so buitifull.

  45. Me and Chicken

    This is still my fav song ever since it came out my other account was my in my liked vid

  46. الجزر الاحمر

    العربي يصف معي لايك

  47. Exera Crab

    I’ma Kermit now

  48. slime and sqishey world wolf


  49. Dona Rebeiro

    Wow what a great song love it I eared it so many times keep it up well I am Naomi

  50. Tindra H


  51. Eduardo Perez

    Tbh this isn't my music but i fuck with it. He loves too hard and to some at a point love is a soft feeling (too some), got his heart broke to many time, rushes love on a women who tells him to take his time. Asks his mom for understanding of a women, she tells him to play it cool. But still acts a fool lol. But this is an artistic video. 💯 props

  52. Maia Lazcano


  53. Maia Lazcano

    Oh imagine someone just leaving you on a date then they come back just to slap you oh that must be heart breaking💔💔

  54. Jesus Beltran

    I love your music video

  55. Paxton Yan

    If that’s a real tattoo then u are screwed rudy and btw I love Lele pons and Hannah stockings videos to u all are amazing people

  56. Maia Lazcano

    My brother said that the animals are demons and they are making you do things you don't want to in the music video. Is that true Rudy/ I love you're videos💖💖

  57. tristian fromyt

    How many time did he say the s word

  58. Maia Lazcano

    I have a question do they really slap him because if they do that must of hurt alot🤕🤕

  59. Maia Lazcano

    My mom and I think you're great Rudy...i love you 1,000 more times than my mom💖😊

  60. Maia Lazcano

    This is such a good song I can't stop hearing it💖💖💖💖

  61. kiingedits

    i remember watching this as soon as it came out. now it’s been 2 years.. damn time flies fast.

  62. Rajvir Singh

    After this he goes to gosh

  63. Favour-Praise Oviosa

    This is how many times Rudy got slapped 😔

  64. Tashard Dawson

    cool,sweat & nice

  65. at empire

    This girl looks like kim kardashian

  66. Joker Arbe

    أغانيك جميلة ❤️😍

  67. kimi edit


  68. Jenna Lute

    I didn't know that it was possible to love a song so much

    Maia Lazcano

    I know right I heard it 59 times I'm not kidding😂😂💖💖

  69. EXP Locuras

    i love u so much

  70. Carolina Ramirez

    Este chico si que tiene talento

  71. Ysenia Esparza

    I love love it

  72. IcyLioness_ Ma

    the inner meaning of this song hurts my soul.

  73. Ethan Hilton

    U or the best

  74. Elijah Linton-Jones

    The bunny is a waste man

  75. Night Gaming

    is that real fall or you just like sit and you act

  76. Elohim Arias

    Can’t stop listening to this song

  77. Juacco mcjuacc

    Love it

  78. Guadalupe Segura

    He sounds depressed 🤣😂😅


    I like it

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    I understand this song

  81. wham

    When you like the song then suddenly read the lyrics...

  82. Antoni Gonzalez

    So good

  83. Gachacoco Owo

    Who ever diss like that’s u falling off the edge

  84. Azucena De La Rosa

    Soo mazing Rudy

  85. Zanele Ndlaleni

    Property he was going on and he was going to be there for a while and he said he was going for the whole thing but he did it all right after he was gone on a plane to go to a friend's place wedding

  86. BunnyScotch YT

    Doesnt sound like Rudy, but i rlly like it :,)

  87. Nita Ianis

    Then he got slapped by his girlfriend

  88. Nita Ianis

    I meant him

  89. Nita Ianis

    Then the chicken slap them

  90. Nita Ianis

    Another funny thing he got slapped by 7 girls

  91. Nita Ianis

    I meant the bunny showed up up with d champagne he look away for 10 seconds then he got slapped

  92. Nita Ianis

    show the present pain then after he looked after 10 seconds he got close and slap them

  93. Nita Ianis

    Another slab from the Damned bunny

  94. Nita Ianis

    At the start I slapped him that's so f****** funny animal slapping a human I mean a giant animal

  95. Rudy Mancuso

    Enjoy. “Mama” is now available on all streaming platforms.

    julie the crack head

    I'm my mind theirs only youuuuuuu

    Alana Addie

    I love mama so much

    Nazim abubakar

    Even audio mark

    Carrillo Avery

    Love it❤️