Rudy Mancuso - Magic Lyrics

When I run from the blame
Hide from the pain
I feel it in my body
When I just can't let go
Fear starts to show
I feel it in my body

Oh I feel this Magic
And it's deep inside
Cause I believe in Magic
When I see your eyes
You know that it's Magic
Cause I believe in Magic

When I'm numb from the game
Tired of the blame
I feel it in my body
When I just can't say no
Fear starts to show
I feel it in my body

Oh I feel this Magic
And it's deep inside
Cause I believe in Magic
When I see your eyes
You know that it's Magic
Cause I believe in Magic

Oh I feel this Magic
And it's deep inside
Cause I believe in Magic
When I see your eyes

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Rudy Mancuso Magic Comments
  1. Evaristo Escalante

    I love it so much i sing it at school

  2. Saifullegend Vanoss

    Ummm is maia is still singing

  3. Brett Sprang

    Hey Rudy, should be a household name by now. He really is amazing... addicted to his channel. The music is phenomenal, the acting and skits have me entranced.

  4. artistic Soul

    I love this much 😘😘😘😘

  5. Ariel A

    Is that your girl

  6. Gaara


  7. Mohamed Elwakeel

    حلو فشخ 💞

  8. SASU - CAKE

    I love it so much😊

  9. ISABELA Mitrut

    Oi tudo bem eu tô bem ♥️

  10. So Lo

    My phone ringtone for the last year and forever ♾ really love this song.

  11. slim shady

    Damn buddy ,, you better than jb ,,, keep it up

  12. So Ra Ning

    It's 2020 and I'm still in love with "Magic"

  13. hi Vang

    2020 anyone?

  14. Rand 214


  15. Marcos Rojas

    x 1.25... Feel The magic..

  16. Pink Bettas

    Still supporting in 2020 ❤️😊

  17. Srirupa Avala

    How are you so handsome??

  18. Brian Morales

    I heard this at target with the demo headphones 🔥🤘🏼

  19. Blanca González Pérez

    Listen to the whole song on x1.25

  20. gaxman7

    Awesome Song !!

  21. Roy Goulding

    Where's my 2020 gang at?

  22. ali memo

    جميييل ❤👉

  23. ツǤнσsτ

    When ur teacher forgets to ask u bout ur homework

  24. Angie Autumn

    2:32 - “It ain’t no fart beat”

    madass badass

    OMG 🤣🤣

    hello who

    🤣 🤣

  25. Mary Solis

    Who here at 2020

  26. Lettuce

    it took me 2 yrs to realise u guys look like finn wolfhard and bobby millie brown from stranger things

  27. Shaquile Perrin


  28. Dog Lover1234

    There a cute couple

  29. Kz Official

    2020 anyone

  30. Sabir Khan

    I love 💗🔊🎵🎶

  31. Kero Matta

    we need a video behind scenes Rudy

  32. MobileFraud

    “I believe in magic”
    The thing is I don’t believe in magic...Awkward

  33. Fardowsa Harun

    Thats so cool

  34. Daredevil Freak

    Most wonderful song I ever heard ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. The Vman

    Love this song 💪🏽😁

  36. Hyper DH_

    1:32 AM

  37. Rolando Vellon

    11:17 PM

  38. Rolando Vellon

    but see you first

  39. Paolo Santamaria

    A tua criatividade è incrível. Continua assim, espero vas vir na Europa.
    Tens que fazer uma canção em italiano também .

  40. Rafie Shalhan

    Whos here in 2020

  41. Aiming Zone

    can we get more songs like this @Rudy Mancuso

  42. J U

    Wish me look snowboarding this weekend🤟🏼 i’ll listen to this while going up

  43. Ellen Pangkey

    I ship them

  44. Lourdes Villalpando

    The lady looks like if she's from Jessie 😄😃
    Oh and Rudy you stink

  45. Layla aka Layla

    Going in 2020 gang ‼️🤪🔥

  46. xxx Jboy

    I feel like magic is real

  47. Mike Massmann

    hell yey bro great song

  48. Teacherjuframe Tun

    Aw they are so cute

  49. DJ Wawrzuś

    I love this song!!!

  50. Teddy O

    realy good

  51. Echoshogun 1127

    Now this is music

  52. IlhaanBlueAce

    I like the beat

  53. Howle d


  54. Enzo_ D

    Your skin isn't paper so don't cut it
    Your face isn't a mask so don't hide it
    Your size isn't a book so don't judge it
    Your life isn't a film so don't end it

    don't hide who you are don't be ashamed of who you really are

  55. GhostJayden-_-

    The beginning is so soothing when you turn up your headphones volume up 😊

  56. The Flash

    I see it in your as-
    ( ͡⚆ل͜ ͡⚆)



    Reaper Btw

    The Flash
    😂😂😂😂😂bruh I’m dying

  57. Sankalp Rampuriya

    Who noticed the cars moving on the flyover in the beginning🙄

  58. Hyper DH_

    0.75 is A M A Z I N G

  59. Gabriel Belmont

    Love maia

  60. Ronnie Gaming

    I know the girl right there look the foster family Callie

  61. Brontë Banton

    This is now one of my favorite songs ❤️❤️❤️🔮

  62. virender virender

    Hi am your biggest fan from India

  63. Dalilah G

    still a bop <3

  64. Tea Smash

    If this gets 50 likes I’ll sing it in front of my class

  65. Alex Barone-Jay

    This is awesome. How didn’t I hear this before? you guys are even awesome together in music, crazy lol

  66. Nima V.

    Hands down, best song to listen to when sick, has a calm vibe with amazing beats

  67. Shivam Panchbhai

    This song is so underrated 😞

  68. olga castillo bustos


  69. Bby Louis

    Yooo your song so comfortable

  70. Ivy Rigby


  71. lucas Nunes


  72. old uncle

    Dont hate on me and call me sexist but i think the song is better without the girl

  73. colombilatus

    I heard this song and I was like I like this and I searched it up and it was made by one of my favourite youtubers. (Btw it was at job-hi-fi)- I’m from Australia.

  74. vuyokazi sodinga

    *video ends*

    Me: oh shit. He's stuck in the wall too


    vuyokazi sodinga under rated comment😂😂😂

    vuyokazi sodinga

    @CyberStorm2 😂😂😂❤

  75. vuyokazi sodinga

    Oh damn this song slaps!❤❤❤

  76. Marchking45

    Crazy how I found this from hearing on a demo pair of headphones at Best Buy.... and the best thing ever!!!!

    Alexis Granados

    Me too! I was trying out the Bose speaker sunglasses and this was one of the songs and instantly fell in love with it!

  77. Nikhil Gupta

    I love ur music bro!

  78. RecordsMiguel

    I just listened to this song in the Bose store and I instantly fell in love

  79. amal singh

    this is too good...

  80. Just me

    Watched it in 22/11/2019 9:59 Night Friday .
    13K(comments) 321K(like) 6K(dislike) 12.154.051(Views) 6.85M(Subscribe)

  81. ronney black

    Lovely song love it✌️🙂

  82. Bad gamer kid 96

    God this song is so good

  83. teona surmanidze

    you guys are so talented ❤️

  84. rays외로운

    She is an Angel 👼

  85. Insane 27

    গান ডা ভাল,but এর থেইকা বসেন বসেন এর ভিও বেশি😂😂

  86. monica rivera

    i love this song rudy that very cool

  87. i hate amii- tae on weply

    I forgot how much I loved this song.

  88. El Rincón Del Parche

    You have no idea how much I love this song, OMG!!!

  89. Shawty

    2019 gang?

  90. Andrew Gomez

    This guy's voice is not something wow. He lacks of depth and power. His technique is not well developed. He's still has a long way to go, though I liked this song.

  91. Strawberry awsomness

    As soon as I heard the beat I liked it straight away

  92. Maura Agustin

    This will be perfect for a car radio!This song and s awesome Btw😇

  93. ́ ́Angie ,

    Well do you believe that the earth is flat, or round?

  94. end day

    Keren asli bro👍

  95. end day

    Keren asli bro👍

  96. Rudy Mancuso

    Enjoy. Magic is now available on all streaming platforms. Links in description.

    Sophie Antignani

    Rudy I love you 🎶

    Quiet girl

    You were in RIM OF THE WORLD am I right

    Ronnie Gaming

    You guys know that girl right there she look like her real name Callie Adam Foster from The Foster Family Watch it commet below

    Himanshu Singh

    @Matheus Vieira 😄😄

    juliet castillo

    Your Voice is Calming