Rudy Mancuso - Funny Musical Teacher Lyrics


I'm a musical teacher
And I'm here to spread some knowledge
I can make you really smart
So your dumb ass can go to college
Math, English, Science, Spanish, Sexual Education
World Wars, Algebra, Shakespeare and condensation

Why am I the only person here?

Don't be a bitch
Have no fear
I'm going to teach you so much shit
You couldn't learn in a year

This is ridiculous

Ridiculous, periculous, meticulous
These are all adjectives
See grammar is limitless

Okay I get it
Could we just start

If you really want to take my class
Then you have to sing or I'm afraid you won't pass

I'm not singing

Oh, that answer makes me very sad
Cause I'm gonna have to call your mom and dad

Are you serious?

Fuck, fuck, yes


I'm your teacher and I know what's best

Okay man, are you happy now?

Holy cow

It seems like you got me to sing somehow
Please get on with this class
Cause you're really really starting to be a pain in my ass

I'm telling you that learning is fun
You'll be the smartest mother fucker in the world when I'm done


Knowledge is power

Sorry for being sour

I got a whole hour

You can't convince me that

Learning is fun fun fun fun fun fun fun
Fun fun fun fun
Learning is really fucking fun fun fun fun
Fun fun fun fun
Fun fun fun fun fun fun
Really really really fucking fucking fun

All right so where do we start

Let's talk about World War II

Was it cool?

It was a really really really shitty time to be a Jew
The year was 1932

What happened?

When Hitler came to power and he acted like a douche
Pearl Harbor was attacked in '41

That sucks

Then a couple weeks later, USA joined the fun
The whole damn world began shooting one another


Shit is right
Let's be nice to each other

So why should I care about this World War stuff?

Cause if we make the same mistakes
Then shit would really really suck

I'm just happy that we're no longer in 1932

I'm just glad we don't have Hitler
Cause damn

He was such a freakin douche
Douchy douche douche
Douchy douchy douche douch
Douche douchy douche douche
Douchy douche douche
Hitler was a douche
Douchy douche douche
Douchy douchy douche douche
Douche douchy douche douche
Douchy douche douche
Hitler was a douche

If I take this tube of weird blue shit
And I put this red stuff inside of it
Well then wow


There you go

Was that a chemical reaction?

Science is dope

I guess

Take this can of flammable shit
And combine it with this lighter
I can make shit lit baby

What the hell?

Now, wasn't that swell?
I'll tell you man
Science can be cool as hell
Science is cool, yeah

Science is cool
I said science is cool, yeah
Science is cool
Science is cool, yeah
Science is cool
I said science is cool, yeah
Science is cool

That was weird

Math is the shit
Because it's always all around you
Numbers, calculations and equations will astound you
Two times two is


And my ex-girlfriend is a whore
But it's cool
Ten minus seven is


And that was my age when my dad left me
Half of twenty is



You know I only have one friend

And it's you
Five times a hundred fifty million two-hundred ninety-six thousand seven hundred ninety three is

Uh, I have no idea


Math is the shit
Because it's always all around you
Numbers, calculations and equations will astound you

It's time to wrap this up
I think this class is now dismissed

Well I don't think that I've ever enjoyed learning quite like this

Man I hope that you learned something
That you never learned before

I learned that Hitler was a douchebag
And your girlfriend was a whore

We can all learn something
From a formal education

I think I'm ready for graduation

Actually we have a bit of a situation


I'm not a, I'm not a real teacher

Wait, what?


I need this class to gradate

I'm sorry bro

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    I know that in this case is ire just because of the rhyme, BUT Hitler came to power in 1933....

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    Your ex-girlfriend was a whore
    Your dad left you when you were three
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  89. Rudy Mancuso

    Thank you for watching. Which musical is your favorite so far?

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