Rudy Mancuso - Christmas Is A Bitch Lyrics

Christmas really freaks me out. It makes me feel alone.
I think that elves are creepy. I'm not a fan of snow.
Forgive me when I say that Christmas is a bitch.
Chocolate makes my skin breakout.
I don't like decorations.
I'm sick of all these cheesy songs that play on every station.
I think it's all so whack, but people seem to disagree.
The kids wait up for Santa Claus, the man with overalls.
He eats their milk and cookies, must have high cholesterol.
But who am I to judge? This guy is not even real.
Cause mistletoe and candy canes, all of it's so freaking lame.
Sorry if I sound insane.

Christmas sweaters make me itch, decorations always glitch, that's why Christmas is a bitch.

There's people shopping at the mall for phones and big TV's, wasting all their money on lights and Christmas trees, making corporations rich, that's why Christmas is a bitch.
And every time I look around, I see a smiling face, is this a problem just with me or with the human race?
All of these really annoying songs that people love to sing.
What can I possibly be missing from this Christmas thing?
Kids wait up for Santa Claus, a weird dude with overalls.
He eats their milk and cookies, this guy has gotta have high cholesterol.
But it makes people happy, it makes no sense to me.
It's a fat guy who breaks into your house. It's bullshit.
There's mistletoe and candy canes, I find all of this shit so lame.
I don't like playing cheerful games. If only I could flip a switch, it's a complicated sitch, that's why Christmas is a bitch.

These stupid sweaters make me itch, decorations always glitch, that's why Christmas is a bitch.

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Rudy Mancuso Christmas Is A Bitch Comments
  1. crybby s

    Listening to this song every year when its that time ❤️💓

  2. Imbadatnames 2

    Put this on Apple Music please

  3. OnlyBanda

    4 years later i still cant stop listening

  4. Monica Rojas

    I love santa tho but the song is so funny

  5. シsunflower

    Thank you those really are my thoughts

  6. Seven

    It’s time to blast this now 😔

  7. yeet vlogs

    I agree tbh

  8. I_see_why _boi

    Anyone 2019 December?

  9. Seraphina Chang

    This song is timeless 😢😆

  10. Alberto Bustillo

    This song is a mood.😐😂

  11. this ain't it

    Ohmagawd this was in 2016...damn 2016 really was the best year..

  12. Sougat Chhetri

    Wow I am listening to this on 21st December,2019 wish everyone an amazing 2020

  13. codydoodles2

    All the twelve years old like "Santa isn't real 😧"


    Yo_ Ham7a

    codydoodles2 more like 9 year olds

  14. TagGamer GT

    Man im starting to think that Rudy is just KSI in disguise

  15. Pro Painter

    This should be on the radio for everyone who thinks Christmas is a bitch

  16. J Secret

    That song is very interesting. I like it

  17. TJ Frost

    2020 gang

  18. Annette Rounds

    You will regret singing that song cause deffenetly you are going to hell

    Golem Gal

    Annette Rounds .... da hell?
    Why are you so mad about this -.-

    Golem Gal

    Its literally a song he made for a Youtube Red MOVIE, so he’s not regretting anything about making this song ;-;
    Its called The Keys Of Christmas.
    Edit: and why would you go to hell for not liking Christmas?
    I dont like it ;-; (Religion)

  19. Annette Rounds

    Do you even know what you are singing ohh and you are a bitch 😠😠😠🖕🖕🖕

  20. Mikyah Jackson

    Well someone was a Grinch in 2016

  21. Darshan Kumar

    People have forgotten as to what is Christmas. They decorations, sweets and party is Christmas. Actually it's the birth of Christ we celebrate. Without that, Christmas is really a bitch

  22. YaBoiJayden X7

    The fact my birthday is on the 24th, makes this song hit me harder than ever.

  23. SBOY 224

    Christmas is a bitch because I was supposed to have a little sister on Christmas but she died in my mom's stomach

  24. Julia Kharkhota

    Pls let me hit this like button a million times!


  25. Ruby.the.dead. Girl

    Finally someone dislikes Christmas like me >:(

  26. Julian Lai

    We don’t care what year your from as long as your hear loving Rudy 🥰❤️❤️❤️

    David Flores


  27. Shilon06 _

    So good

  28. Unknown 12

    Question do you know actually how to play a piano?😂

    DrMeMo 23

    He does

    Golem Gal

    He plays sick -w-
    He makes songs in his Youtube videos

  29. Quoc Thinh Pham

    "The bitch" is coming :))

  30. YoWhatUp? HowUDoing?

    I like this one!

  31. Melina Demetrescu

    I feel the same

  32. Anh Phan

    One trick Rudy.

  33. david Lian


  34. BTS Is my life

    Where's the tequila in the song?????


    the best

  36. paul oladele

    It makes people happy but it makes no sense to me
    How I feel every holiday

  37. The Waffle Man

    There is definitely beauty to Christmas, however I feel this song deeply this year.

  38. The Ardent Chef

    Absolutely awful.

  39. Kxng KäSh Vlogz& More!!!

    Anyone watching in 2019??

  40. Denis Pirvu

    Since 2016 I come here every year! A very emotional song for me, because I broke up with my love of my life in the day this song was posted and when I first saw this song I've listened to it and cried for 2 hour... Now I'm ok but it nice listen this song with a fresh mind!

  41. Orongo White

    Awesome job😂 love it

  42. Sam Pregnall

    Was I the only one who heard him always rhyming each word

  43. Issei Otosaka

    Welp it’s that time of year again...

  44. DJJ

    Who’s back for 2019?

  45. Emalise Laureano

    I like Christmas because I can get free things (I'm not a brat, ok?)

  46. William Trinidad

    I tried to sing this song outside in the city and I got slapped

  47. Lukas Nimčiuk-M.

    My favorite song :))

  48. Allan Jurgens

    Another good parody song



  50. Maraw- Ong

    2019 Christmas is coming soon any want watching in 2019 ?

  51. Wolf Clips

    Say it wit me "Christmas is a bitch"

  52. WEL LOW

    Like so you wont get a bad present this year Happy Holidays.

  53. Hailie Carroll

    I love to watch this every year around Christmas! ❤🎄

  54. Rodger That

    It’s almost that time of year again

  55. Ale

    Is that time of the year again .....💚❤️💚❤️

  56. Peppi X

    What's the song in the end?

  57. Thom Sih

    Rudy:Santa’s not real

    Me: my life was a lie

  58. panajane

    November 2019, love this!

  59. Tezca42564

    2019, this song became my anthem

  60. Lulya Solomon

    Haven't watched that in awhile😈

  61. *~ViolentCupcakes~*

    When he said Santa wasnt real my heart broke, Even though I know he isnt real..

  62. Fa6m1i .1

    Dose anyone besides me always goes back to watch old videos and never get over them?..


    Just me?

    Oh ok........

  63. Anka sy

    Come back to this every year, to remind myself how sad I actually am

  64. Ffion Roberts

    I love this song he's so good at singing xxx

  65. Damian Wan

    Is there a piano tutorial? I just love this

  66. Grecia iri

    I cried over at 2016 and now i think it hits me even more rudy you are so talented love you

  67. Aalaina Tuan

    I remember when this first came out 😂this is our Christmas anthem

  68. Jada Ebirim

    I agree with every word you say it is a bitch

  69. RonTron

    He says Bitch so satisfyingly

  70. Ki yu


  71. Elena Tavares

    He is not reel

  72. Cherise Viljoen

    Can I love this song and Christmas at the same thing

  73. Cherise Viljoen

    Such a touching song

  74. David Dumas

    yo yo wassup wassup

  75. Roblox Crap vids

    Fuck Santa,he never give presents

  76. Kawther Hattab

    I agree this holiday is the wrest even I'm 10 years old I don't believe in chrasmas

  77. Lile Ogoh

    IDK why, but I can't stop listening to this song
    Loved it!

  78. Avin Hoto

    Christmas is a bitch = Facts

  79. boomer

    Do you actully not like chrismas

  80. alexa bahina

    He's just saying the truth

  81. magic tricks

    Piano tutorial any one pls😂🙏

  82. Giovanni Rocchio

    I got tequilas for you

  83. G Idol

    You are right Christmas is a bitch
    I love u i don't like Christmas 💛💚💛💚😍😍😍

  84. David Spurlock

    Soooooo true

  85. Dope Curry

    This was 3 years ago when Rudy has less than 3 mil subs
    Im so PROUD OF HIM ♡♡♡

  86. Bryan Martinez

    This should be on Spotify

  87. jigsaw 9nine

    Fat guy breaks to your house
    It's bullshit damn

  88. Nichole Carlson

    I love this 😍

  89. 4 8

    christmas is still a bitch

  90. Zaraeah Hardin

    Omg i watched this when it came out and i still love it and him 💋

  91. Default Craig

    I hOpE I GeT VBUcKs fOr SkiN

  92. Rudy Mancuso

    Happy Holidays.


    Im the last reply of this comment!

    Elias Santos

    Didn’t someone else write this song???

    SerenityBrianna Garcia

    Hi umm why did you Say Christmas is A Bi**