Rudolf, Kevin - Late Night Automatic Lyrics

She's my
Late night automatic
One call automatic
Now she's coming automatic

[Three 6 Mafia]
We in the club
We on patrol
We and the beat
I'll beat your wrong
Like michael phelps it me on the bar
Callin on the phone
It was me on phone
I try to get with her
We said we would lick her
Try to be coming down with all
These tears
Yea she's the one that can make her boody wiggle
She's from pittsburg and her body as a wuna

Love me a girl who can deal with this here
Make it walk
Make it ride
Make it drive
Make it dance
Make it move from your hair
Bring it down to the floor
Take a shot
Drink a beer

On the weight on my car
And make them jog
On the roof
On the roof
On the peer
On the wall
Like dance dance
Like a dog she's a fiend
Like a doll

[Chorus (2x)]

[Three 6 Mafia]

[Chorus (2x)]

She stay's home
And theirs nothin in all
She waits till I here the baby
Then it's on
And she's not a shamed
To be their for the child
And she's my late night
Call her my late night

[Chorus (2x)]


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Rudolf, Kevin Late Night Automatic Comments
  1. FARON 概要変更


  2. Mr_Babbaloo

    She's my late night automatic!

  3. Tahl Fishman

    Recommend sumblimnal

  4. David Page

    i swear to god i am blow out of my miund and shock and pissed that kevin is still underated wtf man his songs are amazing plus his lyrics are sincire

  5. alla kouksi

    Late Night Automatic

  6. IamSnowMan42000

    They kinda did though. He hasn't come out with any new songs since 2010 3 yrs ago in a way it's almost like he just got pulled off the planet. one minute he's here and living the life next he's just gone out of the public eye probably workin a 9 to 5 job thanks to them. Lil Wayne said it in one of his songs: young money thieves steal your love and leave. Maybe music and hip hop was his love and they stole it and left it.

  7. Sparky

    it's not exactly... kevin is a producer too. he produce a lot of music for them and make " cashmoney " XD he is a fantastic artist, it's underrated but cashmoney don't ruin nothing...


    I found it funny that this is Kevin's song but he is singing the chours. Shouldnt he sing the main verse, not 6 mafia. mafia actually ruined the song.

  9. LAN oftheFree

    Kevin Rudolf should get away from whoever his producers are. I mean most of his shit is badass but Imo he could do a shitload better.

  10. IamSnowMan42000

    i feel bad for kevin i bet he now hates cashmoney because they screwed up his career

  11. laetitia carter

    jadooore <3

  12. Solo Kurlz

    How did they ruin his career exactly?

  13. unusualgirl18


  14. Unaverage Prod.

    best rap song eva

  15. Sasi Dharan

    why this is guy is not famous than others ?

  16. Sasi Dharan

    thumbs up if you think he is more better than justin bieber

  17. Matthew Lane

    kevin rudolf is tha shit

  18. xxDiag

    Super Naj Piosenka

  19. Vanessa Hana

    this best song evar me rapd the replay botton :)

  20. Hokie0392

    This song goes so HARD!!!!!!

  21. FakeApology

    ♪She stays home and does nothing at all.
    She waits until I hear the BBM and it's on.♪