Rudolf, Kevin - In The City Lyrics

Every day I'm a star in the city
Walk the streets like a wanted man
All the time got my shine looking pretty
Motherfuckers all know who I am
Every day feel the heat in the city
Like the barrel of a smoking gun
Read the signs, see the lights - they're so pretty
You're the one now turn me on
(Hey) give it all up for me
(Hey) give it all up for me
(Hey) give it all up for me
Every day I'm alive in the city
She's a fire that lives by the sun
On the street looking fine, looking pretty
She sucks the heat off my - gun
I will eat you alive in the city
While they pull up in fancy cars
Drinking wine, wasting time, you are pretty
Politicians, movie stars
(Hey) give it all up for me
(Hey) give it all up for me
(Hey) give it all up for me
City boy life
(Hey) give it all up for me
(Hey) give it all up for me
(Hey) give it all up for me
City boy life
Fine wine, fast cars, true lies, dark flaws
Every day I'm a star in the city
Walk the streets like a loaded gun
All the time, got my shine, looking pretty
Everybody now turn me on
(Hey) give it all up for me
(Hey) give it all up for me
(Hey) give it all up for me
This motherfucking life
(Hey) give it all up for me
(Hey) give it all up for me
(Hey) give it all up for me
City boy life

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Rudolf, Kevin In The City Comments
  1. Lenad Ffhf

    2019 Русские есть?
    2019 Russia her ?



  2. vlGangvl 100

    Yo why does this song fit Devil May Cry 5 so good 🔥🔥💜💜

  3. delgermaa davaadorj

    people use drugs.
    And i use this instead.

  4. Syren Scyth

    This is so damn awesome so underated


    A never ending desire to hear groovy shit, that I haven't already heard brought me here. Well, that was pretty boring, wasn't it ? Who gives a shit what brings anyone to a particular piece of music ? Unless it involves murder, international terrorism (domestic terrorism has become so passé), wizards and dragons, or an addiction to unprotected sex with carnival workers... it's probably not that interesting. But, whatever. If it makes your pee turn glittery pink and angels sing... shout it from the rooftops... I guess. Ha, ha.

  6. TheLazyPanda607

    Ye yeah

  7. vlGangvl 100

    Oh man sitting in my room with the bros smoking playing skate 3 with this song in the back ground damn high school memories 💜💜🔥🔥

  8. Mr VeTeRoK


  9. Rainz

    Romanians over here?
    Like cine e roman

  10. Rainz

    is this 10D lol?

  11. Eşref Demir

    Ağırsağlamdan Gelen Tayfa

  12. Groovy

    I have no idea where it's from but this song is deeply intertwined with my middle school memories.
    so happy i've found it again somehow.

  13. Тупой Растер

    Панихида, магиков?

    Mr Muscle

    Братишкин лох

    Тупой Растер

    Mr Muscle sasi


    good music is not always mainstream


    Hot Song! Guitar work is superb and the rhymes are gangsta...

  16. KataFker

    i m here from the originals

  17. Помидор\ /Огурец

    Stopgame ебать?

  18. Igor B.


  19. Lukáš Píše

    Jiří Denisa Procházka .... Zítra ti držíme palce jak nikdy ... !

  20. jad allouch

    E d i t c 😎

  21. Nick MF

    Bruh I thought he says "Same old lie"

  22. Melik İht

    A spartacus amv brought me here...

  23. 737NiksoN737

    Кто из наших, 1 апреля)

    Rentana play

    Ну почти первое)

  24. Kaan Boztoprak

    AĞIRSAĞLAM bring me here

  25. Fili Kitoga


  26. Diego Wolmers

    Marc Fitt brought me here

  27. Jay Martinez

    End Of Watch

  28. ByByBy MABABA


  29. Bhavesh Thadhani

    Frank Mir bring me here

  30. jawan.c

    Does this remind anyone of batman beyond

  31. jun solo

    Jiří Denisa Procházka BJP***

  32. Starlight Animates

    If you’re gonna comment who brought you here, just know that clearly no one cares.

  33. eScR CHUBZ

    Anybody know where i can find a similar instrumental

  34. Мандаринка Сочная

    На будильник самое то

  35. louis bret

    Brought me here brought me here !

  36. Anthøny Salazar

    This song goes with some Wall Street Film 💰

  37. Oto Machek

    Jiri Prochazka brought me here 💪

  38. Segue o gênio! O impossível e complexado.

    nice top

  39. 和牛上カルビ


  40. Emanuel Lencina

    The only reason I'm here is for a hannibal crack that I saw

  41. YouTube Troll Poop

    Pandora radio and playing battlefield brought me here

  42. whyisthisnottyping

    End of watch

  43. Im Jason


  44. Daniel Brtevník

    Jiří Procházka!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. ThomasMonsterEnergy

    Jiří "DENISKA" Procházka "BJP" česká síla :-)

  46. Alex black

    I brought your mom here last night

  47. LPS Smarties

    Hannibal crack vid brought me here

  48. The Small One

    Datjimilly brought me here.😂

  49. Boonslayer

    Remembering how talented Kevin Rudolf is brought me here.

  50. 1st48Official

    I’m gonna say it, .... no one gives who a fuck who brought you here

    Shadmin-Kuro Blackwood

    No shit Sherlock

  51. WhiteZunderina

    I came from a Marvel crack vid 😂

  52. Shotgun Sinner

    aww the kylux edit

  53. Let's Play

    [BadComedian] - Индийский Коммандос (ОТВЕТ Шварцу)

  54. Them Bones

    Essa era a música do sharkao kkkkkk

  55. Bryan Renthlei

    Me Too.. “Am a Barbie Girl” Brought me here ...

  56. Aly_jaimes Jaimes

    Ho cares ho brought you here nobody cares


    Kurdish special forces brought me here.

  58. Pi-Jichuuu


  59. Raphuhn

    Spotify brought me here😉


    ну что я могу сказать песня заебись

  61. Dusan Femic


  62. Stᴉtchᴉe

    a random speedpaint from 2011 brought me here, ahh childhood

  63. Leo :3

    Low quality music website brought me here approx in 2012

  64. Chris Galván

    Please tell me it's on Spotify!

  65. izzy 64

    Kaisoo Vine Brought me here ^^

  66. VELIAL SQUAD на каждый день


  67. Fonax


  68. Станислав Иванов

    Magicow forever!!!

  69. Korolev


    илья горошихин

    MAGICKOWA привет !!!

    Ne lublu ANIME

    А я от грифа

    Exam Oll world

    Я тоже)

  70. te na toho hada diky s

    Jiří Denisa Procházka 💪💪



  71. pigwa

    Jochn wick!!

  72. Fathelrahman M.Ali

    So it's look like we can't stop those "brought me here" kids from commenting on this prace of art.. let's enjoy the song anyway

  73. Amy Guerrero

    A Klaine fanfic brought me here. 😂

  74. Samuelg

    hero !!

  75. JS {{Shadow-lurker}}

    So, no one came here from that one "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." trailer?

  76. ノブ・ザ・ルージャン・グレン・


  77. mona m.

    This is so damn underrated

  78. Zer0 Gaming

    Miraculous on crack #1 brought me here. Don’t ask

  79. HeLLsm


  80. Eye Of Nelms

    "Shit son."
    "Welcome to Hell, my friend."

  81. Galaxy Starling

    A miraculous ladybug video brought me here...

    Depressed Girl

    Galaxy Starling same XD

    Jenny Ramos :3

    Galaxy Starling
    XDXD 😅😂

  82. Ryan Mauro

    Frail mir’s ufc 140 walk out

  83. Bad Karma

    Reminds me of Shameless

  84. Nightslayer9685

    A music video from twd brought me here

  85. Wild Dude

    Warface gameplay video brought me here)

  86. GamerGuyTan

    mategamez brought me here

  87. BurgerPl4yz

    Negan from twd brought me here

  88. Suit Williams

    I came here from a Chris Hero highlight video

  89. htie96ify

    Haha so many people brought here by so many different things. "Life has many doors Ed boy"

  90. Szymon Gołaszewski

    I thought thats Royal Blood

  91. Karsten S.

    Thank you Oh Long Johnson.... you brought me here
    Good song tho