Rudd, Xavier - Lioness Eye Lyrics

Sun is up, beautiful day
I can see myself
I can see myself
Light me up, lioness eye
I can see you now
I can see you now

Sun is up, beautiful day
I can see myself
I can see myself
Light me up, lioness eye
I can see you now
I can see you now

Sitting with this fire
Wisdom in his eye
With the strength of a lion
Wisdom in his eye

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Rudd, Xavier Lioness Eye Comments
  1. DIDGERIDOO TheDeepMechanics

    I have some very deep tutorials for people who want to go to Pro Level...

  2. Just Me

    ANY FANS HERE 2020..... came back for the trip of the didge... spiritual....

  3. Claudio Goncalves de Lima

    Muito bom o que quer dizer esse som a traducao em Portugues Deus ty abencoe

  4. Tone

    Gosh , my heart just go out of my chest !! Love this <3

  5. jack t

    Incredible, that's about all I can say.

  6. Oregrown420

    This is so fuckin dank bye bye negative energy.

  7. Paul Crane

    The punt

  8. Absolute Wellness

    Perfect music for BLUE MAN GROUP!

  9. sarah bouzaglou

    jamais vu un tel talent!!!

  10. Clinton W. Rockwell

    I know this SLANG comment doesn't account for this man's raw talent and energy....but this dude is badazz!!!

  11. Mountain

    Wow, beautiful. If your ever in Ashland Oregon, look me up. I'd love to drum with you.

  12. m fallz

    that was sick .....

  13. Francesca Di'Frapolli

    F'ing EOW!!!✌️❤️

  14. Jinestra


  15. Revol. Nona

    Beautiful man. Apart from the Kookaburra. Drove many a pioneer insane... 👍😊🌻✌

  16. Roman

    I have never heard anything like this before, fantastic, it sweeps me away in the deep jungle

  17. Old man

    Wow. That's the most complex digj playing I've ever heard.....not to mention the drumming and singing. Wow.

  18. Maelle Lhomme

    Set. Biz

  19. neil marsden

    This is absolutely awesome

  20. Dan Downing

    Just breath

  21. Christophe H


  22. mariette grivegnee

    je l écoute ça touche mon âme je l adore

  23. Melanie Sun

    Yeah Man. . Didgeridoo power

  24. Anshu Aspirant

    He is completely dedicating himself just to entertain people. If anyone notices him closely then find that harder he blows the horn more energetic he gets so the conclusion is here the more you devote yourself to something more energy you get to take that forward.

  25. Tiago Pinheiro

    Amazing 🙏🙏

  26. Jessica Eernisse Hagood

    Awesome 👍 👍

  27. neil marsden

    Amazing control of breathing in and out at the same time To perform brilliant didgeridoo music whilst t beating the fuck out of drums and singing

  28. Jessica Eernisse Hagood

    Awesome 👍 👍

  29. mariette grivegnee

    cette musique me fais ressentir mon âme au complet

  30. I am

    This is bloody brilliant

  31. Matthew Kresge

    Focus, man....Jeeze!

  32. Maui- Maui

    Nice music sound and performance

  33. Sidita

    Damn , wakes up every single cell and atoms !

  34. Inês Aguiar

    How can there be people to not like this, your just jelous little bitches, this is super cool

  35. Wutaii1 Nostalgia

    Saw him in Brisbane Many years ago in 2007. Amazing then and now

  36. Lukas Bellik

    He's killing dude is talented. How can you thumbs down this.

  37. Andrea Wehren


  38. Margherita Rusciadelli

    quei 570 che hanno messo il pollice verso, di che patologie soffrono, esattamente??

  39. Sara-Lynn van Tiel

    from 3:57 is so beatiful

  40. maria cristina ruchti


  41. Jon Camar

    the pineal song ! amazing @ paradise rock bos. MA

  42. Revol. Nona

    Thank you for everything Xavier Rudd 🌻✌🌅

  43. Wutaii1 Nostalgia

    I saw him in Brisbane in 2007. Best show EVER!!!

  44. vidaliapie

    I saw him play this live, yesterday at the Dry Diggings Festival. It was incredible to hear it live!

  45. San San

    This man is magic

  46. Matej Sendrey

    Shamanic track.

  47. Dario D'Abbronzo

    What is the name of this wind instrument?

    Jo Jo

    didgeridoo very ancient ...look into some more youtube music with it.

  48. Kitty Purrs

    Love this

  49. Jason Crump

    This guy has some superman lungs .

  50. Michael Thaiday


  51. katy scott

    The pure vibrations of this melody heal and repair you, energetically... close your eyes and let it work it’s magic!
    Its a beautiful day. I can see it all. I can heal myself..

  52. rod7139

    Can you imagine Simon Cowell's reaction to this on AGT? lfao!

  53. Brando Calrisian

    Holy crap is that some kind of double didgeridoo or something?

  54. Wijke Ellis

    A creator.!

  55. Chris Allan

    Really good love your style of playing.

  56. mumuze paint

    incredible!I love this guy!!amazing soul

  57. Enrique Morris

    MAJESTIC 💯⚡️🙌🏼

  58. Anna H

    Awesome !!!!!

  59. Moises Ramos

    This is awesome, thank you for sharing!

  60. Eole Bayle

    Génial merci merci

  61. Pennie East ill

    Wow just fabulous

  62. Jamaica Rose

    Pure talent 😍❤️

  63. Stefane Couture 11:11


  64. Goblet Drum LED System

    If the Police did didgeridoo!

  65. Andy

    Nicely done sir.

  66. Dina campos lopes

    Wisdom and desire for the miracles of humanity

  67. Dina campos lopes

    For I see no reason no reason no reason no reason to forget to forget to forget to forget it it it it 🙀🇬🇧✌️

  68. Dina campos lopes

    I see remember remember remember remember remember under a night sky streets full ☀️🦋🔥💥remember remember remember remember magical 👶like a child. Not so rude awakening 🙏

  69. VIVI

    ..... Suddenly in love......

  70. Rafael Hernandez


  71. Alain Bérubé

    Tabarnaque!! #realgoodshit

  72. Lapeer On


  73. fliggmode 84


  74. Jai O'Flaherty

    Bro. Amazing. 💚

  75. Jerry Jungster

    Beautiful enough to make a grown man have wet eyes!

  76. martha


  77. Soso Nichât

    woooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh!!! <3

  78. IgnesKlaus

    I'm impressed

  79. Rolene Maliteare

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. alex torn


  81. Ariel Mch

    also watch this performance with didje and Hang @Dw3k

  82. MrGreen FR

    Ok so in what band are you in
    Xavier Rudd: *band ?*
    Yeah you know... who play the drum, who play the didgiridu, the bass all that stuff...
    Xavier Rudd : *.... Well its kind of complicated to explain...*

  83. P Granger-Stylinson

    He really feels the music. That's what you call a true talent

  84. Sugar Nips

    This is good to watch stoned

  85. Mich Hol

    Love it. Love to all.

  86. Dolce D

    Am SO in love with this this. A 1000 likes from me 😅💕

  87. Tom Orton

    Absolutely Unreal artist. I needed to discover this guy tonight.

  88. luznebulosa

    wow! great vibes!! Earth talks through his music.

  89. Psychikyoga

    Wow! Freaking Amazing

  90. Ralph Valkenhoff

    Came across this Rudd as I encountered a GoPro vid strapped to a surfers noggin in a tube. Most satisfying indeed.

  91. Zephammo

    Holy shit this is awesome