Rudd, Xavier - Honeymoon Bay Lyrics

Angels flyin', wind at our heels
Serpents glidin', nothin' revealed
Flew back circles, I believe, I believe
It's my beginning, whoa-oh-oh

Gone are those winters, gone are those days
Gone are those choices to be recklessly brave
I'm guided by angels, decided by choice
It's my beginning, whoa-oh-oh

I believe, I believe, I believe
Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
We are young, we can fly, we are free
Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
Take a chance, take a chance and see
Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
I believe, come believe in me
Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh

Honeymoon waters, Honeymoon Bay
Safe to assume now that we're on our way
Sweetwater turtle, mingly roads
It's our beginning, whoa-oh-oh

And dreaming stories etched in the stone
Time to dream now and create our own
We're guided by angels, decided by choice
It's our beginning, whoa-oh-oh

I believe, I believe, I believe
Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
We are young, we can fly, we are free
Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
Take a chance, take a chance and see
Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
I believe, come believe in me

Oh, oh...
(We're guided by angels, decided by choice)
Come believe in me
(We're guided by angels, decided by choice)
(We're guided by angels, decided by choice)
Come believe in me, yeah
(We're guided by angels, decided by choice)

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Rudd, Xavier Honeymoon Bay Comments
  1. Juli Farsky de Dada

    This music reminds me what freedom feels like

  2. Jassi R.

    Wow i Love this music

  3. Monsef Covers

    Peace, Happiness, Love

  4. Elyssa michell kaye


  5. Tony Bautista

    Stumbled upon one of your music vids one day and quickly became a fan. 3:)

  6. Paul Kolone

    My friend has just introduced me to this talented musician Xavier, and I am completely amazed by all his crafts. I hope Xavier will make a future collaboration with Vance Joy 👍👍👍👍

  7. Charlottes Web

    2:52 : )

  8. georgina millar

    Hi (: just bought both your albums.
    Now playing your music to everyone I know.
    Think my fav is Honeymoon Bay.
    One of my jobs is working with mental health on an acute psychiatric ward and I had some of the parients singing the chorus with me today. It was great!
    In my dreams Ii would love you to come to England and play at The Cheese and Grain in Frome, Somerset. Big wish!! (:

  9. Thomas Valentine Holick


  10. Daniel Scaccabarozzi

    The song is incredibly beautiful, the video is terrible. Fuck.

  11. Paul Sullivan

    Yes love it this got me through a rotten divorce

  12. Valérie Sherin

    You're a sunshine and your life an inspiration. Thank you for you.

  13. dumbbitch l

    My drama teacher singed with you

  14. Sarah Redfern

    Thank you for all the love you bring to the world. You're music brings people together in the most positive way. 💜

  15. Catie Dillemuth

    I adore this song and all of Xavier's music, it uplifts my day. Love is the glue that binds humanity together. Sending all who are reading love, hope and happiness for your journey. Can't wait to see him in Toronto soon!

  16. FOXtek23

    Miluju tohoto muže za to, jaký je...

  17. Blue Rose

    Amazing video amazing music <3 <3 <3

  18. Martina Tóthová

    Thanks for reminding me of my friends... R.I.P. Flori
    a těším se na tebe "za tou duhou".

  19. Lisa Rosenkoetter

    Thank you spreading such positive energy!!!! Your music makes my soul smile 🌞🎶

  20. sydc2020

    Thank you for putting such love and good energy out in the world..and speaking for *all* Australians

  21. Graham Bradford

    Simply epic, listen to this everyday!!!

  22. Francisco Miguel

    So positive so beautiful sound ❤️

  23. antje tautkus

    Cheers from 🌏👍✋

  24. diana dancs

    Thank you!

  25. Yislenni Linares

    Love your music may God keep blessings you. !Namaste!

  26. Jeff Clarke

    Man that guitar's a beauty


    Any idea what brand is it? It is really beautiful! :-)

  27. Couleur Café Festival

    Can't wait to see you at our festival <3 You are amazing.

  28. Chris Beermusic


  29. Ants C

    My friends and I used to go camping at Honeymoon Bay in Jervis Bay. Great memories.

  30. miya oberman


  31. Grace Kelly

    Omg I love this x


    Respect From Corfu

  33. Ken D

    tears dropping...

  34. Apentogo

    to wholesome for me, i shall retreat into the comfort of my terrible racist and stereotypical but funny as hell memes.

  35. andrew morris

    From a pom to an Aussie hats off to you. Great vibe and beautiful video

  36. Dulcineia Costa


  37. Sailesh Maharzan

    His energy heals a lot to this world !! Sense of peace, love and we all peòple can live together as one !! Goodday and Goodnight !!

  38. Willian Chihaya

    Muito boas as músicas para trabalhar!

  39. Honza Kolek

    A to didgeridoo je tam suproví

  40. Honza Kolek

    I love this song

  41. Roxana Zorzolan

    Your music is healing my soooooul. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  42. Hemanga Das

    Love from Assam ( India

  43. Justin Hodges

    I thought "Follow the Sun" was my favorite, however, this song takes the top. Amazing!

  44. Mango Tango

    "Guided by demons".....not one mention that they serve the Lord Jesus Christ.....Hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm???

  45. Mango Tango


  46. jim catalfamo

    this is super sweet! wish i was there.


    Are you high?

  48. Jesus Torres

    I live in Fresno CA. Is in the middle of of the California central Valley I would love to know if you are touring in California would really like to see one of your concerts. Your music has help come out of one of the darkest periods of my Life. I know it would be silly for me to ask you to answer this message but maybe someone else knows.
    Thank you Xavier.
    Jesus TorresMartinez

  49. Cowboys on Tour

    XAVIER IS THE MAN!!!! His music truly inspired me to create my own channel and create songs, if you the time of day consider checking out my content.

  50. Val Flamini

    Haven't checked in on you in awhile. Beautiful things happening all around and in you!

  51. Zelman

    This song and vibe is so peacfull

  52. Scott Marshall

    powerful hopeful voice!

  53. AngelOr10092000

    thank you for your love and beautiful music , love from Israel, you give me hope , i wish i could sing by your side and spread the light like that

  54. Ann Gokieli

    Who are the 157 haters not liking this video 😏??

  55. Toasty

    i Love xavier his songs are awsome

  56. Brad Pamp

    Awesome X

  57. Matthias Bro

    This song makes me feel so good :):) Thank you Xavier Rudd, this video and your message need more views!

  58. Dolce D

    Im really impressed by your music! Namasté 💕

  59. Dolce D

    Wow! Youre hot too 😍 (discovering your music)

  60. Dee Lawrence

    Love your music, remarkable voice and such heart felt song writing, also kudos to whoever puts your videos together - amazing job

  61. Paul S

    ☺️+++1 Ticket zu vergeben >Preis:VB<< !!!XAVIER RUDD!!!Berlin 28.09+++😊


    Greetings from the Atlantic sea Morocco , your songs are full of energy and positivity , I like all your albums from "TO LET " to "STORM BOY", hopefully I will be able one day to see you live ,it's a dream for me .
    All my respect ❤


    EL BOUICHA ALI ~ Greetings!! I hope your dream comes true ✨💖✨


    @BeFearlessAndPlay thank you so much , I believe in that ❤🌍

  63. XxxTylerTjxx X

    Hi Mrs lang

  64. Mario Demeyer

    Been there last week in Brussels, amazing concert,such vibes,beautifull songs, there was peace,happiness and what an awesome performance...loved it !!

  65. matthew z

    oh yeah, peacepeacepeace

  66. 270smarty

    Encore une très belle chanson et un très beau clip!

  67. Gabri WAY

    WOW 💜


    This is one of the best songs i heard in the last 10 years !!!

  69. XxxTylerTjxx X

    Hey it's tyler scolyer

  70. Stevek552

    Xavier Rudd = Legend..


    So fantastic music!!!

    Jassi R.


  72. Marcilio Ferreira

    me tornei fãn <3 que trabalho incrível. Parabéns!!!!

  73. Austin Carroll

    New World Music!

  74. wOW Sh!t

    Xavier can i use your song ,? music back ground. the mother

  75. Bianca Brand


  76. Lu Rivas

    desde ´Mar del Plata grate song gracias

  77. nzerofthemonth

    Great music Xavier.

  78. Valdo Essmann

    See you in Fremantle, Xavier!

  79. Chris Jarvis

    Oh and see you in Adelaide at Thebarton Theatre in a few weeks
    SV Breezy🌬⛵️🌏🖖

  80. Chris Jarvis

    Yo Xavier
    That was excellent,made me feel good watching it🤙
    Cheers from SV Breezy 🌬⛵️🌏🖖

  81. Stoff Beutel

    Freue mich so wenn Xavier endlich nach Deutschland kommt und uns die Liebe in Form von Musik schenkt.. Cool wäre wenn Nahko oder Matisyahu dabei wären, würde das ganze nochmal abrunden. Namasté ! Spirituell Vibes Incoming


    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️From india

  83. Juliette Royer

    Coach print pressure now plus instrument control my changing voice.

  84. jeuxantistress

    Beautiful 🙏🙏👍👍

  85. therealmagiver

    Cannot wait to see you again in Dublin Xav. Peace 😉

  86. Krzysztof Matejski

    Beautiful! I love the message you share with the world. Can't wait to see you performing in Poland! The same chords as in "Wash It Away" - the song dedicated to Xavier by Nahko Bear and it's absolutely sweet for me because I can play it and sing it straight away <3 Spread love and positivity!

  87. Alex B

    How well this song resonates with the current events :) Strength and happiness to all! :)

  88. Eva Ricci

    [Verse 1]
    Angels flying
    Wind at her heals
    Serpents gliding
    Nothing revealed
    Food bad circles
    I believe, I believe it's my beginning
    Gone are those winters
    Gone are those days
    Gone are those choices to be recklessly brave
    I'm guided by angels
    Decided by choice
    It's my beginning, woah

    I believe, I believe, I believe
    We are young, we can fly, we are free
    Take a chance, take a chance and see
    I believe, come believe with me

    [Verse 2]
    Honeymoon waters, honeymoon bay
    Safe to assume now, we're on our way
    Sweetwater turtle
    Mingliy rose
    It's out beginning
    Dreaming stories, etched in the stones
    Time to dream now and create out own
    Guided by angels
    Decided by choice
    It's my beginning, woah


    Eva Ricci

    Thanks for sharing the WORDS 🙏🙏🙏


    Last line should be OUR beginning ;)

  89. Antonio Jesus

    Abraço de Portugal

  90. Michelle Denison

    We have just checked out of the amazing Maqai Eco Resort and now listening to this awesome tune while in transit. Amazing song and amazing video of paradise

  91. Kitty Purrs

    Love you brother

  92. BeFearlessAndPlay

    Blessed to see him open with this last night in Rhode Island!! Yet again that man touches the heart and soul like no other

  93. Giovana M

    Amazing video Awesome song...Thx again Xavier!

  94. Wolphy Olivier


  95. Hamza

    This is the first singer I saw on YouTube , 5 Years ago. Now I'm back here, still good vibes !

  96. axnjxn2k1

    Xavier is amazing.. From St. Catharines and recently saw him and his band perform in Buffalo NY. Was a magical experience.. one i'll never forget.. excited to see him again either in Australia or back in Canada :).. P.S. Congrats Xavier - You can see how Genuinely Happy Xavier is here in this video - Fiji is magical :)

  97. armando matrone

    Where is Xavier Rudd ???

  98. Xae

    I did a walk about with some family and friends in NSW and we slept at his house in the backyard listening to him sing. He's my friends friends lol