Rucka Rucka Ali - That's Just The 80's Lyrics

This song's by somebody called Tupac Shakur
I've never heard of him,
but I guess he's got a movie comin' out,
called "Notorius", so...
Let's go back to the 1980's!

Yeah, come on, come on
It's 1980,
I wake up in the morning, wearing Spandex
Is John Lennon living or his ass get dish?
I got a GameBoy in my fanny pack
It's goes well with my member's only jacket

That Captain Planet is a hero
That show brought my IQ down to zero
Cast of Different Strokes gettin' death threats
Couple less, open your mouth for the Pez dispenser
Donatelo and his ninjas gettin' down karate
Three ninjas whoopin' ass with Mr. Eogy
I guess Bob Marley's dead
But we still got a million white dudes with dreads

And we'll probably see OJ sent to jail,
before we see a black president
What's a dude gonna do with a Rubix cube?
And someone tell me what the hell is a Power Ranger?

Can't a brother get some Cosby's?
Stephanie got the bullet off of Uncle Jessie
I wanna go back to watch a movie
With the rat-at-at-pack

That's the 80's
That's just the 80's
We ain't ever heard of AIDS
That's just the 80's
What's crack?
That's just the 80's
We ain't ever heard of AIDS
What's crack?

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Rucka Rucka Ali That's Just The 80's Comments
  1. mrAuctor

    um he didnt really make fun of 2pac.... he just used his melody..........

  2. TheX137

    he made this one minute cause he knows he can't disrespect 2pac, lmao. still funny though

  3. Chaz Day

    Well its funny but it pisses me off he did it out of a tupac song fuck it still funny

  4. Scarecrow the Scarecrow

    Changes 2pac

  5. Jason Foley


  6. Night_Shade

    What's the real song ???

  7. Ryva Alpharus Renamon

    Funny thing is, the 90's didn't end until 2001

  8. Gutbomber

    I thought if you were born in 1980s you would be a 90s kid.... I mean there is a reason why we are in the 21st century and not the 20th century.....

  9. redwaller66

    This song isn't long enough. <3

  10. Bloody Sauce

    he grew up only in a small part of the 90s. when he was 5 it was 1998. so only a little of him is a 90s kid. yes he was born in the 90s but still part of this generation

  11. Gck99

    How isn't he a 90's kid if he was born in 1993? As far as I'm aware that is in the decade of 1990-1999

  12. Bloody Sauce

    you aren't a 90's kid.your still a part of this generation because you were an infant. only a small fraction of you is a 90's kid

  13. Ignitus Fetus

    I was born in 97. Lol.

  14. Jordan Green

    Chuck do you realy have a 3rd fist in your beard if you do how would you use it and where would you put it in me

  15. Frederikment

    your not a 90s kid your a 90s baby

  16. Chuck Norris

    1999 doesnt count faggit

  17. Logan Collins

    80's was AWESOME!

    Today society SUCK BALLS!!!

  18. ikajdam

    This is the original. Some time in late 2010 Tupacman plagiarized Rucka.

  19. RG Ethereal

    You don't know what a 90's kid is then.
    You're a 2000's kid, like me.
    If you were born during the 80's you'd be a 90's kid.
    Or if someone took you and 99 friends and killed 10 of them you'd be of one 90 kids.

  20. Cara Stagfel

    oj aint in ail and we got some stupid black guy in office. there goes that theory

  21. xxxxTHEMENTALGUYxxxx

    I'd love going back to the 80's. because there would be no Facebook or bitching about stuff online. and it is done socially where you can tell the person to shut up.

  22. THEsuperCourier

    "ain't never heard of AIDS????"...that's just the 70s...son.

  23. penguins penguins

    Gosh I miss the 80's

  24. 80swrestling

    Some of this shit is from the 90s

  25. King Malric

    xD me too mines was purple

  26. Jay Cline

    holy shit i got a lot of thumbs where should i put em? who wants to help me shove em up my ass?

  27. Classified


  28. DerpkAspeciAldogthings

    69 likes on comment lol

  29. TheSilael

    Tupac's version is called "Changes".

  30. WPUrchezem

    Gameboy was the 80's dumbass

  31. Slim Mekeal

    Tupac made his own version to the song Bruce Hornsby sang.. so he didn't really fail, He's using the parody of Tupac's version.

  32. generalfrisk

    Tupac did not write this song. It was Bruce Hornsby. Way to fail.

  33. clubpenguincoolpet13

    haha i had a yellow one

  34. Merk Diezle

    "True Theory of Everything Quadrant Model of Reality 1" on YouTube is the Truth.

  35. Andre Belefleur

    dude ren and stimpy was awesome

  36. djblitz0311

    yea, about half of this is 90s...I still like the song tho

  37. Andre Belefleur

    crack was a phonenom in 81

  38. tgiacin435

    Um power rangers was the 90's, and super sentai was 70's, you were off a decade

  39. Clyde Cash

    Beavis and Butthead was from the 90's you stupid fucks.

  40. Garlicjr Made


  41. Jay Cline

    but i have a dick im not gonna argue with the hipster tag though

  42. JayeLovee -Minecraft

    U did not copy icp

  43. Will Spencer

    Tupac was 90's though....

  44. Geoff Swanson


  45. Simon Herrera

    Andy mc Adams it was 2pac

  46. ToHighToSub

    i did that in the 90s <--- Fail

  47. TH3L1B3R4T10N

    Thank you very much sir!

  48. John Smith

    @ TH3L1B3R4T10N Changes - Tupac

  49. TH3L1B3R4T10N

    what is the real name of this song??? thanks!

  50. Dylan Milstead

    1:23 I loce tht show

  51. Future Soldier

    im 14 and i was born in 1998 so u cnt b a 90's kid

  52. smashingpapertigers

    that sucked

  53. AeroArt

    im 8 and im born in the 90's

  54. Raptor Jesus

    not rucka but the kid

  55. a7xsn1p3r

    when you say like he is do you mean rucka becuase he is like 20 somethin dude but other than that your right i was born in 1994 so i consider myself a 90's kid i hate it when my little sister says she is a 90's kid when she was born in 97

  56. TheFourGuy

    im 16 and i still dont call myself a 90's kid

  57. Fuki youi

    1999 you are pretty much a 00's kid, not 90's bye

  58. Wellager

    Since you were born in the 90's that makes you a 90's kid. End of story. Doesn't matter when you grew up, what matters is when you were born.

  59. Raptor Jesus

    no because if you were born in 1997 or 98 like he is he grew up with the 21st century stuff. 2012-1999=13 so he's not a "90's" kid

  60. Wellager

    Uh yeah it does.

  61. Jay Cline

    what does the 90's have to do with the 80's?

  62. Whemer

    Only a real douche would make a trayvon Martin account :l

  63. YungKgeez 99

    Shit i miss Myspace i mean facebook is the new stuff

  64. Clemi

    Myspace... Good ol' day.

  65. Joeyer5


  66. MountainD18

    Jjfluffy12, same here. Born in '93, and also a 2000s kid.

  67. MountainD18

    I like this song, it's clean, and talks about the 80s, where anything went.

  68. shado sake

    this song was made when people still used myspace? what the fuck is a myspace is that still a thing ?

  69. gamegrid12

    you barely remember the 90s im 28 born in the 80s now i am a 90s kid

  70. fuckgoogle+

    Do i give 9/10ths of a fuck? no

  71. pukownz

    does he say he's a 90's kid?
    no he only said he was 13 and born in the 90's so there is no reason to get mad cause he doesn't even claim to be a "90's kid"

  72. Bobby Walker

    funny i started rappin Changes instead lol

  73. fuckgoogle+

    Talk about a flame war huh lol

  74. Edgar Al-Mansur

    im 13 sorry for the shite that our generation has brought i love all these kinda songs 2pac forever <3

  75. fuckgoogle+

    15 minutes, i spend longer taking a shit on a daily basis. so no, once again the only one whos time your wasting is your own. i dont mind to trashtalk an idiot on youtube, gives me something to do. and yes, your probably a retarded overprivileged child. and who the fuck listens to call me maybe? just because i say something with maybe in it doesnt mean im referencing one of the gayest songs in history which im guessing you must masturbate to on a nightly basis

  76. RaveriusMax

    1. I can agree with this. 2. I actually do have good judgement, most of the time. 3. Possibly, time will tell. 4. A 20 second look at my profile would prove that wrong, even my picture isn't that of an 11 yr old, although, granted, it could all be fake. 5. A minute and a half here, another there, with 8 replies already, that makes a good 15 minutes or so. And please, no more remixes of 'call my maybe'

  77. RaveriusMax

    1. I visit many places that make frequent use of Rule 34, and still have never seen anything related to shitfires, where as cum guzzling from any orifice is quite common. 2. The reason I bring up people who get off to it is not because I don't find it disgusting, but to point out that as an insult, it is more insulting to choose something no one likes, as opposed to something plenty of people like. And your use of the word Fortitude is wrong.

  78. RaveriusMax

    I never said that I do, I said that some people do, and if some people do get off on that, and not on burning piles of shit, then obviously it must be more desirable/pleasurable than a burning pile of shit. And why a black man specifically? Would that be any worse than a 300 lb white man? or a 300 lb Chinese man?

  79. RaveriusMax

    Clearly you should retake that class then. And yes, it does make me feel like a hardass to speak in a language other than English, because there aren't many people in the world who speak something other than English. And no, I think being a shitfire is worse than that, since there are people who do that for sexual pleasure, no one stands next to a pile of burning shit for pleasure.

  80. fuckgoogle+

    i know right XD

  81. RaveriusMax

    Some people don't need to google foreign words, strange as it may be, some people do know foreign languages. I just happen to know different ones than you do. And Cacafuego means shitfire.

  82. fuckgoogle+

    oooh great comeback, you have to google some foreign words just to insult me with your inferior intellect? just so you know, a felcher is far far worse than whatever the hell made up word you said

  83. RaveriusMax

    Well, you know what they say about opinions, they're like assholes. And again, regardless of whether he lived more in the 2000's than the 90's, he was still indeed, born in the 90's. Cacafuego

  84. DJFox211

    Oh so I heard you were born in the 1990's tell me about being a 90 kid. <----------Thumbs up.

  85. fuckgoogle+

    so? he lived more so in the 2000's therefore he is a 2000's kid. and your opinion is just that. an opinion. a shitty one at that. felcher

  86. RaveriusMax

    It doesn't matter it it was 'barely' in the 90s. He was indeed born in the 90s. And imo he was not implying. Cum guzzler.

  87. IKilledDraculaX

    How? Pretty sure a lot of this is late 80s >_>

  88. RaveriusMax

    He didn't say he was a 90s kid. He said "born in the 90's". And despite what you may think, anyone born from 1990-1999 was, in all actuality, born in the 90's. Douchebag.

  89. thunderBOOM23

    hes mentally 13, thats what he means

  90. Carwyn Andrews

    @totaldramailand1 Tupac died in '96 not '97.

  91. Carwyn Andrews

    Tupac was 9 in 1980...

  92. Jeremy Wiik

    Captain Ploanet, He's our hero! Gonna take pollution down to zero!

  93. ryan lawson

    2000s kid. 1995

  94. Kenpachi Ramasama year in the 90's

  95. Thomas Roberson

    LMAO your not a fucking 90's kid.

  96. JesusSaurusRex

    Born in January 1990. I'm still made in West-Germany, yay

  97. shawn santos

    ikr all thease kids born in 99 saying there 90s kids pissees me off aswell

  98. Raptor Jesus

    born in the 90's doesnt make you a 90's kid