Rucka Rucka Ali - Thank U, N... Lyrics

Hung with my friend Lebron
Smacking hoes and a bitch
Hit a blunt with Steve Harvey
Waiting for a bus on a bench
Watching me Tyler Perry's
Brand new cool stolen cellphone
Rashad and I took someone's bathtub
But he still in jail tho

1 taught me drugs
1 taught me gang shit
1 showed me kool-aid
1 called me racist
I learned how to run
With my pants round my knees
I always got caught
And got boned by the police
So right now I'll say

Thank you nig, nigs
Thank you nig, nigs
Thank you nigs
I'm so fucking grateful you're my friends
Thank you nig, nigs
Thank you nig, nigs
Thank you nigs
I'm so fucking

Riding some guy's fucking Benz
Steven Curry took from him
I never know what's his race
Till the cops put him in crutches
I learned from him how to jump hoops fast
To hit and to pass
'Cause his name is Curry
But he's cooking up crack

He taught me drugs
My TV taught me rape chicks
This culture of rape
Can't control I say
Or where I force my cock
What you want from my life B
That shit is taught
What can I do, I'm learning
Next time I'ma be gay

Thank you nig, nigs
Thank you nig, nigs
Thank you nigs
I'm so fucking grateful you're my friends
Thank you nig, nigs
Thank you nig, nigs
Thank you nigs
Why'd you fucking take my fucking kicks

Thank you nigs
Thank you nigs
Thanks nigs
I'm so fucking

1 day I'll walk down 8 mile
Holidng hands with Obama
Walking tall like a chad
'Cause we're 2 of a kind bruh
We both had to play it up like we're black
Nothing wrong with that
If God forbid something happens
At least I'll have your back

Watchu got on my buzz
Got some buds, something crazy
Let's smoke 1 or 2 blunts
And go fuck with the Asians
Let's go to Africa
And have a big party
It's where we're all from
No more need for searching
Let's all go back there

Thank you nig, nigs
Thank you nig, nigs
Thank you nigs
I'm so fucking grateful you're my friends
Thank you nig, nigs
Thank you nig, nigs
Thank you nigs
Why'd you fucking break into my digs

Thank you nigs
Thank you nigs
Thanks nigs
Thank you nigs
Thank you nigs
Thanks nigs

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Rucka Rucka Ali Thank U, N... Comments
  1. No No

    When you get the n word pass for 3 mins and 32 seconds

  2. Liam Rieb

    Really age restricted !

  3. Resurvive

    Ruka is the only guy with an unlimited N-word pass.

  4. Adolf Hitler

    Age restricted surprise surprise

  5. Kush Boy


  6. Depressed Falcon

    I love this

  7. Eric Carson

    bill cosby stole your girl like to undo

  8. Eric Carson

    bill cosby be like

  9. Kush Boy

    Lol love ya Ali😀

  10. Kurt Diamond

    You nailed 'em Rukka.🐸👌

  11. UnderWrld999

    2:39 sad hiisssss where u b at leafy

  12. Timothy Keith Domingo

    Black people are awesome.

  13. Xander

    I have no idea what this song is about, but you know its good when you see Leafy next to Kim...

  14. grandad's little cherub daddy's lou lou



    Wtf you rambling about? Rucka didn't do anything wrong to her.

    Марко Аранђеловић

    I see on intelligence over here.

  15. ShiroPlayzzz


  16. Lyric Rogers

    Ariana after the spray tan.

  17. mu1rur1

    This racist mother f×××er needs a life


    Life of entertaining people and triggereng pussies is a life I'd also like :)

  18. Dapsup 1

    Someone should send this to someone very special

  19. Santa Is Communist

    Thank you, libs...

  20. ashly tits

    Lol, when people call u racist, but they don’t know u about to drop this banger

  21. Internet Idiot

    Why did this shit go crazy

  22. Adam Born

    This was published on hitlers birthday

  23. Jackson The Epic

    I don’t know why I expect you to not be racist anymore but I guess that’s what I get for expecting anything from a straight white guy


    "straight white guy" lmao

  24. Christliches TERRA NOSTRUM

    Thank u N

  25. cool guy

    age restricted rip

  26. Rusty CaveMan

    As a white male who indentifies himself as a black female I give the n word pass the everyone

  27. Osado Lazuardi

    "Eeecck!" LOL

  28. CHill TACtics

    Thanks asshole i had this dumbass song stuck in my head all day

  29. John_ Makes_Dumb_Content

    Why is this age restricted?
    Its probably an obvious reason but I'm 13 so I cant watch it

    Edit: after looking thru comments apparently its because of the N-WORD but that is just dumb that video is age restricted because of languge but asmr is ok. Good fucking job YouTube

  30. Flame

    I am only came because of the thumbnail

  31. Mackoì.Mallõ 678

    When you don't say the whole n word to be able to say it without a pass.

    Outstanding move!

    The Best

    Nah mate, rucka already has the n word pass

  32. Spinel

    Bruh i thought u were dead

  33. David Greenleaf

    1:14 How can people hate shock humor?

  34. Yeet God 44

    Why is this awesome?😂

  35. geoffrey herrick

    0:42 thanks pigs.

  36. Gina Meana

    I’m aniG

  37. monkeyconta lol

    what is the point of this


    To trigger sjw's

  38. Jacob Leming

    Rucka can say the n word because a real jew .

  39. BrygCommieBG6677

    Where is al the racist shit

  40. Double Crytell

    I’m 11

  41. diggarichtiglost semir


  42. Sadie Young

    So glad ur here again..

  43. vanteiiawasbanned

    Ariana Grande- nobody can ruin this song.

    rucka- Hipity hopity this is my property

    Kyndra McCoy


  44. Mikeisplanespotting

    Watch this video please. You ain’t gonna regret it. Spread the word. Get it to 1K

  45. AirWalker Sr.

    I find it so sad that people find it funny. Making fun of an entire race by calling them by a word which was originated by a bunch of oppressing people. Everything has its limit.


    What word? You mean 🅱 *I* *G* *G* *A* ?


    I find it sad when white liberal trust fund babies get offended on our behalf from their Apple computers and phones in their gated communities.

    Марко Аранђеловић

    Stop crying... If there is blacks that can accept this parody, idk why would you cry?

  46. Jesus Angel

    He taught me drugs

  47. Stephen Lapage

    Closed captioning thinks he is saying Nick Nicks lol

  48. Darwen Cl

    White guy small dick 🤣🤣🤣

  49. Jonas Ceuleneer

    Gr8 shit

  50. EBOLA La La

    The only reason you would watch the original song is to see that hot ass girl but bill cosby is hotter so no need for that shit

  51. Cheryl Perv

    Ruka is legand

  52. ŠÜPRĘMÉ MÊMĒ 916

    at less he didnt say the full word

  53. Rio Agustian

    I never meet my baby

  54. Free Smith

    Lmao it literally sounds like you are saying next. So it's not racist.

  55. armybear1

    Basically the anthem for the collective white guilt self hating afrocentric intersectional sjw white feminists.

  56. goatinthefog309

  57. Spongē

    The return of the King.

  58. Kuellar Ayelet

    Lol Bill Cosby

  59. Davids Vasquez

    I downloaded the vid just in case the vid gets blocked


    Thank you Ni**

  61. QuinnyLs

    xD ni🅱️s

  62. Rhys Tuala

    Been waiting for a post 💙💙💙


    Rucka Rucka Ali

  64. Silver

    When I read the title, I thought it was about the United Nations.

  65. roger roger 2187

    2:48 is that the ultimate scumbag of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe? (Sorry my inner history has been activated)

  66. TrueSparks

    Rucka, pass me a few N carda my dude.

  67. Nobody

    age restricted yet again.

    reports brought to you by sensitive feminists

  68. I’m Gay

    I'm just really wondering if he's gay....

  69. the n't meme is deadn't

    rucka are you monetised

  70. Sacrificial Lamb

    I also thought Steven Curry was white lol

  71. Vegito Blue

    Good Song. Can you do congratulations by Pewdiepie. Please, huge fan of yours.

  72. Kiann15

    Racism = ended

  73. David Michaels

    Surprisingly soothing, love the mild and chill vibe.

  74. Oof Oof

    Leafy? I thought he died?

  75. Zach price

    Let get the like 2 420 on this comment plz

  76. Da banana man

    Make another one as soon as possible please your the best songs like this my brother sings the song every single day bro make another one please


    Thank you EBZ 🐵

  78. Anybody Else

    Wow Leafy was a throwback

  79. BraveNoob

    Ariana : I'm beautiful
    Ruckas : Look at my songs

  80. ComradeGaming

    the exactly 46000 view yay

  81. Mr_Black

    Play this song at my funeral

  82. Adam Baum2.0

    Is this a song about guys named Nick?

  83. Just anostrich

    Rukas blacker than 10 Ethiopians

  84. John DOH

    Out of Africa has been disproven. We're all Europeans.

  85. Foss Official

    He’s back on this

  86. realerdealers

    Your welcome

  87. BroadwayCJ97

    KSI's head exploded listening to this

  88. nigge r

    pls song about the long nose tribe

  89. Santa's Reindeer

    You all have the n word pass

  90. Frank Morrow

    I say the n word whenever I want

  91. JCataliinJ

    Man I hate your intro

  92. Hans Glennford Romero

    I love how this was uploaded in 420 because I have been a fan of Rucka and his songs, and I also like Ariana! (I ain't racist tho)

  93. Obnoxiouswolf2 Attack wolf

    We need a we didn’t start the fire parody

    Earl Gray

    Obnoxiouswolf2 Attack wolf Chris ray gun has one

    Obnoxiouswolf2 Attack wolf

    What’s it called

    Earl Gray

    Obnoxiouswolf2 Attack wolf we didn’t start the socjus. Also on a side note Japan number 1

  94. The Playa Sheep Union

    Ariana should see this! as well as my cock! the indolent little whore!