Rucka Rucka Ali - Kim Jong Un Song Lyrics

Ching chang chong!
I'm Kim Jong Un!
Got a mushroom cloud
4 u!

I got a missile now,
I'm gonna blow u up!
Gonna blow u up!

I got some sorta
big missile for ya.
It goes so far
it hits California.
The whole wide world's
gonna go up in flames,
when Obama calls up,
I take the phone and say

Ching chang chong!
I'm Kim Jong Un!
Got a mushroom cloud
4 u!
You're a BLACK MAN
gimme all your fried watermelon
and ur chicken right now!

Got a small little penis
but my missile is large,
you would think my dick's bigger
when I'm dropping it!
So, ching chang chong!
I'm Kim Jong Un!
Got a mushroom cloud
4 u!

I got a missile now,
I'm gonna blow u up!
Gonna blow u up!

Got a couple nunchuckers,
theme park for torture,


I bomb China
but the button got stuck,


Ching chang chong!
I'm Kim Jong Un!
Got a mushroom cloud
4 u!
Gonna bomb ur city
while ur sitting there
shitting out a
Chicken wonton

Got a small
and my missile
you would think my
dick's bigger when I'm
dropping it.
So, ching chang chong!
I'm Kim Jong Un!
Got a mushroom cloud
4 u!

I'm showing up,
I'm blowing up,
I'm throwing out
all night!
Some would say
I'm acting out
'coz my daddy died.
I touch a girl, I touch a boy,
It's North Korean pride!
I eat dog with my young
13 year old bride.

I drink my cognac
I smoke crack
them bitches be like
"Oh, crap!"
I like biking and dry cleaning
my friend Dennis is so black (Black, Black)

Hillary, you're a pretty little fat dyke.
I wanna see you on my penis with a flashlight.

Looking 4 my daughter
on South Korean border.

'coz Ching chang chong!
I'm Kim Jong Un!


Ching chang chong!
I'm Kim Jong Un!
Got a mushroom cloud
4 u!
I'm a black ass nigga,
everybody sing wit me
let's get jiggy right now,

I'm gonna rape these women,
while the rest of you
If I had sum more dinner,
I'd give you NONE OF IT!

Ching chang chong!
I'm Kim Jong Un!
Got a mushroom cloud
4 u!

I got a missile now,
I'm gonna blow u up!
Gonna blow u up!
(mushroom cloud 4 u)

I got a missile now,
I'm gonna blow u up!
Gonna blow u up!
(mushroom cloud 4 u)

I got a missile now,
I'm gonna blow u up!
Gonna blow u up!

I am the Chinese Cartman

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Rucka Rucka Ali Kim Jong Un Song Comments
  1. Red the Pokémon Trainer




    This is Kim jong un I hacked in this dude’s Account if you don’t vote for my good friend this will happen

  3. Government Official

    2:09 so hot! 10 out of 10 mmmm c:

  4. Government Official

    Yay communism c:

  5. DaneOverTheMic

    My friend: so what type of music do you listen to

    Me: it’s complicated

  6. naynay sploogle

    oh.. my.. fcking... god. I found it. My childhood is finally completed. My nostalgia bucket list finally finished.
    I'm so happy right now

  7. TLP fqrce

    Asia 2014: Oh no Kim Jong Un gonna bomb us!!

    Asia 2020: Who's Kim Jong Un? I only know corona virus

  8. RAD TV

    Man u even add the small phillipenis come on man thats harsh!

  9. Ermac AJ

    Iran making missles for north korea we will fuck enemy

  10. Celebrity X Cruises

    I’m sending six missiles to North Korea

    I have 20 different war vessels

  11. Elijah TheGamer

    wtf did I just watch..

    MLG nui

    Art, beautiful art.

  12. xPlayZ Official

    am i the only one who hears "im gonna throw u up"

    Levi Bachus

    xPlayZ Official then ur ears are damaged

    xPlayZ Official

    they arent, yours are.

  13. Motivational Lizard

    The original K-pop

  14. Jason Chow

    Who's here after the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China?

    Levi Bachus

    Jason Chow who would be?

  15. A soviet Commander

    They say they can hit California but can’t even hit Japan

    f f

    Actually their soviet era ballistic missiles can hit Japan

    A soviet Commander

    The once’s that they personally make don’t though

  16. Maksi Minev

    This was funny. Now its scary.

  17. Aarionne Hobbs

    Lol sounds like sheen from jimmy neutron

  18. Ezekiel Constantine

    Screw you

    Henry Jr

    Lmao shut up

  19. Hunter Ames

    Cruise is my favorite song no joke I sang it to my current gf

  20. John Goodwin

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg this is so funny!!!

  21. OsamaBinLooney

    i really wanna know the context for the photo at 2:37
    wtf was goin on?

    f f

    He was raping them

  22. TVJake2003

    This comment was removed by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Harmony of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. 🇰🇵

  23. katilyn boyd

    Can I use this video for a school project

  24. Foster 1712

    Why is this so much better than the song it’s based off?

  25. Edison Yan

    whos ready for ww3?

  26. Smulvin

    Sounds like Eric Cartman...

    Julian’s skits and Gaming

    He says that in the end

  27. disgusting rat

    Whitos shouldn't use the n word, so please just don't lmao it's not hard

  28. Leyo

    This aged so well

  29. FlashMac13

    When WWlll starts who's here

  30. Christliches TERRA NOSTRUM

    Beautiful asians

  31. PlatinumCurlz Productions

    North Korea added video to watch later

  32. Kaiser Bob

    NKPOP is now a thing

  33. Low Quality Studios

    D-did he say the n word

    Isnt the guy who made this white?

    Hold the phone

    f f

    I allow him

    Firstname Lastname

    Rucka has been saying the n word for like a decade

  34. Philippinesball

    Rocket man , What the hell

  35. peter cameiro

    Who’s here after US killed the Iranian general

  36. sir beans

    Man the suns is bright today

  37. David R.

    Who is watching before the 2020 wwIII?

  38. PentaGon live

    WTF 5 years now

  39. Tom Creef 571

    Im from future.. World war 3 began on january 2020

  40. Jacob Wiseman

    Theese days ww3 will start with iran

  41. Bart about to cry

    North Korea:America play nukes with me
    America:sorry I found a new friend Iran

  42. вoѕѕαɴovα

    Fucking classic

  43. Asian TimTam

    Ready World War 3

  44. Toony Motions

    *North Korea Has Entered The Chat*

    *North Korean Missiles Have Also Joined*

  45. Devon Troyer

    Oh well here comes a knew call of duty game

  46. Hildebrand 13562

    What's a phillipenis

  47. KEKE keke

    It said not fir kids buh i saw this when i was like 9 lmfaoooo

  48. Thicccboy Peterson

    I'm asian

  49. Thicccboy Peterson

    Hey Mommy, touch my phillipenis

  50. Richard Clapp

    thats my best friend the north korea guy

  51. T. Reachdodo

    Kim Jong-un: I got a mushroom cloud for youuuu.
    I'll nuke your city.

    Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam: We're your ally.

  52. Ezekiel Figueroa

    Listening to this the day before we get nuked

  53. nathan hall

    I LOVE UR SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Hildebrand 13562

    1:32 ****ing out a *chicken wonton*

  55. Pan American World Airways Flight 103

    *That wasn’t chicken.*

  56. Tyler tha Savage

    Who’s going to watch this on Christmas

  57. gushater 1415

    Who else is ready for our Christmas gift

    jordin 01

    I cant wait for the mushroom cloud!

  58. Ghostly Assassin

    *is it bad that I'm remembering this instead the actual song?!*

  59. FBI

    Welcome to our watch list

  60. Russia Ball

    This unironically realistic

  61. Russia Ball

    This unironically realistic

  62. End Nitro

    god the nostalgia of this song

  63. Zak Lynch

    Ah fuck, better duck, here fortune cookie for luck! 😂😂This video is hilarious.

  64. Beautiful songs_

    Woah what a good song i have ever heard this before!

  65. panosalpha man

    YouTube new policy is bs and it might fuck this channel up.. That d be shit but YouTube 's reasoning is shit as well

  66. Cristina Invernici

    For this christmas Nk is going to give us a nice present..

  67. Myork_

    well its happing soon yay!

  68. Milktea

    2:23 all those comments saying it sounds like Cartman-

    It’s meant to 😂

  69. I’m dying inside Rn

    Who’s watching this after NK said they will give the US a “Christmas present”

    StuffedOstritch 855

    We gonna get the ded sauce

  70. Brian Thompson

    The sad thing is this song is accualy good

  71. sarra ounii

    We better not send this to Kim Jung un

  72. maurice_0615

    Who else is on a rucka rucka ali spree?

  73. GDRLouie

    Can’t we not talk about this??? 2:31

    Callum Venter

    Dont get so triggered.

  74. Mac Tronsdal

    This guy is a saint. If he gets us nuked, well shit.

  75. Isaac Poulin

    Its a weird music but in the same Time she really good

  76. apetor supermobbern salgs promoterings mester

    im going to Watch entire playlist lol

  77. Julian Smith

    KIMMY pimmy poo I love you muagh. Don't tease my man! Kiss my ass, fans!

  78. ThiccPenguin

    I remember listening to this in like 5th grade

    DE LEO C.

    And I remember listening to this when trumpy hand shaky with Kim Jung un

    DE LEO C.


  79. TG Chauncyy

    _This video will be removed by the North Korean Government_

  80. LoliRacer887

    I will eat this! - Kim Jong un

  81. Edward Osoyos

    Why did you say penis in phlippines

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    How was this not on YouTube rewind 2013?

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    Oops meant nudes

  84. I'm Gay


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    2:24 erIc IS kIm JOng UN?!?!

  91. Kenji Fong

    Folks, here is the Asian Eric Cartman

  92. Gabriel Bouchard

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  93. Papeliyo A

    You guys should make a parody song about venezuela president

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    Dj not nice on the track