Rucka Rucka Ali - I'm Indian Lyrics

Guess who's back
From the dead
Indians (What kind?)

White man come with no passport
From that shore, not that shore
I trade white man my land for
And then I die
Hello, little kiddies
Sit right here
I'll tell you a story of quill and steer
And I don't mean steer like flying over trees
Dropping napalm on the Viennese
No words
My people commune with birds
And smoke signals
Sent from Androids
In our tribal apartment in Detroit
And that's not an actual condo
That's just a metaphor
I live in cycles
I was a fox last time
Now I'm in a government subsidized
Top floor high-rise
Good god, cars go by
The pollution brings a tear to my eye
And I get sad in a teepee with a bongo
Can't see, where did the sun go?
I talk to the ghosts and spirits
Say a little woo hoo
And I can hear it
Ohm, my spirit's fixed
I live in a house of rocks and sticks

Now I'm gonna wear no pants
Get those grants
Yeah boy, get that cash
Whoops, I mean squirrel ooh ooh
I use it for my fur
I now do this
Just do this
Go crazy
Go crazy (Lalalalala)
We're lazy

I'm Apache
Old and trashy
White girls have disease
We catch it
They're so ratchet
They wiped out my people
Now I'm on a reservation
Smoking weed and heavy drinking
Living simply with no grieving
Wanting nothing but our freedom
Then a government check
Touch methodic

This land gave us birth
We get what we need from the earth
We live to serve
We don't believe in owning land or doing work
We have no jail
We have no crime
Our casinos provide good times
We pay (Lalalalala)
No gambling fines
Inside the tribal line

Now I'm gonna wear no pants
Shout them chants
Yeah boy, get that cash
Whoops, I mean squirrel ooh ooh
The moon is my timer
I now do this
Just do this
Go crazy
Go crazy (Lalalalala)
We're lazy

My kombucha was just boxed up
So to Walmart made by the white man
I burn plastic to make cardboard
Don't pay taxes cause
I'm Cherokee
Driving in a Bentley
I love nature
Hit me on the pager
She's in danger
Let's not rape her
Like some low-tier white bitch
Touch methodic

Now this is the park where the sacks hang out
Navajo nation reservation grounds
Everyone sings like
Hey hum how abagadagabagadaga
That's the whole melody
The only one we know
I'm a red man
Not a red dot on the head helps you fix windows 7
And prays to an elephant and bakes naan bread
We're natives
In Vegas
Take the plane that the white man gave us
Guy with the palm reading science
Violence is not the answer
Alpaster can cure cancer
Eat some peas and talk to trees and go
To stop the bleeding

Now I'm doing a rain dance
With no pants
Yeah boy, rape that cactus
Whoops, I mean squirrel ooh ooh
Is that better or worse?
I now do this
Just do this
Go crazy
Go crazy (Lalalalala)
We're lazy
Touch methodic
Touch methodic
Get that coin
Touch methodic
I mean squirrel

This is indigenous land
My people lived here on this land for millions of years
Before anyone else came here
We came on this land first
We lived in piece... of shit tents
That was all we needed
We never had any walls
Our casinos had revolving doors you could walk right in
We had no prisons, either
There was no need
We didn't have any black people yet to put in them
The blacks were brought here by the white man
What kind of shit was that?
The rising crime rate drove my people off the land

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  1. chris senzig

    Penchant yes

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    This video was posted on my Birthday

  3. The Jerm

    I’m Native American but this is fucken hilarious

  4. Dorian Winston

    The CWC national anthem

  5. Demonblade198 Aka Echo

    Lol no this isn't a reupload cause he has a edited video if this I thing just a album upload

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    Is this a reupload?

  7. Cat 000

    Did Rucka even announce this?

  8. aust max