Rucka Rucka Ali - I Love Michelle Lyrics

I don't do a whole lot
I like to sit back and smoke pot
Do I like being President?
It counts as having a job
Now I can't get welfare
How the hell did I get myself here?
Just a couple more years until my unemployment check clears.
I love Michelle
I came from the ghetto
Guess I'm acting white
I love Michelle
But I can bomb anyone I want at anytime
I love Michelle
Ya know I'm kinda fed up
I miss my life of crime
I love Michelle
But I guess I don't mind
I get high with Biden
Ya know what's crazy
I never thought I would meet my kids, let alone raise them
Congress must get my child support checks
I'm not the one that pays them
I could steal a car, drive as fast as I want, take up 2 parking spaces when I park
And I still wouldn't go behind bars
I'm the president
I could poop on the oval desk
Set a new precedent
And put the turd I laid for sale on Ebay
And get the new Beats by Dre
I love Michelle
I came from the ghetto
I guess I'm acting white
I love Michelle
But I could bomb anyone I want at any time
I love Michelle
Ya know I'm kinda fed up
I miss my life of crime
I love Michelle
But I guess I don't mind
I get high with Biden
I got a drone in the sky and a gun in the street and a blunt in my mouth and I'm at KFC
I don't give a fuck about the whole Middle East
I just want Hot Sauce with whatever I eat
These crazy ass Ayrabs ragin in them sandy nations
Please don't test my patience or else prepare for invasion
I want Middle East peace
We could all shake hands and plant some trees
Or I could bomb everyone with a smile
& we could close that file
I love Michelle
I came from the ghetto
I guess I'm acting white
I love Michelle
But I could bomb anyone I want at any time
I love Michelle
Ya know I'm kinda fed up
I miss my life of crime
I love Michelle
But I guess I don't mind
I get high with Biden
Smoke some good trees
Bomb some countries
I'm brown and a Swede
I was born in Zimbabwe
Fi Fa Fo Fum
Eat my Scrotum
I got a gun
Give me your Funyuns
I love Michelle
I came from the ghetto
I guess I'm acting white
I love Michelle
But I could bomb anyone I want at any time
I love Michelle
Ya know I'm kinda fed up
I miss my life of crime
I love Michelle
But I guess I don't mind
I get high with Biden
I went to war last night
I was in a fight with Michelle and she was like
Boy you a weak ass wimpy Vegan
Lucky if you bomb anyone on weekends
Who me?
Yeah you weak
The only missile you aim is when you take a leak
But I bombed Afghanistan last week
Yeah you and every other Muslim Sheik
You know what, you just too nice
We'd be safer with president Ray Rice
Michelle, I'm getting upset
What you gonna do?
Condemn me at the UN?
You never get rough, you're not able
But the option is always on the table
Nyuka, impress a girl
Fuck it
Goodbye World

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Rucka Rucka Ali I Love Michelle Comments
  1. Martin Goltermann

    Fee fi fo fum

  2. LucLeader Gaming

    0:08 to 0:20 is me

  3. Maximus Opus

    I am done. The Obama videos are the best.

  4. Impro The Protogen

    i love michelle how did i ger myself here

  5. Übermensch

    Obozo ruined this country bad.

  6. Cyber-Bully

    Chance copied Obama

  7. CloneInvictus

    Obama was the worst American President. Everything in this video is correct.

  8. thevioletskull

    This song form Rucka is underrated

  9. Jazzy

    Let's just sit back and smoke pot while rucka becomes the next president of America

    Catholic Racialist

    No, idiot.

    Catholic Racialist

    Low IQ idiot


    @Catholic Racialist shut up nucka go fuck yo self in the corner

  10. Xavier Smith

    Somehow I don't really believe this is jokes.

  11. ThiccSlaya

    This made me wanna go listen to the original.

  12. Cristian Iancu

    Michelle Obama is a transgender man

  13. Claire Morgendorffer


  14. Armando Willem

    Barry and Michael's favorite song. So glad to see Gay marriage actually works! How long they been together now? Bless the Obamas.

  15. Victor Rully Musyoka

    1:27 - masterpiece

  16. CHEMI

    just realized that everyone in heaven is white

    LucLeader Gaming

    CHEMI thats just how people think. No one knows for sure

    Telive Qwenton

    @LucLeader Gaming
    I've been there and I can confirm that everyone in Heaven is bright white

  17. Phil 372

    *Im the president*

  18. QadeZ

    this is amazing

  19. Batbossing the great

    I love funyuns

  20. I literally created this account to write this comment

    The only good part of his presidency were these songs by Rucka.

  21. Jimmie holt

    Make a kid rock all sumer long remix

  22. Ivan Jakanov

    popeye's is angry they didn't get mentioned, pretty sure black people like popeye's more than kfc

  23. Geoffrey Herrick

    I love this song more than the original... And oh,yes, I love Michelle!

  24. Hunter Moss

    Oooooo! Custom p90 1:19

  25. MovieMania

    I'm watching this and I've followed Obama on Twitter!!

    LucLeader Gaming

    MovieMania share it with him

  26. MidnightMoNsTeRz MnC

    I played this in my school

  27. Wassabie

    “To be continued”

    - still waitin bitch

  28. Awesome Mikes

    If Obama was president he would have turned most of america into Detroit,shiity

  29. Superjet fighter

    wait Obama actually helped with this? LMAO

    Catholic Racialist

    Yes lol

  30. chico

    I died at 02:26

  31. FLY EYE

    Man....i luv all ur vids tho lol

  32. Timmy Fay

    Gotta admit, haven't seen a smoother talking socialist since Hitler!

  33. Billy Balla

    I just found this video, I’m 13 and I haven’t seen this since I was 10, I’ve been watching his videos for 3 years now, I now realize how much of a young age I was to be watching this stuff 😂

  34. 13345bob

    I can't believe I never heard this

  35. Satanism is Cancer


  36. Willem

    This is amazing

  37. Silver Kif

    Michelle sounds like Mike Tyson

  38. Big spill s

    If you like this song your racist pieces of shit



    Gino Jansen

    or someone who can take a joke

  39. Krit

    He blew his country up

  40. Jhalakafaka

    All I hear is Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

  41. bourbon30connoisseur

    I'm black and I approve of this

  42. Jea Zyee

    It should be I love Michael, we all know you are gay Obama  :D

  43. bourbon30connoisseur

    or I could bomb everyone with a smile, and we could close that file

  44. Jason Griffin

    Isn't it great that President Trump is doing what Obumpster couldn't do?

  45. Burnt Bacon


  46. Patriotischer Christ

    Barack Husein


    Why the fuck is this in my recommended


  48. Kain Matangaro

    kill your self u fucker

  49. Desirae Charles

    This is just stupid that's all:/

  50. The almighty bungholio Father of cornholio

    I wish I was president because isis would be waswas

  51. Akhyar Huq

    Well he can't bomb anymore

  52. megaultrasuperdood

    best of the Obama songs

  53. Raging Jamaican

    this is funny but so wrong

  54. Team Glissy

    Racist piece of shit

    Udo7 _

    FOXGAROO explain how these are jokes and not opinions

  55. Ultra Z Gaming

    you fucking racist piece of shit

  56. Dr. LApirat

    damn Michelle is sooooo hot
    I think i love her more than Barak

  57. I.M what i am

    I love myself ~~~ Oh wait it's the parody


    Dein Name

  58. wloydwiii

    Was it ever continued?

  59. A Harmless Potato

    DISLIKE unsubscribe

  60. Strider Xanthos

    Obama will definitely go to heaven.
    Trump definitely won't.


    He must say first the shahada!!

    kjfd fs4

    Strider Xanthos Mk 3 fuckin liberal

    Piekarz Paola

    Strider Xanthos Mk 3 Out

    The Great MinCap

    Strider Xanthos Don't bring Politics into Religion.... It doesn't matter if you don't agree with someone, saying that they'll go to hell because of it is really ignorant as is saying Obama will definitely go to heaven. What matters is the kind of person you are, and you don't know any of them personally

  61. most feared conflict

    this is dope

  62. lowlifee.child

    The beginning of the discription

    This is JOKES :D

  63. Bostic Reiva

    always making fun of Obama and sucking Trump's dick. Such an asshole

    Gabe E

    +Bostic Reiva look for his parody of stressed out. Or his parody of stitches. Both are bashing trump you moron

    Bostic Reiva

    nevermind, we r surely listening to difrent songs

    Gabe E

    +Bostic Reiva he only has the two songs

    Pretty Dank

    i would have trump over Clinton. but do I like them? not really

  64. Haven't thought of a name

    what u gonna do, condemn me at the un ? - best lyric ive ever heard in history yet.

    thecoolan NishatK.

    ik right

  65. Pixelated Cheese Gaming

    That's a british police officer 2:09

  66. Jordan Washington

    Dude this is racist and not even funny how bout instead of doing reactions and parodys do songs that u make up stop copying off of artist Kendrick doesn't deserve ur trash

  67. Andrés van Duijnhoven

    fuck you

  68. Rick Sanchez

    he really is going to get his unemployment check soon and then america will become a shit hole more than it already is

  69. Adam Keene

    I'm 12, no kids means no subs

  70. jxpxbox4 jay

    You are racist

  71. ungrateful madfirer

    what black people do to u asshold


    It's a joke dude.

    ungrateful madfirer

    @Guy28 how it get a joke

  72. ungrateful madfirer

    what the fuck

  73. Paul Breeden

    He's Hawaiian fucker

  74. Ironcobwebs

    I got an ad about discrimination. lol

  75. K. Brooks

    First he has balls to make these racist songs and now he uses an instrumental from my favorite rapper 😠

    Slam Rules

    You're lucky

  76. Oren Davis

    im black but these songs are funny

  77. Oren Davis

    im black but these songs are funny

  78. Armante91

    he's a little Bitch

  79. Boka Sokary

    I hate him when he talking about Arabic's 😠😠😠😠

    Matthew Teal

    but you don't hate him if he talks about other races.... you, fine sir, are a racist

  80. Jenna Michelle Lieder

    saying this is a joke does not make it ok, this is racist and this channel needs to be deleted

    Elizabeth Collins

    @Jon Snow u seem angry when this isn't even ur channel

    rufe solo

    darude sandstorm

    Big spill s

    Yes this channel is so racist to blacks and I'm a black

    The Great MinCap

    hd s this channel makes fun of Blacks, Arabs, Asians, Jews, and Whites. Do you think you’re special?

    Stuart Brownlow

    On whose behalf are u taking offence. Ffs its a laugh.

  81. Yea

    This song is racist on so many levels and you blind sheep aren't seeing it at all.

  82. Quintel celifie

    fuck you raciest you are a fucking idiot I will kill you in a freestlye




    Maybe you will find out yourself why im laughing at you. I dont think you will tho :)

  83. Fayth Pooh


  84. Terri West

    Fuck this

  85. João Pedro Ruiz

    Fuck you :)

  86. Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon

    he a better president than Clinton and Trump shut up rucka


    Better than trump? Why do so many little kiddies hate trump? Do you even pay attention to politics?


    +ScockIAm lol do you? He has absolutely no political knowledge whatsoever. He just appeals to dumb sheep like you.


    +1Leggo9my9Eggo2 knowledge? Define that for me in this instance.


    +1Leggo9my9Eggo2 I'm sorry who are you supporting?

  87. Wizard FMX

    i wanna punch him

  88. Codename Boynextdoor

    I'm black and this is pretty funny, see this is ok. That other parody was pushin it.


    obama aint do none of this but probably smoke weed


    But that's not the problem. Most people who dislike Rucka's videos do it because they take them seriously. I think it has something to do with biases and lack of critical thinking.

    king curt

    i critical think yo mamma


    I don't believe you can think at all, simply.


    Codename Boynextdoor it's just a joke. Stop getting triggered.

  89. J C109

    This is weak asf

  90. Achraf Amri

    i think he is an arabic an hide in america

    Boka Sokary

    half American half Arabic but I'm think he from moroco

    thecoolan NishatK.

    +Boka Sokary lol

  91. Ya_ Boy_Kymani

    it's kinda funny buts it racist too

  92. Ainsley Ross

    lmfao look at this hatin wuss fanboys they cant even take a joke lmfao.Rucka just keep doing all this music its awesome!

    Paul Breeden

    Fuck you m8 ur prob racist too

    jack madison

    can u eatin spel

    NorthAmerican Auto

    Nice evo

  93. demetria waters

    you fuck