Rucka Rucka Ali - Dear White People Lyrics

Smoking a blunt in my new Aston
Borrowed it from a man who wants it back
Said I just gotta take it to get some crack
Oh woah in my new car

As I'm driving the cops say hey
Did we beat a black guy today?
Police pull me over and I told 'em no please
I'm Kobe

My head hit the curb that they threw me on
They said you should've fucking said that you're Lebron
They took my Aston Martin and they all went bowling

Why am I treated this way because of my color
I thought shit would be different after Obama
But it's only racister now, it true though
Oh yeah

Trump, did you get elected here through ya man
What is your connection to the ku cucks klan?
Did you ever molest that little nigga Trudeau?

Dear White People
I got me some questions you could answer me bro
Why is you oppressing all of my-y people
Why you all pretending like you're not evil?

Dear White People
Sitting around in a fucking gazebo
Sipping on a bottle of Pellegrino
Stroking on a cute ass little fucking beagle

Why do you attack us everywhere that we go?
Telling us to park your Porsche
Guess how it affects our ego
(Lemme get your phone thing code)
Why you always bragging that you have one black amigo?
Lemme guess if does he know
That you say words like negro

You hire fucking Pablo
To cut your fucking shrub bro
But I can't get a job though
If I'm not fucking rob lowe
Everytime you do a crime the charges always got dropped
But I'm always getting thrown in prison yeah I got got
When you're up out in the street up in the morning running
And you see us and you always think we're gonna mug you
I just wanna see if you had any extra money
Why I gotta chase you when you take off running

Police on the streets all fuck with my peoples
Took my desert eagles and all my pringles
Why you always think that every brother sells crack
I'm just selling Wii Box 2s and a Dell Mac

I sleep on the street bro outside of home depot
Shoes are made of bondo, house is made at kinko's
Chilling at the red box, smoking on some red rocks
Used to be a shortstop playing with the red sox
Oh yeah

Dear White People
Why you always telling me what shit is legal
Why you take my opportunities from me bro
Why my new car now getting repo'ed

Dear White People
Sitting round listening to Flock of Seagulls
Listening to Iron Maiden and Meat Loaf
Buying fucking new shirts at Uniqlo

How the hell we ever gon get out poverty yo
All we got is EBT clothes
Some of us still wearing jncos
(Got gold where our teeth go)
Where the fuck did all them good times and the peace go?
Black on black crime cuts deep yo
Hurting ourself like emos

We're Black People
Individuality traded for hammer and sickle
Ghost of Booker T lays comatose and feeble
History repeats itself like a ripple

Mohito Burrito
Salad and Dorito
Five dollar wonton, comes with young chinko
You can get shwarma, blow up all the gringos
(Wig wog ag wig wog)
Let's have some pizza

Don't think for yourself no
Find out where you came from
Dress up like a retard
Base your life on choices of dead old people
They must've known something that we don't
Dear White People
(Now on Netflix)

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Rucka Rucka Ali Dear White People Comments
  1. Cambridge

    This is somehow woke...unironically

  2. Hadhoodi Hafez

    I remember watching this when I was like 9 and not understanding a thing.

  3. Tayen Pagalaran-Caron

    Why didnt the Netflix show "Dear white People" Make this as their Intro?

  4. sdfsdf sdfsf

    I love how you actually had a good message right before the end 😁

  5. BaseBallGamer360

    You can’t lie if your white you watched this multiple time

  6. Aiden Flowers

    Facts I’m. Black I get treated same way

  7. toxic turd 2

    Yes you have to add KKK you nazi.

  8. BaseBallGamer360

    Is it personal attack to Canada when you talked about Trudeau?

  9. rex lit

    This isnt racist , in fact its the opposite its just stating how much we need equality

  10. Nicholas Dodd

    I always wonder how he comes up with these. The words fit together like a puzzle. I want a parody of money for nothing

  11. Clayton Nguyen

    I liked the end how it just turned into a Soviet Union video

  12. David Decker

    @YouTube isn’t this against the TOS? This is targeting hate based on race.

  13. Howling Wolf

    KSI is a gay bitch indeed.

  14. Riflery

    God, this gets fuckin deep towards the end.

  15. steven moreno

    I dont discriminate i hunt everyone

  16. Jakob Hacker

    I’m not racist if black people didn’t have gangs and try to fight people all the time and do drugs and shit maybe people wouldn’t stereotype them and trust them more

  17. It'sDavidz YT

    ItsRucka's search history be like

  18. Samu nonyabuisness

    29k dislikes. Whores are angry

  19. Boogie Spadina

    Gazebos are fucking great

  20. Shark_Burritos

    I feel attacked by the pellegrino line 😂

  21. LeCoureurDesBois

    That series is the shittiest

  22. České Reuploady

    Let's wait for deportito!

  23. Hyenabro

    Some dude named Luis Fonsi copied this song.

  24. Linda Thetford

    XD I love this lol!!! I'm white and it's hysterical 😂😂😂

  25. Luci Novak

    I always wonder what your search history looks like after you upload a parody...

  26. Kirsty Camp

    Could just be the. Weed talking but dam that was so funny you a mad genius bro

  27. Mary Benson

    I'm white and I do not support racism. I found this offensive. 😡😡

    Lumberjack 2016

    I found it funny

    Dislike Button

    Ok snowflake

  28. Fuze

    We need dear black people and dear yellow people for equality purposes

  29. Jake Fullerton

    I don’t care if you’re black, white, Mexican, boy, girl, trans, or whatever... I hate everyone equally

  30. R9-Peak

    If u actually are offended by this. Like this is literally one of the best songs from rucka.

  31. Johannes Von malos

    I didn’t quite get the booker t Washington bit.

  32. corrupted data

    0.5 speed is depressing

  33. ben31uk


  34. Yusuf

    Love'em or hate'm you've gotta egknwlodge this spitting STRAIGHT FACTS

  35. green team

    2019 this shit still the funniest song ever

  36. Charlie Heppe

    The KKK was made by the dems

  37. Nikhil Oolut

    Rucka’s search history must be pretty weird after this song

  38. young capolot

    When I was younger like 10 I didn't really know racism but ik why I would get in trouble when I played this 😂😂😂

  39. Alexander Birsinger

    3:25 best part

  40. Alexander Birsinger

    5:23 best part

  41. AXO LOTL

    Google finally did it, this video no longer shows up when you type "dear white people" even though it's viewed more than the first 50 other results combined. Nice try Google.

  42. KawaiiTrashAlien

    Not racist but rucka is great and funny as hell 😂😂👍👌

  43. FastestPickle InTheWest

    You can't say the N-Word during No N-Word November.

  44. neldeng Louis

    Oh 0:58

  45. Kelvin John Panergo

    My teacher agreed with your song

  46. That Man's an Animal

    Dear black people,
    If you don't like us, you're free to leave.

  47. That Man's an Animal

    da koo kucks klan

  48. N3rd4gaming :P

    Honestly I don't care if your rainbow and are both genders I hate you all so I'll continue watching anime on crunchy roll

  49. I love Nutella

    Showed my racist uncle this video today

  50. Michael Poellot

    It's the opposite now in 2019 whites are now getting treated like blacks and black are now getting treated like there white

    D A D D Y M A D D Y

    Say what now?

    Michael David Dixon

    Michael Poellot Get off the comment section you libtard snowflake

  51. Anything-type Channel

    Dear black people

  52. Vladimeir Lenin

    Its weird because its true

  53. Patrick Star the Destroyer of Worlds

    Rucka: history repeats itself like a ripple. . .
    Girls: deep af ;(
    Boys: . . .

    Rucka: Mohito, Burrito, Salad and Dorito, Five Dorrar Wonton. . .etc
    Girls: dafuq is this
    Boys: AMEN!

  54. ilovefunnyamv2nd

    harder to find this song now, gotta specify itsRucka

  55. OH NO NO

    Aight I gotta say this it’s getting on my nerves. When you r/woooosh someone there is four o’s in woooosh and no h after w.

  56. Jonah Graham

    In my opinion, black people are better at rapping than whites

    I'm white

  57. Deerhunter 45

    Did anyone notice it said ku cucks Klan instead of ku klux Klan

  58. Fortnite Burger update channel

    my dad died 0:15

  59. adrian cretu

    I'm white but I like this video

  60. Shelbi Todd

    You know what I’m not sure who it insults more but it does give a message about the racism in our world and what people of colour have to face because others think they are privileged I’m telling you all right here right now if something isn’t done soon about racism we are all gonna get rapen by the Chinese

  61. Athanasius Casanova

    wow funny but SO TRUE come to Australia we will accept u as u are we love individuality

  62. Killa Bitch

    Onistly I want to watch dear white people

    Blake Gardella

    Then do it

    Killa Bitch

    @Blake Gardella ya

  63. Naza

    "Dear white people.... Now on Netflix"

  64. Super Mario Plush 220

    10x Better than the original song.

  65. Milka Najdeska

    This is so racist go fuck your self if ksi sies this he will fuck you up

    Unknown Soldier

    A white dude made the song

    Essence Knight

    Shut your weak feminist ass up

  66. Pulvertoastmann

    1:06 why are people doing this? whats the Point??? Good looking??????????

  67. Dimitris Piniaris

    3:14 damn ....damn

  68. Sh4dow

    I like black people
    they are so likeable

  69. Kvnganthony TV

    this nigga said nigga

  70. rmblwgn


  71. Big Smoke

    Not even 1B views, we should be ashamed that these fools picked the wrong despacito

  72. BDMittens

    Rucka rucka is a god tier troller.

  73. Sam G.

    "We're black people. Individuality traded for hammer and sickle" meaning that the black vote has become a monolith, voting overwhelmingly for the Democrats. Democrats, many are part of the Left wing, whose most radical form of government is Communism, hence the "hammer and sickle".

    "Ghost of Booker T lays comatose and feeble" meaning that Booker T wanted black people in the south to become independent, free from government control, but in the end many black people have voted for Democrats and in turn, given welfare and affirmative action.

    "History repeats itself like a ripple" meaning that the Southern Democrats before the Civil War owned slaves, physically enslaving them and forcing them to work in a plantation and the Democrats in the modern day have given black people welfare and affirmative action to keep them relying on the government. It's just a different kind of slavery; it went from physical to mental.

  74. Elerin Pilt

    Hey!! I'm White 😲

  75. Dc- 10

    My favorite part is mohito burrito

  76. BriceGum [rockman138]

    Sums up anti-White SJWs as they are racist and hypocritical themselves.

  77. johnathan vale

    All the disliles came from people that took this serious. It's making fun of that black lives matter video, and that some black people actually believe in this

    Jaylin Broan

    sounds like he’s makin fun of everyone lol

  78. Guus Stemerding

    Im white

  79. Venom Killerx20

    LMFAOO Bruh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  80. Sophie W

    2:41 He put Jacksfilms on lmao

  81. FastestPickle InTheWest

    I'm gonna say the n word.

  82. lil boy 69

    Is the guy from 2:55 still alive because my empathy leves are off the charts

  83. Max CZ

    Im racist
    I hate gypsy 🤭

  84. Just some Pear

    White bad

  85. itchy AIDS

    I had one black friend buts its been 20 yrs since i seen him, so you know he in jail or dead.

  86. ZappyMitts

    This guy became racist on aliens, unforgivable

  87. Christian Dinu

    🎵🎶 As i'm driving the cops say:"heeey. Did we beat a black guy todaaay?"
    Police pulled me over and i told em:"no pleeaase, i'm kobeeeeeee." 🎶🎵

  88. Andrew Graham

    2.13 took my fucking prongals we must rise and fight the pringal stealing bastards

  89. 88GAF

    3:36 to the end wasn't racist it was fact

  90. Black Dracula

    I hate everyone equally

  91. Isaiah Baker

    I know I don't care what race someone is, but I believe everyone is created equally.

  92. Myrna Rivera


    Oryx The Taken King

    Was that supposed to be English?

    Unknown Soldier

    Oryx The Taken King no I think retard just became a language

  93. Alphaindofolf

    i am not racist in any way i don't care about color i just think we should all just be treated equal we all have different personalities and beliefs, if there was a race for each personality there would me like at least 5 billion different races my point is its not the race that divides people its peoples different personalities i respect them all no matter what idc what your skin color is everyone is different and i respect that the world would be boring if we all had the same personality the same thoughts and the same color EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT and we should be glad of that so STOP BEING RACIST WHEN ITS JUST DIFFERENT PERSONALITIES. just because some one is not like you doesn't mean you can be mean or make fun of them. Just because one colored person does something bad doesn't mean that they are all bad. EVERYONE MAKES BAD DECISIONS SOME TIMES EVEN YOU. So stop hating on people that are not like you and just be glad that the world is different it wouldn't be the same if everyone is the same in every way.

    Viraj Ghose

    Thank you Kanye, very cool.

    Nachos Rule 69

    You should say this at a school or something.

    James George

    Unless they are ginger

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