Rucka Rucka Ali - Ching Chang Chong 2 Lyrics

Hello please
I am old man
They once called
DJ Not Nice
Many years ago...
I make big number one hit single
Called Ching Chang Chong
But today it bring me great shame
You see I try to write right lyrics
But we did not have technology

(Ching Chang Chong...)
Oh yeah
I remember this song
We would smack a bitch
If we had to tell her twice

I talk that
Ching Chang Chong
That's how we say
Hi hello
I got that Rice Eggroll
The lunch special
Original chicken
With that physical grope
I got that
Ching Chang Chong
(Call PF Chang!)

I got that shroom kung pow
Them chicken
Dragonball dog
We get free puppies
From shelter
It's on the plate
Dish now
I sold chicken lo mein
You sold chicken
No thanks
I talk like
Ching Chang Chong
I like to sing
Drake song
Let's eat In-N-Out

(Ching Chang Chong...)
Let me get that
Have a Kit Kat
Or a Tic Tac
Gimmy my dick back
Oh yeah
I smack a bitch
If I have to tell her twice
For rice

I never lose as Sonic 2
Robotnik takes little coons
Then he put them
Inside a room
And then he make them work
This anti-corporate shit
Raised all them
Stupid gay kids
Doped up on Ritalin to crash
Distrust the business & smash

I Kim Jong 20 Un
New improve and kinda strong
I could blast a missile longer
With my Windows 3.1
Cause we gott beat Japan
We got beat by chance
We don't teach them little kids
That Kim Jong II
Was trans

Ninjas in the place
If you are Kim Jong
Throw your Nunchucks in the air
Will Iran
Drop the nuke now?

Call me DJ Not Nice
I eat no food but rice
If you want Hedgehog meat
Look for the Thai dude
Rockin them Beats
I'm Zen
I like men
I better
Wok than them geeks
Tom Yum is come right up
What's up
Here we go
Shitty Pho
Eat it's getting cold
One chopstick and a spoon spoon
If you a bitch
Here's a fork
And a second one
Chicken is done nigga soon soon
Salt nigga
Oof oof
Listen my son nigga

Just eat that crunchy munchies
That wonton soup soup

Let's dryclean socks
Let's dryclean socks
Get some clean socks

Drycleaning something something
Drycleaning suits suits
You want black belt?
$10 cash
We take Bitcoin
And blow job

I got that coon kung pow
That chicken
Faggot young child
He play the Sonic on Sega
He order Mexican now
I so Pete Townsend great
You roll thru
Towson gay

I talk that
Ching Chang Chong
Let's have some
Real gay fun
Watch Armageddon now

(Ching Chang Chong...)
Gotta get crack
Do you sell crack?
Crackers get clapped
Bitches get smacked
I was number one gangsta in America
For 2 year
You get the idea?

Let's dryclean sock
The Chinese rock
Let's dryclean sock
We're Chinese
Let's dryclean sock
The Chinese rock

I dryclean sock
You dryclean not
If you girl from China
You have sideways box

I don't like Kim Jong Un
He try to rape me soon
I talk like
Ching Chang Chong
I from Beijing
We strong

You ever see
New Ninja Turtle movie?
They look like Shrek
Everyone know he gay
All day
Confucius say
If the game is gay
You must pray
It would be great honor
To enter every butt hole
In this crowded elevator
Hashtag me too horny
Me too horny
Me me too horny
Me too horny
I shot up Columbine

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