Rucka Rucka Ali - China (Na Na) Lyrics

China na na na
I left my wok back in China na na na
I ask for new one now from Santa na na
Order a wok from shopping channel
So I could cook banana
China na na na

It came in the mail and's fuckin' ruined
How I can cook my food?
My Mandarin is really fluent
I call complain to you
Where is customer treatment?
This really isn't cool
I was busy dry cleaning
While my kid making Nike shoes
Stitched out of poison venom
Can't remember if I fed him
Gimme some wonton soup
Eating helps me remember
If I fed the boy

China na na na
I left my chopsticks back in China na na na
Left them up a sideways vagina na na
My chopsticks belong to my grandma
Those sticks been through some trauma
Oh na na na

Jet Li just graduated
With a black belt
He from Indochina now Vietnam
He racist to China
But he from it himself
Now pretends
Like he was always Viet Congressman
We don't know he Chinese
Because he so shiny
Like napalm dropped on he
Now he glowing
Wait where he going?
Pearl Harbor with Boeing
Deep down he still Chinese
He try to hide his anxiety
He could lie it fine by me
But now everyone know he from

China na na na
I left my dog back in China na na na
Now what I sposed to eat for dinner na na
I wrote it in my daily planner
Get the dog from kennel
I'm mad now na na

I flew to Shanghai airport
I'm back
I know judo
So be careful
Or get smacked
Would you like sweet sour sample?
Good snack
My crew is from
Bangkok ghetto
We're black
Ate my last wonton egg roll?
I asked trump but he said no
Now what am I to do?
Someone walking round China
With my egg roll
China na na na na

China na na na
I left my ramen in China na na na
Heard there's a famine in Uganda
You know that country has some drama
They drinking out of sauna
Why not send a dollar?

Please send $1 to egg roll foundation in China
I from China
I am ninja
Welcome to America

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Rucka Rucka Ali China (Na Na) Comments
  1. Kheon

    Chi na na na na I got coronavirus from Chi na na na na

  2. Mya Brown

    What kind of grown man still asks for present from santa?

  3. Mia Ming

    Isn't this a tad racist? Oh well it's funny!

  4. jazirchampion williams

    i got corona in china na na na na

  5. jazirchampion williams

    i got corona na na na na


    you know its time for corona nana nana

  7. Anuj N

    This is racist and disrespectful

    Z ZZ

    China give whole world uwu fwu

    The Awesome Guy

    Leave then

  8. Andhika Pramana Putra

    china na na na have corona..


    corona na na

  10. Selam Wondwossen

    Corona na na na

  11. Marcel Albeck

    Bruh ninja is from Japan

  12. Nathan Davies

    Damn, its been 2 years

  13. 정지원

    Watching the video, I feel so relieved that I wasnt born in china

  14. Leon Xu

    Camila Cabello is trash

  15. Jamal Johnson

    Like if Trunp’s version is better

  16. Awesome Vlogs 101

    hahaha it's funny!

  17. B Richardson

    Make an actual donation tab and I'll donate 20k

  18. MackAttack

    Like a som-bo-dee fuck you bic.

  19. Anuj N

    This is racist :((((

  20. Diego Flor

    Who was in the studio cuz they got bars

  21. darkiller

    Yeah sorry rucka ,i didnt feed the boy

  22. 커비

    1:15 you fucking bastard

  23. Schokoladenkeks

    That's not a chinese accent haha

  24. Master iCoN

    I hate the chinese


    0:18 Julez Santa na na na na

  26. SiberianHusky

    How is this guy not IP BANNED from YouTube??!!!


    Because free speech is a thing

  27. Piggynice -06

    Wait I think I saw a pic of Chairman Mao with a Soviet flag in the background... at 2:50

  28. Piggynice -06

    Instead of Piggynice, it’s Piggynotnice...

  29. Afsana Parveen Choudhury

    I feel from my bed laughing . Really funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. Eric Luo

    After listening to this the original sound crap

  31. Star the Triple Devil

    This isn't the one with Trump...

  32. Peter Pista


  33. Kono Dutch

    Welcome to America all asians are Chinese..... And people from india can not sell american indian jewelry. Its complicated. They need a whole class on that one... I still cant comprehend it.

  34. Kono Dutch

    Gimmie some wonton soup.

  35. Jerry C

    99.99% Chinese don’t eat dog. I know it’s a joke but it’s not funny

  36. Carl Williams

    Why does this sound like Waluigi?

  37. SoldierBoy

    How does he forget that much stuff in China

  38. Milojko Kitic

    make on song on MLP

    gayest show ever


    The show's not gay. The fandom is

  39. el vagabundo ilegal

    Allu Akbar the dog is back, but Tyrone still can't find him after being jailed and beaten up several times by the White cops

  40. TheIrishBear

    Learn Geography Dammit

  41. CYSTR

    we dont eat dog seriously


    We know. It's just satire.

  42. hmm masharap ckureyng

    We don't know his chinese because he so shiny lmao😂

  43. Big Chungus

    Please make one on mexico, lots of material


    He did make one but I forgot the title :P

  44. Deadly Skyblue

    The best

  45. BoogeyxX

    We are black black black

  46. Shan Wong

    Fuxx this offensive

    Karch Kirner

    Shan Wong not even a chuckle?

  47. m Buttman


  48. Say Kim Ng

    weird flex but ok

  49. Cordz Caezar Bante

    its so unnecessary to include ugandans its so funny

  50. Don’t bother Reading my name

    I have learned about all cultures from my boy rucka

  51. Iffah Fathanah

    U fuck...... Racist

    Oryx The Taken King

    It's a joke, retard.

  52. Hydra Lmao_

    Best song 💯

  53. Longfang_1

    It seems like you got angry after a failed Chinese delivery


    How is this guy so good wiv all accents

  55. TabooFour7 2.0

    This is le epic can i buy on itunes??

  56. Random Tube

    I love Ruckas paradys

  57. Meme Man


  58. Robert Martin

    This is honestly top 3 parodies and ive known you since the OG times

  59. Brady McCullough

    Havana improved

  60. ZhangtheGreat

    Sorry, but as a language geek, I need to be picky about this: Japanese is the language that confuses the English L and R sounds. Mandarin Chinese has no problem with the English L if a vowel follows it and will frequently mispronounce the L as an O sound (not an R sound) if it's not followed by a vowel, but the English R is somewhat of a struggle since the Mandarin R is more of a "curled-tongue" R (whereas the R in English has the tongue closer to the teeth).
    *end geek rant*


    Thank you! I just wanted to write that comment

    Karch Kirner

    awesome thank you!

  61. Dad -_-

    I want to learn kungfooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  62. faraz rabiei

    Make one on Iran

  63. Mikkaela Herrera

    2:23 thats korean

  64. Mikkaela Herrera

    1:48 wait where he growing pear harbour with boieng


    Screw you motherfucka

    Oryx The Taken King

    It's a joke, retard.

  66. Maria Korman

    This is so wrong!...


    It's just satire

  67. Jaiden Nguyen

    oh dis joke

    :p my bad,l

  68. Jaiden Nguyen

    i move to the usa but the rasim still here

  69. star coyle

    Kinda racist but ok

    Oryx The Taken King

    It's a joke, retard.

  70. Jason Lin

    Jet Li was surprisingly also included

  71. GamingWithBrandonWang

    so funny can you do a remix


    Does people from china see's this? Since they ban every company and produces a rip-off of it.

  73. Vietnamese Mapper

    1:30 is my country lol

  74. NA_Freddie 0611

    Best song ever

  75. ninzero None

    Wtf did i just watch

  76. Kenjiro Osmond

    Oh man it make me laugh

  77. Freddy septiceye

    Love it Ruck it

  78. Spinel

    this guy has so many accents

  79. Sukamedik

    Me Chinaman me find it dope af good work bro

  80. CW Gaming

    This brings a tear to my eye

  81. Buddha T4mer

    this is highly offensive
    hate speech isn't free speech

    Oryx The Taken King

    There's no such thing as hate speech. It's a joke, you whiny pussy.

  82. Mike TheRandFan

    Ha ha this shit making me raff.

  83. Gillan Baclayon

    There was a Trump parody China-na-na

  84. izdk

    im chinese and i found that this is really funny

  85. 尼古拉斯纱布



  86. Jesus Christ

    says the black YouTuber

  87. Mad Butters

    Better than the regular one

  88. RI P

    Guess that’s why there were so many idiots supported trump

  89. kfc bucket

    *CHINA* *NA* *NA* *NA*

  90. neko natsume

    Its funny but it's just a lil rude cause I'm part China

  91. Daniel Choi

    At 2:24, Judo is Korean and the guys uniform has a Korean flag.


    Better than despacito 2 anyday.

  93. im spiderman

    Gimmie some wonton soooooooooooooup 😂😂😂

  94. ThePvps

    Alulackbar makes his return

    abdou yay



    Persian Aryanism are u iranian?

    Do You Know Da Wae?

    Persian Aryanism youre my boy man uganda for live😂

    kissiz baby

    ThePvps tok