Rucka Rucka Ali - Can't Lose Weight Lyrics

I wanna slim down for my son
I wanna get the bitches with the tights on
Drivin round town with the brights on
Mickey D's has the mofucking lights on
And I just wanna get a little bite one
And I just wanna little fuckin bite
I know I shouldn't have it but I'd like one
I'll just have a little munch tonight
I'll get some onion rings and a diet coke
Tomorrow I can get up on the bike but

I can't lose weight
I can't lose weight
I can't lose weight
I can't lose weight
I can't lose weight
I can't lose weight

I'm tired of being home alone
At least I have Burger King
Try the new burger shake
Try the sugar steak, ay
I never get with girls
So I give my heart a stroke
Before it could break
Feelin the heart race
Was touched when I was a kid
Now I make myself obese
Push the world away
Keep the world from me

I lost some calories as a child
So I'll take 100 years to find 'em

I can't lose weight
I can't lose weight
I can't lose weight
I can't lose weight
I can't lose weight
I can't lose weight

I wanna slim down tonight
Watch Marques Brownlie play Fortnite
Hit the park and jog, let the weight drop down
Eat some raisins, nuts and gay stuff now
And I could be the man that the girls wanna
I could be the nigga that they want
If I take a chance I could do it up
I could have a better life
But now I'm in the store alone
No one cares what I get
I'll get for the pain
I can't make a change

I can't lose weight
I can't lose weight
I can't lose weight
I can't lose weight
I can't lose weight
I can't lose weight

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Rucka Rucka Ali Can't Lose Weight Comments
  1. Aang

    2:52 Top 10 anime crossovers.

  2. Reapion3000

    Who thought that the pizza was a fortune cookie 😂😆

  3. gideon acheampong

    who listening to this in 2020

  4. Overseer

    this song is literally my biography

  5. nub gamer 123

    But in America fucking everyone is fat

  6. Elizabeth Spawn

    I work out to this song.

  7. Taylor Delong

    fat people entertain me

  8. The Paper Empire

    I am skinny lol

  9. Netflix

    They re so fuckin lazy to dislike this

  10. Gabriel Pereira Ferreira

    Tá tranquilo tá favorável

  11. shlakez

    This to far

  12. Kirill Noname

    1:50 лол это ред21 русский ютубер

  13. livinglifeasachinese communistincanada

    i feel like this guy in the song i cant lose weight even tho i dont eat fast food???

  14. Josh Onorato

    Just do some cocaine that's how i lost the weight 😂😂😂

  15. Luca H

    I'm fucking dying😂

  16. Total Anarchist

    Guy @ 3:02 looks like Samoa Joe

  17. nycholaus

    Reminds me of every guy and girl who orders a supersize value meal, 2 large shakes, a hot fudge sundae...and a DIET coke.

  18. Spagandhi

    Replace food with drugs and you have ruckas life story

  19. Amy Mummert

    Sucks to be this guy

  20. PilotGuyAruba

    Lmaoo as a fat lug i found this hilarious

  21. Willie P

    I feel proud that I’m chunky thanks rucka

  22. One From Dust

    Im listening to this song while jogging.

  23. Herbie Husker

    Every time I want to go to get fast food I just watch this and I don't want to any more.

  24. BigDannyK

    why is it gone from spotify?!


    @Strovex yeah he re-uploadesd them as the Fried Chicken EP a few days later

  25. Etho The Great

    Most the people in this weren't fat

    Just morbidly obese

  26. Alessandrogaming

    for some reason i cant get fat in the first place i eat lots of calories but im still skinny af

  27. Übermensch

    I had been trying to lose weight for my whole life, but couldn't do it 'cos I didn't get the science right. 🎶
    Now I have got my science straight, and I lost 49 lbs of weight. 🎶

    True story.

  28. Katie

    Amberlynn Reid ghostwrote it

  29. ljc635

    That's really sad :( Also, if you happen to be looking after someone who is so fat that they're bedridden, maybe don't enable their suicide by bringing them pizza, chocolates and family bags of walkers crisps. I can never understand who gives bed-ridden obese people junk food.

  30. Alguns homens só querem ver o circo pegar fogo

    that mc bin laden video lol

  31. josé luiz a.k.a zenak forge

    wait....ta tanquilo ta favoravel??

  32. dream

    i wonder if the weeknd has seen this


    Story of my life.

  34. Artfanatic 809

    I can't lose weight either.

  35. Iansbxn

    Remember Michael Jacksons BAD parody called fat?

    Now The Weeknd gets a parody called “i cant lose weight”

    Coincidence? I think not

  36. Jamie Prince

    I can't gain weight.

  37. Talûn-karkû The Warchief

    Fuck you francis

  38. David Bahout

    this song reminds me of the fresh prince of bel air episode when uncle phil has a heart attack

  39. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

    I will now make it my goal to bump this while I'm in the gym, lifting like a motherfucker

  40. HexArtz

    Just go to the gym obese people, it's good for you in the long run, I also started at an obese weight of 115 kgs 2 years ago now am at 85 kg plus muscles, I am your ideal gym bro.

  41. David Greenleaf

    To be clear, I can lose the weight, but man, eating ninety meals every hour is so much more fun.

  42. Isaac Howe

    I've lost 55 pounds :) I feel like everyone has their own thing, some people are smokers, potheads, pill poppers, alcoholics etc. I was "addicted" to food. I used to eat so much and so frequently not because I was hungry but because I liked having the taste of good food in my mouth constantly. I know most of you probably don't care but I want to share my good news with someone/anyone because my friends don't even know how big I ever actually got and I don't want to tell my family about it in case I ever fail myself and start gaining the weight back. If there are any other overweight people reading this my advice is to start small or you will always convince yourself out of eating better and living healthier. slowly reduce the amount of food you order or put on your plate and start small workouts then go a little further each time. My walks started out just going down the block and now they are almost 4 miles. I still got a long way to go but I think I'm well on my way.


    @Isaac Howe Congrats! :)




    Nice work mate, inspiring stuff. You're 100% right about starting small I replaced my daily liter and a half of coke with ion water then eventually to just water. Just do something.

    Blvck J3llo

    N I C E

    Game Hacker

    i lost 20 pounds

  43. Masked Badass

    This actually felt sad, and in a way it was also motivational to make sure you never let yourself go to that extreme.

  44. GhostlyKreit

    I now feel like fat ppl are sad cuz they cant lose weight

  45. lester obrien

    Fat power

  46. Umang Deep Rai

    Your content brings me happiness

  47. Tenaya

    the official anthem of mukbang youtubers


    Why would you bang a Pokemon?


    Mouse pointer in video at 2:36.

  49. Xavier Smith

    dedicated to Charles Tew

  50. clonetf141

    Very motivating to lose weight

  51. pandalove

    This makes me feel sad

  52. ArcticZurite

    What's up my nigga

  53. Geralt of Rivia

    Watching this after losing 25kg on the keto diet.

  54. Joey Koch

    For anyone annoyed by this because they feel like they really can't. Start counting calories and stop eating more of them then you burn. Plenty of apps to help you coubt out their. You don't even need to work out to lose weight. It is better if you do, but just eating less and keeping track is plenty when you are a fat fuck.


    I'm the opposite of this. Underweight.

  55. AR-Gaming

    I'm fat byt fuck they make me llok like a twig

  56. Baba Yega

    Little nightmares theme song!!!

  57. Sgt Snarf

    "That's why I'm in track" that's why I'm in track yeah I'm in track ohh

  58. KriittinenMielipide

    This made me hungry...


    The part about the fat guys buying whatever foods in the store that they want is false because most fat people get their food delivered to them by family because they are too fat and lazy to go walk around the store themselves.


    Oh Is that how it works? Well fuck, IM a fat guy, how come I have to go to the store still. Weird.


    Creoshin This is supposed to be about fat people stereotypes. That stereotype is usually true for the extremely fat people. I’m talking about those 500+ pounders.

  60. Nostalgia


  61. Jacob

    Im fat but this is hilarious

  62. 420 MLG God

    Next up I can't gain weight

  63. Henri Nieminen

    This is actually kinda wholesome and motivating. Thanks Ruka! Even though I'm in normal weight this video reminds not to destroy yourself with crap.

  64. mcgX

    I am not sure this is a joke and kids should listen to this.

  65. Hesho’s Productions

    fuck man this guy 1:58 looks exactly like big smoke from GTA SA

  66. ́' '

    Name of girl with tights on?


    Bruce Jenner

    ́' '

    @XHARDCOREGAMINGX thanks. She will bring many wanks to the cause.

  67. leereturn2006

    name of the bitch with the tight on i wanna jerk off really hardd 24/7 with that pink girly sexy tight pants on her ass.


    Bruce Jenner

  68. Mr Fats

    This hit way closer to home than I expected. Ouch, still funny lol. But damn.


    just lose weight m8

  69. Präsentia Dei

    1 dislike on this video is one more Kilogramm on ur fat mothafucka ass.

  70. Andreas Jamie-lee

    that last fat guy got some big ass boobs......

  71. European Reich

    I gained 20 kilos watching this video

  72. GhostlyKreit

    Literally my fav song

  73. TheReal FoxxyFox

    Krono remix parody

  74. Bob Jones

    MickyDees Has Da Mofuckin Lights on

  75. Alex Michael Loma

    Your weight is the like button.

  76. Joseph

    Fuck this was kinda sad

  77. Um Simples Hobbit

    god damn rucka I wasn't expecting the mc bin laden dancing over the 0:54

  78. Maxim Perevuznik

    Fucking hell, YouTube, alright, I'll go to the gym... This is 3rd video this week about my weight :D

  79. Z. Lapu

    When other ppl get fat from 1 cheeseburger but youre still a qtip that weighs literally 36kg

  80. skatemetrix

    Reported for MOOBS

  81. Ta Ziel

    Rucka is todays weird al.

  82. Andy Bray

    Gay people can be broad too 😆

  83. allela

    i didnt know that somebody did a song on my dad

  84. Darrin Chipps T.V.TM

    A somg for all the fatty mcfat fats around.

  85. Richard’s Testicle Head

    This made me hungry.

  86. spacesoldier 3221

    Sound of silence parody?

  87. French Buddhist

    I feel personally attacked 😂

  88. Destro7000

    Do a Prodigy song cover

  89. Emircan Mercan

    This fucking video made me hungrier and ruined the song for me. Thanks!

  90. claykid12345

    currently watching this while drinking a delicious Baha Blast™ from Taco Bell

  91. Corbyn Simpson

    I can easily relate to this song

  92. Ashakari Singh

    School of Ruk 2 when?

  93. ash0787


  94. Save Master

    I do need to lose some weight

  95. Caio Bandeira

    lol mc bin laden is in this clip! as a brazilian i feel represented

  96. Hugh McBroom

    well not reall im skinnier than them fat ass

  97. Hugh McBroom

    next we need a burnin bridges by slaughter parodyp.s. this is me