Rucka Rucka Ali - Atlantis Lyrics

There was a moment I learned I was lied to
I turned to Poseidon
Burned up inside
And cursed at the sky
Shook the earth with a cry
And I knew when it's time I would die too

I dreamed God is a woman
Her thoughts paint the world as it could have been
And all that I do is propelled by the purpose
Of courting the goddess and earn her response
'Til she wants me inside her perfection

How the hell will I earn your affection, my angel?
You went from the Hera of all that is right with the world
To the mason of what's mediocre
Is greatness a dealbreak...?

Would you've thought that it all was a plan to attract you?
I had hoped that the music would catch your attention
I can't make you happy without it
Got no personality
Nothing but sadness

Imagine if music is sounds from a planet
Where facts are the standard
And passion is brazen and pain doesn't matter
Where heroes are loved for their virtues
And love is deserved
Because back here on earth
It just looks like the music comes out of the mouths of the damned and the bastard
But you could take my hand and together we could find Atlantis

Sometimes when I'm outside at night
I'll just gaze through a window
As though life is greater inside
When I try putting my finger on it
It's like asking why grass is brighter
I sigh and walk faster
I used to get high just to capture the feeling
But now I just feel it in dreams
And achievements don't have any meaning
If I'm not complete
Like the people I see on TV and in movies

And I'm not into playin' these games with these groupies
But haven't received any favors lately from Cupid

But I never lost sight of the idol I worship
I never lost sight of the idol like you did

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Rucka Rucka Ali Atlantis Comments
  1. Jack o

    Anyone know the original song?

  2. MC Bloodstain

    I want to help you find fulfillment

  3. Lucifer Son of the Morningstar, revamped

    Hey man I like you s*** dont ever sell out and if they push you against the wall and make sell out, sell them out while you sell out....yeah

  4. Darkwarrior0920

    Love this wish it gets a vid

  5. Frank 13

    Love the objectivist theme! You should do more like it !