Royce Da 5'9" - Who Are You (Skit) Lyrics

Man, I had a dream that my father told me
"Let's play a game, look me in my eyes
And just make sure you don't blink
You can ask me anything you want
But remember, don't blink"
I said, "Shit"
I got all courage in the world to start asking shit
That I never had the courage to ask before
Like, "What's wrong with me?"
Like, "Okay, I'm born an addict, do you think that you doing drugs had more than an adverse effect on me?"
"Do you think if you didn't do drugs did maybe I somehow would have came out better? Would I had done better?
I got one
I was always seeking your approval as a, as a child
You made me feel like I could never do shit right
I always wanted to know, like, through everything that I've been through in the game, do I make you proud?
Like, are you proud of me? Finally?"
And then I was about to ask him about the abuse with my mom and, like, I fuckin' blinked
As soon as I blinked (I wanna know if it's okay if)
I'm looking at my son in, like, in the face (Kinda ask some questions)
The objective of the paper is to go in depths about
The figure in our lives that we find inspiring
The one we look up to
I wanted to do mines about you
I remember the title I had for it and
I was, I was thinking of calling it, The Book of Ryan
I was kinda sitting and trying to get in the first paragraph
And I started to realize how difficult it is to write
How can I write the paper of my father when I don't know who he is?
So I guess the first question is, "Who are you?"

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Royce Da 5'9" Who Are You (Skit) Comments
  1. Will Pulera


  2. Michael devonte Contreras

    The book of Ryan

  3. Gursimran Singh Bakshi

    Is that emimem as the second voice?

  4. Abram Lima

    Ion know bout y’all but this hit me hard too hard one of the best albums of 2018 no doubt

  5. ParadoxAssassin

    Very hard hitting

  6. Raymond Ezell

    Such an important album. 🙏🏿🙏🏿

  7. Kill

    Somebody PLEASE make a piano tutorial of this

  8. Christian Petti

    Greatest skit ever.

    Robbin Hatchett

    Alright, Calm Down there buddy. It's a nice skit on the album and that's about it.

    Christian Petti

    Robbin Hatchett makes sense, ur not smart enough to understand the raw emotion... like what’s wrong with me, I was born an addict... fuck off and go get hit by a greyhound bus

    Matt Turner

    I agree, definitely the deepest hip hop skit I can think of

  9. Michael Johnson

    This is classic!

  10. Jayvin

    In the blink of an eye, you're no longer speaking with your father. You're a father and you're sitting there with a child of your own. In the blink of an eye.
    This album is really good

  11. Frankie Castaneda

    I just love the concept of this album. It's so insightful, and I can relate to a lot of it... thanks