Royce Da 5'9" - Nickel Nine Is... Lyrics

[Intro: Royce]
Uhh-uhh uhh uhh, yeah homeboy
Two gangstas, whattup Smut Peddlers?
My man Milo, yeah yeah yeah
Whattup Ruckus? We gangstas, yeah
Niggaz don't know me, call me heat
That's all you know is these verses, these names
Nigga nigga nigga

Nickel Nine is - me, not, them
This is - him, not, they
Royce, Reef, double, R
Beef is close but trouble's, far
Nickel Nine is what the rhyme is
I put my time in, nigga Nickel Nine is
Uhh uhh - me, not, them
This is - him, not, they
Yo, he is.

[Royce Da 5'9"]
The reason why the funds is dizzy
Money continuously spendin, round and around like a frisbee
My runs is sticky from, the second-hand smoke
from outta the guns they busy, EHH-EHH-EHH-EHH come get me
He is - quick on the draw, same nine
that I used when he thought I copped it and popped it at the same time
Shit, carry tools, you gotta
The streets is over-populated with niggaz who cheap, like Andrew Goulatta
Royce and Reef, double R
When the gutterest beefs meet with the troubled bar it's nothin but heat
Niggaz I'm in and outta this booth, like Clark Kent for the youth
Flyin with the NARC proof tint for the Coupe
Niggaz be trippin a lot, so I keep the longest clip in a lock
Hit you while you loadin the clip in the glock
like BLAOW! No life, no breath
The only games I play is "Umi Says" like Mos Def (nigga)


[Royce Da 5'9"]
Over-protected, heed the poet's connections
When it goes in effect the only thing froze is the necklace
That's it, keep the gat by me, I'm that rowdy
So none of you's can see me like Jack Ponty
None of you niggaz bad as me, I got a +Mobb+
and we +Deep+ like Hav' and P, so get a job! (uhh)
My shoes is, nine and a half, size is too big
For every thug nigga listen and they noddin his head
You better know that, he is a motherfuckin throwback
Rap niggaz nowadays is so wack, wish I could go back
Shit is undone; so I spend money like
it's more from where it came, even more where it didn't come from
The time it took to write this, I could be sellin twice this
Some white shit like, my venom is drivers priceless
My goons they'll put you away
And if it's heat then it is no beef, homie I'll cook you today (c'mon)


[Royce Da 5'9"]
I got niggaz like, "That's Eminem's man, ain't it?"
Like that's my name, like I changed it when my man became famous
By the way, you ain't beefin with Slim, you beefin with US
So, stay out the magazines, keep it (shh shh) hush, okay?
These motherfuckin rappers is hilarious dawg
You never too big for that box cause the area's small
And you'll fit (yeah) six feet deep is where you will sit
Bring your crew, I'll turn sixteen deep into a trip
To the sky (sky)

Yeah, you don't wanna hover
Your mommy wouldn't like it
Whattup Proof? My nigga
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

[Chorus w/ minor variations]

[Outro: Royce]
Yeah, Nickel Nine is what the rhyme is
I put my time motherfucker Nickel Nine, is
Nigga, yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, Wall Street
My nigga X-Gov, Tre' Little, Shecky Green
Game nigga, spit Game nigga, yeah

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Royce Da 5'9" Nickel Nine Is... Comments
  1. D - SKOR

    Nickel Nine Is Instrumental:

  2. Hiawatha Clemons

    Give me him over Em all day any day

  3. James Cannon

    This song is over 20 years old only true hip hoppers know nickel nine been around for a long time

    kevin sanders

    James Cannon fr copped rock city the day it dropped was like 13 years old


    @kevin sanders Word up, same here cuz I been up on dis shit since Jr high/middle school. Royce from my city anyway so ya know he my nigga!

    kevin sanders

    @Apostle9590 hell yea its all detroit love


    @kevin sanders #4Sho

  4. kevin sanders

    what up proof?! rip

  5. Eric Gonzalez

    Nickel nine Is what the rhyme is. Till I grip the rhythm! Seems chill, no bull-shit though. Please? 😂
    Typing: weird shit.
    L.o.t.i?. Fucc it.

  6. Chris Mcfadden

    is it just me,or does he sound like beans on this song?

  7. Lindsey Shepherd


  8. Lindsey Shepherd


  9. Farzaan Ali

    This kind of sounds like "Success" and "Heart of the City" mixed together, those songs are by Jay Z


    Farzaan Ali “Heart of the City” is a big time sample that J rapped over. He hardly deserves credit for the beat.

  10. The Answer

    Okay the description's wrong


    +Game Bros I don't think it's wrong

    The Answer

    @The W4rlord Penguin Productions Me neither

  11. Youzeguise

    i still fuck with this song

  12. JohnsonB1987

    I completely agree with ya..

  13. chilz34

    All of u clowns who say Em is or was the best need to quit listening to hip hop. None of you em fans have a clue.


    chilz34 "Anyone who has an opinion different than me needs to stop listening to hip hop." Lol clown

    Devin B

    ticket you seriously using social justice warrioresque decerebrate posturing, in the comment section of a 10 year old Royce song... Gtfo here.. lol clown.

    Doosh McDooberson

    fuk u EMINEM RAP GOD bitch

  14. Byron Gilliam

    deserve to die? who the fuck are you to decide who deserves to die? maybe you should be the one reevaluating your life

  15. Dharma227

    Yeah even then its based off opinions, and people forget that there are also rappers in Europe that don't speak English. What about those rappers? One of them could be better than the "greatest" American rapper, so who knows

  16. JohnsonB1987

    I completely agree with you. We will never know unless they all were in a room together. So everyone just grow up and enjoy the music.

  17. Quin Musik

    OHHHHHHHHH, hahaha, it all makes sense now

  18. TheeChronicle

    my apologies for the delusional part. because i happen to rate eminem highly aswell. it just irks me when people say the greatest because of how many have done it before him and still doing it. hes great. maybe top 25 of all time but not the greatest. the problem i have with eminem is that he is to easy to understand. my dad will understand everything he says but when i play rakim, gza or az he wont. thats because they are a bit more skillful with there wordplay, more slang and more coded lyrics

  19. TheeChronicle

    maybe in your imaginary world. lol. aslong as nobody erases dead emcees like biggie, big pun and big l from our memories then your delusional. aslong as AZ, Nas and Jay-Z are still alive than eminem cant be the greatest. how can he be the greatest when all the artists i mention up above a better. lets not forget legends like kool g rap, rakim, krs one, masta ace, jeru the damaja, gza etc
    you need to listen to other rappers besides eminem 50 cent and royce and slaughterhouse lol.

  20. DeitySquadAirsoft17

    I call bullshit on that. Most people listen to music that sounds good, not something cause of the artist's skin color.

  21. Dharma227

    that's an opinion, no one will ever know who the "best" is. grow up

  22. TakumaSD

    Um, no, Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time and just happens to be white.

  23. Joe De Giglio

    everyone thinks eminem was an amazing rapper that changed the game... wrong... he's a white guy in a black market that doubled the market by opening the market to white people... just like obama opened the voting market to black people... nothing revolutionary, just that black people will vote for a black guy and white people will listen to a white guy... americans are stupid and most deserve to die

  24. David osorio jr

    Royce > lil Wayne

  25. alexkamrock


  26. cory barnes

    also stands for royce's height, 5'9 :)

  27. cory barnes


  28. King George

    so he shot a fan ?

  29. cory barnes

    @Kalinho83 and the 5'9 acualy stands for royces height, he is 5 foot 9, funny isn't it lol, but fucking sick all in all.

  30. Kalinho83

    @cheyanne144 A nickel is the name for the 5-cent coin in America, Nine is simple nine, put the two together and you get...5-9. As in Royce Da 5'9"....

  31. Cheyanne Gifford

    who is nickel nine

  32. SlimDargo

    Nice track? O_O
    It's fuckin' dope!

  33. Yikes

    Nickle nine is!

  34. Eva van Reijn

    royce is da man so underated

  35. juzfly876

    pure fire

  36. eltardo

    Royce fell off after all the beefs, picked himself up and signed with SHADY, who the hell can say that? KING OF KINGS

  37. wodey

    and you will fit, 6 feet deep is where you will sit
    bring your crew, i turn 16 deep into a trip - to the SKY

  38. TheTorontoCommunity

    why is he so underrated

  39. JosephO75

    he rips this one the fuck up.

  40. justin v


  41. JohnsonB1987

    Royce is tha shit..

  42. Captain Morgan


  43. Pacebeats

    cause , Nickle , IS BACK

  44. jordan leung comedy

    this is why it is ironic that he is listening to nickelback

  45. djimoney

    same sample on french rap " IAM - Indepedenza" watch the clip on youtube

  46. ZeBastian456

    one of his best songs ever - eastern conference