Royce Da 5'9" - Boom Lyrics


[Royce Da 5'9]
Uhh.. boom...
Tick tick tick.. yeah.. 5'9 uhh

I'm the verbal-spit Smith Wesson
I unload with sick spit the quick wick could split a split-second
Bomb with a lit wick expression
You here a tick tick then you testin..
My saliva and spit can split thread into fiber and bits
So trust me, I'm as live as it gets
Everybody claimin they the best and head the throne
Since B.I.G is gone, if you ask me, they +Dead Wrong+
My flow is hotter than the flash from the click
When the hammer slaps the bullet on the ass from the clip
You wind up in a room full of my dawgs
I'll have you feeling like a fire hydrant in a room full of dogs
So come, come now, get pissed on, shitted on
Tough talk turns to, "Can't we all just get along"
You get blazed when the mic's off, shot when it's on
You probably ducked when they laid the gun shot in your song
My gun strrr-utters when it speaks to you
Utter shit to repeat to you
Nothing the clip, then give a speech to you
Me and Premier, we kind of the same in ways
We both speak with our hands in dangerous ways
Rap now is a circus of clowns
A whole lot of lip from cliques I'd probably rap circles around
I'm the next best to reach a peak formerly known
as the best keep secret, I guess that I just leaked it

[Hook - 2X]
Somebody better duck or (RUN)
Somebody better (Watch out cuz he's bout to blow up)
"Boom..boom, bam, God-damn!" "..Royce 5'9"

I'm a motherfuckin star, I don't battle no mo'
I provide the the gun clappin around of applause after ya show
We can go toe to toe cuz they calling you hot
Steppin around all ya punches like, "That's all you got?"
Everyday I'm meetin somebody and all of they peeps
Quick to shake a nigga's hand and show me all of they teeth
And these bitches I be pattin they asses
They be all dumb and googly-eyed lookin at me, battin they lashes
Rappers think Detroit niggaz not as down as them
Or since I'm down with Slim that I sound like him
Quick to judge me and tell me that my hook might sell
And say faggot shit to me like I look like L
My advice quit talking it's over
I was knockin niggaz out when you was knockin sticks offa they shoulders
I got dirt done in my past, I know y'all sweat
I got regrets older than some of you so called vets
Niggaz say I found God with the flow
Bring the police to the studio and bring the bomb squad to the show
Ain't a nigga touching mines
When you listen to my shit - you don't chew, you don't breathe,
you'll miss a fucking line
Every time I spit, I tick to show you it's hot
Leave me in the deck too long I blow up your box
Boom! *explosion*

"God..God-damn!" "..Royce 5'9"

[Hook - 2x]

"Boom..boom, bam, God-damn!" "..Royce.. 5'9"
"Boom..boom, bam, God-damn!" "..Royce 5'9"
"Boom..boom, bam, G...God-damn!" "...Royce 5'9"

[ticking] ..
[explosion] ..
[more ticking]

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Royce Da 5'9" Boom Comments
  1. IceC1


  2. Lamar Strong

    Still fuck it still bumping this

  3. Robby Wallace

    Premo beats!

  4. The Real Symbolic

    Look up ScHoolboy Q "CrasH"👀

  5. Jamaal Horton

    He burned this down!!!!!!

  6. Death Rager

    hahahahha this dude is such a wannabe canibus.

  7. Tyron Turner

    Boom boooom baam God. DA-aamn.
    -Lady Of Rage

  8. Nelsonh86 A

    Classic beat from the old school rap millenials from 1980 to 2020 lol .

  9. Mike Regnery

    Histhory mg....

  10. Ben Jamin

    Imagine Premo and big L doing a song 💦

    Paul Jenkins

    Ben Jamin

    Paul Jenkins thanks bro !!never knew 👏

  11. Tonyscammer

    Straight fire.

  12. Marsel Music

    i heard game over this and was like damn what that beat

  13. Abdaulaziz

    2020 (:

  14. Ceri Sokolyk

    5'9! Speak with my hands !

  15. Mac Douglas


  16. David Melanson

    Christmas eve 2019 STILL 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯😎


    David Melanson yeeeeee .......❤️hip hop

    Liddle Mann

    bruh...thought i was the only one

  17. Jermain Allen

    Ppl forgot Guru went in on this beat...

  18. Alexander Shimrat

    Greatest opening line of all time

  19. Luciano Otillon

    Real Hip-hop like old wine

  20. Matteo Matteo

    Booooooooom in 2019

  21. C. Mfoumou

    My older brother used to have the first 30s as his alarm when he was in high school. This really takes me back man

  22. Andrew Taiwa

    Lyrical Greatness!

  23. M V

    Every rapper in the world pretending they wouldnt kill for this beat!

  24. Alexandre Majeau

    One of the illest instrumental in the damn game, of course Royce ran it clean, what else do you expect

  25. d. dranner

    Top 5...f#:&% that in my top 3-boom! This song got Primo,Guru (r.i.p.) & 5, tell me a better trio. Naaa don't. Ain't. 1

  26. Alvin Rodriguez

    Killed em all like Jason

  27. Brazy Cinco

    It's sad every 2019 comment involves Schoolboy Q. These kids are
    clueless when it comes to hip hop

    Royce 5’9 is the goat

    At least the younger guys discover this song, better than them not knowing this song at all

    Brazy Cinco

    @Royce 5’9 is the goat True, I agree

  28. Jefferson Martin

    That beat is 🔥

  29. Brian Reid Voiceovers

    You don't have to tell me that's Preemo!!

  30. JedEye MaStar

    Nickel 9 and Preem is one of the many G.O.A.TS from the golden era.. Incredible

  31. Kenneth Meyers

    Love this

  32. Javier Strive !!!

    Back In The Days


    When skills matter.

  33. Gabriel Rocha

    "Se eu tô com o Mic agora eu quebro mais um cabaço, a única lombriga aqui tá com cabelo falso"
    - Emicida

  34. Tim eric

    Damn it!!! I have looked for this song like forever...the best beat in Hip Hop

  35. Phillip Rhinehardt

    This track is banging.

  36. lexxcoop

    Feels good to be true.

  37. Michael O'Neill

    G all the

  38. dARK iLLusion. Music

    of one of the made up like tones. 'on slide' the sleede`, in. rock am Rakim i Be. -aeni` 2 Pony Boy At Sea

  39. Lith1

    this might be "underrated" now because peeps are brainwashed into liking bullshit...but back then real heads knew what it was, this beat was used in almost every MC battle

  40. Lith1

    "quick to judge me and tell me that my hook might sell
    and say faggot shit to me like I look like L"

    😂🤣 grew up this era, that line always cracked me the fk up

  41. François-Xavier Bas

    thi sound is just crazy

  42. Ícaro Cruz

    se tu ama essa cultura como eu amo essa cultura grita hip

  43. beastydon

    Dj premiere made some fire azz beats


    Yup and he didn't wasted them by having untalented artists spit to his beats, he worked with some of the most underrated skillful emcees of all time.

  44. 04 Till Infinity

    Eyyo check this
    Los salto con un backside fakie
    Sin sentido como buscar el valor de x
    Lo voy soltando como voy soltando la ceni
    Quiero ser campeon , tu te conformas con la semi

    Quiero muchos numeros en mi cuenta
    Quiero dentro de mi sabana muchos gramos de hierba
    Voy soltando afuera toda esta mierda
    Sigo buscando la verdad y no encuentro la respuesta

    Ustedes siguen creyendo y ellos inventan
    Cuando naces no sabes too los problemas que se acercan
    Las conclusiones te juro que me apestan
    No hay ganas de dormir otra vez una vez que ya despiertas

    Los que duermen solo sueñan y los que trabajan lo hacen real
    Hablo del trabajar por ellos no hacerlo pa' alguien mas
    Fumando y escribiendo hasta sin ojos quedar
    No voy a parar hasta que no pare de contar

    La vida en si es una mierda
    Nacemos feliz sin saber los problemas que se acercan
    Las conclusiones me apestan
    No hay ganas de dormir otra vez una vez que ya despiertas

    Los que duermen solo sueñan y los que trabajan lo hacen real
    Humo y musica en la costa hasta sin ojos quedar

  45. Anthony Ray

    My saliva and spit can split thread into fiber and bits!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. Kyzer Batiste

    Knew it was Primo Beat OncecI Heard The Homie SBQ Do His Thang On It..But No Lie Went Str8 To Nas Is Like Then Was Blessed To Hear Royce Dispatch A Lyrical Masterpiece Over Primo Production ..🤲🏾🏆

  47. Antonio Diaz

    The lyrics was tight💪

  48. Rafael Chase

    Emicida x negra re

  49. Dishant P Laskar

    They dont make em like these anymore! This time is gone!!

  50. James Voris

    Just looked this up on youtube for first time I forgot about it after it came out n I'm sick to my stomach it only has 1.9 mill...fuckin hip hop heads endangered species ...

  51. Daddy Three Legs

    Lady of Rage sample.

  52. axelxrd _

    2019 bitch?

  53. GreeneIsTheJunk

    I unload with sick spit the quick *wit could split a split-second

  54. Mike Sheehan

    Who came here after hearing the Craig David - Rendezvous remix

  55. Ícaro Cruz


  56. Norman Chafa-Govha

    too hard

  57. E from DC

    "Rap now is a circus of clowns...a whole lotta lip from cliques Id prolly rap circles around..."

    THIS...was sheer prophecy. Lyricists SUCK right now and this cat was droppin BARS that remained true from 2002 (!!!) straight through to today...

  58. Nothing

    Dr Dre is good at beats


    So is Travis Scort

  59. Cristian Maldonado


  60. r.e.b.e

    que grande el tateiro y pluzi

  61. Kiprotich Franklin

    Tough talk turns to, "can't we just get along?" 😂😂

  62. jjbiggs21

    You can tell he inspired 50 cent early in his career in the late 90s. 50 cent even got a picture with a chain that says 50. Wow!

  63. VINZ HH

    Un classique du rap ce morceau !

  64. 岩田崇弘


  65. Steezy Steve

    Under 2m views... Pleaseeeee! What sort of world do we live in 😂

  66. Elijah Lothrop

    I love the way that Premier comes to sample all of his old work in his new works, recognizing samples from this song in Moment of Truth is such a cool experience. Prem is truly a legend

  67. Angie Mets


  68. Eskilate

    This beat is so similar to Nas Is Like, DJ premiers the goat though

  69. jamarus jackson

    No idea premo made this beat

  70. Lefty Luchiano

    Damn this beat is always used in everything.

  71. Anthony L

    Royce always killing it!!!

  72. Andreas Schöllmann

    Real Hip Hop!!!

  73. Richard Brenard

    I've been here before school boy q .

  74. Mario Cruz

    5'9 one of the most underrated...💥🔫.....Detroit!...

  75. CJ B

    Lyrics is tight. My man got a sick ass tongue and speak

  76. seyseiwin

    Jews killed hip hop

  77. Babygirl_Dixie Copeland


  78. Thomas M.

    Allways and forever PRIMOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. random shmoe

    I hate this song
    Royce took the hottest beat in hip hop and made an average song. Imagine if em and d12 had this beat back in 2002

  80. First& Last

    Listen to a preemo mix. Saw this on the playlist. Now I'm here 👍👍

  81. Vikkktor Balatti

    My neighbours love this song so much that they threw a brick into my window, so they can hear it better.!!!!!!

  82. Shaun Perionne

    This song make me wanna hit somebody with a Heineken bottle

  83. steady_eddy_2020

    Duck and run so body better watch cause he's about to blow!!!!

  84. Darius Sims

    This track is when I knew I had to put pen to pad.

    SLy kOOPa N a frESH kANGoL

    This would make some put the pen down. Nickel is sick! He'd intimidate them too much.

  85. Mikey James

    im so glad i heard that schoolboy Q track. On my old shitty cable tv i had a RAP channel that featured a dj named DJ WITZ , who is if im not mistaken dead now. Anyways Witz used to play a bunch of real bad ass tracks smashed together so i had issues identifying the tracks, this was pre google. anyways, this is the track witz used to spin in his mixes. Happy to hear it and add it to my playlist.

  86. Santiago Rodriguez

    Tough talk turns to why can't we all just get along.

  87. Kyle Fagan

    This kinda sounds like kick in the door that’s a dj premier beat too.

  88. sickhater380

    59. finally a rapper spitting about his IQ.

  89. Josh Ben-Dan

    One of the best songs in hip hop.

  90. Motaz Alsayed

    any one here in 2019 still think that royce is so underrated

    Melky Mateus

    A beast 👐







  94. abhay rawat

    Anyone came after the game freestyle on power 106

  95. Ghosty 24

    1v1 me noob