Roy Orbison - The Three Bells Lyrics

There's a village hidden deep in the valley
Among the pine trees half forlorn
And there on a sunny morning
Little Jimmy Brown was born

(bung, bung, bung, bung)
All the chapel bells were ringing in the little valley town
And the song that they were singing was for baby Jimmy Brown
Then the little congregation prayed for guidance from above
"Lead us not into temptation, bless this hour of meditation"
"Guide him with eternal love"

There's a village hidden deep in the valley
Beneath the mountains high above
And there, twenty years thereafter
Jimmy was to meet his love

(bung, bung, bung, bung)
All the chapel bells were ringing, 'twas a great day in his life
'cause the songs that they were singing was for Jimmy and his wife
Then the little congregation prayed for guidance from above
"Lead us not into temptation, bless, oh Lord this celebration"
"May their lives be filled with love"

From the village hidden deep in the valley
One rainy morning dark and gray
A soul winged its way to heaven
Jimmy Brown had passed away

(bung, bung, bung, bung)
Just a lonely bell was ringing in the little valley town
'twas farewell that it was singing to our little Jimmy Brown
And the little congregation prayed for guidance from above
"Lead us not into temptation, may his soul find the salvation"
"Of thy great eternal love"

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Roy Orbison The Three Bells Comments
  1. Helaine Berman

    Any song he sings is great!

  2. bluenote824 jones

    Roy and Aaron the greatest

  3. Rich Peters

    Awesome singer Roy the best.

  4. Andrei Jgh


  5. bluenote824 jones

    So beautiful

  6. 09kittykatz09

    So happy he got to sing this. It's such a classic and covered by so many!

  7. Ray Ellery

    my dear mother sang this to me as I was a boy then

  8. Alain Fonzes

    A great french song by the greatest singer rock ! Marvelous ...


    thx dats; beautiful; this has always been a favourite of mine. *******

  10. Francisco Oliveira

    Aleluia. Angel In the earth singing. Angel In the sky singing. Rip

  11. cary feldbush

    There is a song that Roy wrote that is Christian oriented called WHAT AM I WORTH? It is worth listening to.


    cary feldbush

  12. barrygioportmorien1

    I love Roy, but he can"t beat "the Browns" on this song....

  13. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a mad keen 74yo Aussie fan.
    GOD--That voice....

  14. wareidav

    Simply breathtaking.

  15. Brian Foster

    Love Roy singing this. But the definitive version is by Edith Piaf. Check her out on You Tube. Astonishing.

  16. 1Phoebus

    As much as love the original version (The Browns)...Roy does an excellent cover....^/^

    National Mustard Museum

    The Browns did not do the original. It’s actually a French song that the Browns covered.

  17. deborah venner

    i perfer the browns singing this one .still like roy orbison thou

  18. Mary Cheung


  19. Mack Dog

    To think Johnny Cash tried to talk Roy Orbison into singing in lower tones.......guess cash was wrong.....

    Charles H

    Johnny Cash was wrong BIGLY!! ;)

  20. GunPilot

    Orbison was phenomenal.

  21. Jim Wolstencroft

    I have always loved this song since being a child. Thanks to YouTube for bringing this version to me. It combines one of my favourite songs with one of my favourite singers. Not heard it before.

  22. irving darnley

    i have the browns version.
    both this one better though.

  23. Rene Smits

    the greatest voice..ever.

  24. Maurice Boyce

    Thank you for posting this hidden gem, it is absolutely beautiful. And thank you Roy. (RIP)



  25. Marian Jean

    This is a French song.

  26. Carl5383

    How could one voice be so great!

  27. Billy Knowles

    this must be the best version ever

    Eve Sepe

    +Billy Knowles The Browns also have a great version. Check it out.

    deborah venner

    love this version but i like the browns version better

  28. ArtPsych71

    Such a touching song. This is the closest thing to a hymn that I've ever heard Roy sing. Some already know, and others may be surprised to hear that Roy was a man of faith. During a time when most every known singer surely added a gospel album to their collections, Roy, however, opted NOT to do so. He felt that it wouldn't be right to profit from songs of God and the Christian faith---that they should always be freely shared free of any possible exploitation. I understand his sentiments, however, I still dearly wish Roy would have recorded a gospel album---it would have been hauntingly beautiful---unmatchable. I feel in the long run, doing so would have surely spread the Good News and proved an asset to Godly endeavors in the world.

    johnny nolan

    i wondered many times why he never made a gospel album thanks for clearing that up i would agree with him but feel what a good way his fans would hear the message. he was one of the humblest men iv ever spoken to a true gentleman. only one Roy


    That he was, and likely still is. True----there's only one Roy Orbison.

    I secretly hope more Godly songs of this nature will be found.

    +johnny nolan

    johnny nolan

    +ArtPsych7. i sure hope so too


    I will try and find this reference. I was impressed by his stance.

    prairie mark

    Yes the song was originally a French Catholic song that became popular in the 1940s. It celebrated three important events in the life of a Christian. The Baptism by a priest when he was a just a few days old. His marriage some 18 or 20 years later and the last rites when he passed away as an old man. Here is a popular version of the son by Edith Piaf.

  29. kevin cook

    to slim robbins, roy orbison is the master of song he can sing any song his voice is magic never be any one like him again

    M W

    Loved Roy's great and unique voice and he did justice to any song he ever attempted. The Three Bells though IMO will always belong to Bonnie, Maxine and Jim Ed Brown.

    Ruth Little

    So true Kevin....can pick his voice any time....a unique singer and song writer!!

  30. Eve Sepe

    Love this song - Never heard this version. Love it

    Slim Robbins

    @Eve Sepe The same as me.I didn't know that he sang this song!

    Eve Sepe

    @Slim Robbins Thanks for your reply - Now I don't feel so bad - lol

    Maurice Boyce

    +Slim Robbins How true, an absolute hidden gem.

  31. freddy dufour

    memories from the past

  32. Alan Watt

    Beautiful recording of a lovely song...although my favourite version is that done by the late Phil Everly

    Slim Robbins

    @Alan Watt The original was sung in french by Edith Piaf (Les Trois Cloches).

  33. freddy dufour


  34. Dave Dawson

    Wonderful. Sad but beautiful.

  35. bob christman

    There will never be another voice like Roy Orbison's. 

    Ruth Little

    You are so right Bob, a most unique talent!!

    Andrei Jgh


  36. Paulinita Miguel


  37. hirdy6

    Roy was just unbelievable. 

    Charles H

    Indeed he was.

  38. miz mish

    My first time hearing this. Will wonders never cease?Thanks. I loved it. 

  39. Gail Hitt

    I had never heard Roy's version of this. What a unique recording and of course his voice is excellent as it always was. I have to agree with what Nick Compton noted that Roy is without equal. Thank you so much for sharing your treasure with everyone to enjoy. God Bless Always  

    Kathryn McMahon

    I have never heard this by Roy lovely.  I met Roy in Montreal many years ago; I was about 19 - 20.  What a treat; I will never forgot him, and have been a fan for decades. 

    Gail Hitt

    @Kathryn McMahon Reading your comment & how you met Roy at such a young age is something you will always remember for sure. I had never had the chance to meet him but followed his career very closely & he was a very humble person & was well respected by other artist in the music world. Like yourself I have always been a big fan throughout the decades... God Bless    

  40. Nick Compton

    Brilliant version of the classic Browns track. Roy is without equal