Roy Orbison - Remember The Good Lyrics

Yes, I suppose at times I think about her
She was once so much a part of me
Heaven knows I've learned to live without her
And hell, it was, at times
It was a painful memory
But for all it matters now, If it does
For all that tried to be, but never was
For all the times I've tried,
I wouldn't change it if I could
For all she meant to me, I'll remember the good
I'll forget the bad
All the good times we've had
Won't make me quite so sad
When I'm remembering
And for all the times I've tried,
I wouldn't change it if I could
For all she meant to me, I'll remember the good
For all she meant to me, I'll remember the good.

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Roy Orbison Remember The Good Comments
  1. Myron Coleman

    Roy was so good he must have be en at a low point over the breakup of his wifr

  2. Dave Roberts

    Brilliant and Beautiful Magic Music of the great singer Roy Orbison. Awesome 👏RIP

  3. Mal1leedsfan

    A nice version by Roy of a Mickey Newbury song , if you get a chance listen to mickeys other stuff , he is brilliant .

  4. Kyle Leatherbarrow

    Surely about claudette, the bad linking to the affair she had but remembering all the good times they had

    pauline watson

    Without a doubt ,Kyle .....ROY loved Claudette

  5. Larry Wide-Butt

    What a loser this guy was. writing any more of these depressing songs. Nice voice of course, but spreading his poor me sob story lyrics has done much damage to those folks on the fence choosing between constructive and self-destructive paths. RIP to Roy and his cry baby attitudes. He played into the hands of record producers who identified that 17 yr old girls were most impressionable and targeted them playing off their psychological leanings at that time of their lives. As bad as a drug dealer. Good riddance I say.

    Kyle Leatherbarrow

    Larry Wide-Butt Hes sad because his wife died in a crash and 2 of his children passed in a house fire. His wife also cheated on him before remarrying

  6. patricia Bowyer

    never heard this one before, and just love the lyrics, beautiful.  Bitter and sweet memories.  Thank you.

    theodore smith

    mickey newbury; my goodness

  7. Phil Cross

    Thank you for sharing this Tino!  A fantastic job by Roy as usual.  And by the way Tino is an excellent singer too who does much for Roy's memory.

  8. OutsideEdgeJr

    That melody is not as straight forward as some folks might think. It takes areal ear to hear and reproduce some of the unusual and un expected changes in this song. It is a song I searched for since 1972. Thank you Youtube. Check out the song witers version. Micky Newbury. Song by the same name. I deicate this song to my daughter who was born the year the original track was released and who tragically died Halloween 2009. I love you Lisa Trina.

  9. Lindsey Hill

    yes I totally agree with that the good die young and the bad die old

  10. Fern Reed

    I would like to hear Circle too Tin!!! So you can upload it for two of us!

  11. Tinorbison

    Yeah, that´s rigght David!
    I miss him everyday too...Thanks for the nice coment,

    Greetings from Portugal,


  12. david gubanski

    Great song frrom Roy! I'm miss the Man everyday more and more!!! Why die the good always young?

  13. Tinorbison

    Sure lady,

    I will do that for you, upload the song "Circle"and dedicate her for you.
    Greetings from Portugal,


  14. Tinorbison

    Oh that+s ok hehe.....That´s very interesting, and you are a very lucky lady ;)
    I´m happpy to hear that....He was a great person, and I´m sure of that.
    Hope you keep in touch more ofther with my job.


  15. Tinorbison

    Thanks very much for stop by on my video...It´s very pleasunte for me to know you enjoy Roy Orbison.
    Are you a fan of him, or so?
    Greetings from Portugal,


  16. Tinorbison

    Thanks very much Lesley :D It was apreciated.
    Greetings from Portugal,


  17. Lesley Doolan

    What a Beautiful Song... Thank You xxx

  18. TheTinorbison


    Hello my dear!
    Thanks for the wonderful coment was very emotional....I hope you enjoyed the video ;)
    Your dear girl always,


  19. Jim Alexander

    Little girl, this is wonderful...Roy tells a story as well as anyone...we love him very much and I love you very much...Your James