Roy Orbison - It Takes All Kinds Of People Lyrics

Man by himself lives in a world a world of his own
But there's no one who can live in the world all alone
For it takes all kinds of people
It doesn't matter where they come from
Yes it takes all kinds of people
The good, the bad, and everyone

On the way up, a man can walk over his friends
What goes up comes down
One day he may need them again
For it takes all kinds of people
It doesn't matter where they come from
Yes it takes all kinds of people
The good, the bad, and everyone

There'll come the day when everyone passes him by
What will he say when nobody answers his cry?
That it takes all kinds of people
It doesn't matter where they come from
Yes it takes all kinds of people
It may take some time
But each man will find
That he needs all kinds of people
That he must believe in people
Yes it takes all kinds of people
To make a world

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Roy Orbison It Takes All Kinds Of People Comments
  1. Mike Eldridge

    a true song that fits all our lives

  2. Harold Rauch

    This is a very good song by Roy,  I never heard it before, Great job singing, Roy

  3. Simon Ramsden

    That last note!


    a strong piece, very strong.

  5. Julian Rassel

    this vid is underrated it deserves way more respect

  6. paul m

    MGM did pay him a million bucks....and that was in the 60's !!

  7. david ranson

    well what a mistake they made with roy the greatest  ever  singer I miss him so much

  8. Jason Masters

    MGM were outright wrong with what they did to Roy....they deliberately engineered a down turn in his music career at MGM
    they also started rejecting Roy's views on A and B sides for the singles releasing B sides for A sides so it would add too the downward turn in his career .....Roy at that point when back to monument and record Lana :) MGM hated that but look what happen Roy had a hit single again :) Good old Roy showed them.....

    Firefighter K. Wann

    When the public hears for the first time these songs left unreleased from MGM in the 1972 and 1973, you will be blown away by how powerful these songs truly are. Some are better than the ones they picked to release on MILESTONES and the unreleased album collection from 1972 is a whole other project that needs to be heard by all, and hopefully these gems bouncing around the fans will indeed be heard.

    Jade Shortt

    MGM tried to get Roy to change his style of music...but Roy refused which of course they didn't like. He also got payed less than other musicians...

  9. Jason Masters

    Just to clear things up.....most of the last albums and singles.... of the last part of Roy's MGM years were not the final takes they were rejects which MGM engineered a down turn in Roy's recording because he wouldn't do what they asked and start changing his style of singing.....MGM wanted him to sing all that shit hippy LSD drug crap music....He refused saying he would Rather go out the music world with what he had always done than sing that stuff and he did.....Also Roy didn't like the fact he had to keep chasing his money towards the last part of the MGM years, There were 2 company's one who done the payment side the other one the recording side....Roy said it didn't work in his favour.

  10. Bd70

    I think any quibbles over the 'technical perfection' of the ending are neatly offset by the heights Roy rises to. I mean, this is probably the *highest* note he ever hit. Not necessarily the *best* perhaps, but still exhilarating, and still better than the 'competition'. One of the classics from his 'Sings' album.

  11. Olli Lehtonen

    I have not noticed anything like that! And these little mistakes make artist human. It is surely overshadowed by the unbeliavable passion of this performance. Why alaways have to be so clean and polished. The Moonshine War ending scene in which is song is heard can be found here in Youtube. Very iconographical scene when everything has been "blown away".

  12. angel aguilar

    I'm a big fan of Roy Orbison, I consider him the greatest singer ever, but what happened at the end of the song? I'm the only one who has noticed how his voice breaks? How he allowed to keep to this take?

    canica delbajío

    Yes, I noticed...

    philip järvenpää

    @angel aguilar I also noticed, but does it really matter? I mean i love the ending anyway. :)

    Jade Shortt

    this song wasn't a final cut yet it got used, so what if Roy's voice broke? we still love his music..

  13. jmurray01

    I have just bought this album on eBay today and cannot wait for it to arrive so I can hear this song (and the others) on vinyl.

    Gordon Sims

    It is a great album one of my favs by Roy.

  14. Thelma Hendrix

    The writer was Arther Rigsby, my best friend.. he got $1.47 a year for it.

  15. david gubanski

    Beautiful song,sang with so much passion!!!