Roy Orbison - Harlem Woman Lyrics

The woman is out on her own.
Walking the streets, sad and alone.
Yes she sells herself for nickles and dimes.
These are hard times for a Harlem woman.
Harlem woman.

Yes you work at night.I have held you tight.
But you're not aware of how much I care.

No you can't see your baby's been hungry and cold.
So long nights through, go on and do what you must do,
I love you.
I love you Harlem woman.
Harlem woman.

Sometimes I cry, but I'll get by till your mine alone.
So carry on to other arms,tender but strong.
Till you belong to me

Harlem woman hang on.
I'll take you away.
Someday I'll set you free to be with only me.

Till then I'll know,...
Lord knows, I'll know
They can buy the body
But not the soul of my Harlem woman
Harlem woman, Harlem woman
Hang on

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Roy Orbison Harlem Woman Comments
  1. Mária454 Szabó

    Roy Orbison - Harlem Woman


    wow, a special piece. much melodic fluctuation 2.. I get the picture!

  3. Gillian Brutzki

    What a great song❤️

  4. Henriette Sick

    Henriette Sick!
    I'm loving that guy. BIG O
    I just gets goosebumps all over my body, every time I listen to him. It's very difficult for me not to go on listening to the Roy Obison's voice, his lyrics and his music. I'm so addicted, that I can listen to the same song again and again for a long time, without getting bored.
    When our daughters was living at home with Peter and I. And a guy had left them totally alone in the world, and they had been given the world's biggest heartbreaks, that never ever would have a single chance to disappear or simply diminish over time. Because this really wonderful, lovely, sweet and handsome guy, absolutely was the only appropriate guy working on this planet. He was also the only one guy worth being together with. No more love to them in their hole life time.
    When their hearts where broken, we always played some of Big O's albums. Every time they got tears in their eyes. And it gave them a very good chance just
    to cry and cry and cry, until there were no more tears. They still remember the songs and now they has Roy Obison as one of their favorite. Some times when they're taking about broken hearts or they're playing something of BIG O, a little tear can be seen in their eyes.
    From a Roy Obison fan who lives in Denmark and her two daughters who are liking him very much.

  5. Dave Dawson

    Utterly spellbinding track.

  6. pauline watson

    So true Elvislee I love ROY ORBISON and all these little heard songs from his albums are my favourites and there are so many of them Over the many years I have been a fan i have most of the albums and these are the songs I love most of all

  7. elvisleeboy

    People complain about music like this being overlooked, but, it's better that way. It means there are all these little treasures to discover. Those that take the time to discover them, deserve them and those that don't discover anything without it being spoonfed to them, do not. Does anyone really want their favourite songs, the ones that feel so personal, to suddenly become very popular and taken from you and become everyones?

    pauline watson

    No let's keep them to ourselves SELFISH? maybe but you can get really attached to some songs. You won't hear them being played anywhere else so they are your yours in a way x

  8. janna Bosma


  9. Fern Reed

    I too had never heard this one before but it is a beautifl song and so Orbison!!!!!!
    he was a very special guy!!!

  10. pauline watson

    I just keep coming back to this song I have loved ROY and his music for many years but sometimes a song just hits you This one did and i love it Not a hit but to me beautiful Thank you so much for uploading it Datsmay xx

  11. Ruud Kippie

    I heard this song long time ago on a radio fanclub evening. Never heard it before, did not even mean what the text was about, but my heart broke and so the tears. The emotion the drama, the climax. Amazing. Wy is this kind of music underappreciated?

  12. pauline watson

    Absolutely beautiful ROY at his best Love this song Thanks for uploading Datsmay xx