Roy Orbison - Danny Boy Lyrics

Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen and down the mountain side
The summer's gone and all the roses dying
'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bye
But come ye back when summer's in the meadow
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow
And I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow
Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy I love you so

But if he come and all the roses dying
And I am dead, as dead I well may be
He'll come here and find the place where I am lying
And kneel and say an ava there for me

And I shall feel, oh soft you tread above me
And then my grave will richer, sweeter be
For you will bend and tell me that you love me
And I shall rest in peace until you come to me

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Roy Orbison Danny Boy Comments
  1. Shirley Hume

    I love Roy Orbison songs his voice is so nice.

  2. Mike Eldridge

    a great song done by a man who could sing words we understand

  3. NANCY Madson

    No one can ever have a voice like he had. And his songs dealt with lives that dealt with everyones feelings of love for everyones relationships

  4. elwood blues

    roserun stay in my heart and soul until we get to the finish line

  5. Nana Peak

    Beautiful! I am a Roy Orbison fan anyway.

  6. Michael D Rose


  7. davekathybanks

    The Man with the Lonely Beautiful Voice.

  8. Mike C

    No wonder he was Elvis' s favourite singer.

  9. Nana Peak

    Beautiful rendition of Danny Boy! I'm a Roy Orbison fan anyway.

  10. truth agenda

    Just stunning from Roy.What a great voice.

  11. Bryce D. Anderson

    wow.....what a voice this man had.....whoa....

  12. Mike Kelly

    The great Roy Orbison - the light of Heaven to him.

  13. Shirley Jennings

    Roy's music will live on forever.

  14. matrox

    The man could definitely sing.

  15. Tony O keeffe


  16. Gentle Lucius

    What a peace... so beautiful...

  17. Ray S

    OMG! The chills I get from this man's voice are almost unending

  18. 2peter1v2

    Roy Orbison, a taste that has grown on me as I have aged. I appreciate his voice and style many times more now than I did as a youth. This rendition of the classic is fantastic. One of the criteria all the talent shows look for is whether or not a contestant can "make a song there own". Well, Roy made this song his own. It's different, and that's what makes it so memorable. His voice is perfect for this song and he performs it masterfully.

  19. Bevin Bailey

    Fullerbrush...give yourself an UPPERCUT you wanker  !!!!!

  20. Lily Viterbo

    Beautiful rendition! ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Dangerous Dennis

    God bless the mighty O. ............... x

  22. John Coyle

    I only wish my immigrant Irish parents were still alive to hear this .

  23. barbara covell

    roy you made
    this song your own
    we miss you

  24. James Krisiewicz

    Years ahead of his time one of the most fantastic voices ever

  25. John Coyle

    In the past an Irish Tenor owned this . No more .

  26. Rod Middleton

    One of the greatest singers always  listen too Roy

  27. Alva Chellman

    My. UQa


  28. Alwey Wong

    Lost his wife in a motorcycle accident and two boys in a fire. Lived about five miles from me.

    Paul Mac

    Alwey Wong did you meet him much ?

  29. Mária Szabadkai


  30. ludovicus janssens

    so said

  31. zondaintheair

    I used to laugh at this man because i was young and naive, then you grow up and realise.

  32. Eileen Slater

    The very best. His voice has me in floods. No one else can put so much meaning into a song. Bless you Roy.
    Only the Lonely and Blue Angel made me cry when I was 15 and now I am 73 and still he makes me cry.

  33. Pam Mckellar


  34. Alexander Ball

    Roy never met an octave that he couldn't climb to it's magnificent peak!

  35. Lakshmanan L M

    A version I could get behind!

  36. Wendy Morton

    The his voice in this rendition of Danny Boy is the very best I’ve ever heard. There are songs I love more by Roy but this is amazing. Roy is by far the best singer I will ever hear in my life time. So glad to have have lived in his time.

  37. Wee Meng CHUA

    Ane of the best covers ever


    This Texas boy could really belt em' out. Awesome voice. R.i.p. Roy

  39. mobley Mobley

    I never liked my name, until now...

  40. Kaylyn Landry

    that quiver🤩🤩

  41. Peter Ash

    None I mean none better than Roy brilliant RIP Roy !

  42. John Krim

    Roy Orbison and Linda Rondstat the two greatest voices of my generation and all time.

  43. Tony Oldham

    This man is absolutely incredible. I can listen to him all day long and many days I do. He left us all at such a young age. RIP my good man

  44. Sheila Davis

    Some said that Elvis said Roy Orbinson was the greatest singer he had ever heard I heard Elvis said this in a interview that it had nothing to do with their friendship but Jackie Wilson was the greatest singer he had ever heard ?? ok now Elvis which one is it Roy or Jackie ? well I believe Elvis wasn't being quite honest when had made both statements //image Elvis taking a rest by the pool at his house laying in a lounge chair with his sunglasses😎on & 🚬& yes drinking 🍺or 2 -or it could had been some thing else he was drinking ?? & listening to some of the songs he had sung & Elvis ☺ smiling all the time dancing to the music songs that he had recorded &. believe Elvis was doing a real- Jail House 🎸 Rock & after 1 more hit of peach brandy he
    realize that he was All Shook Up 😉he went into the house to his bedroom looked into the mirror took a comb & brush ,slicked back his hair & said to him self Elvis my man Roy Orbinson & Jackie Wilson ARE NOT the greatest singers I have ever heard its I *Elvis Aaron Presley* is the greatest singer I ( he ) has ever heard 😉& then he bow & said what he usally saids after each perfomance and that was : *THANK 🎸 YOU 🎤VERY MUCH * & yes I would most certainly say that .. Elvis 🌟 Presley was one of the greatest entertainers that ever live 👏 & 👏 🎤🎶🎵🎶🎼😘

  45. terrence gurnee

    the best I have ever heard and I was born in Belfast

  46. Darold Bannister

    If Roy had been handsome he'd have been more famous than Elvis. Just my opinion.

  47. Dan Shirley

    What album includes this song

  48. Pkia 1050

    Elvis was right when in an interview he was asked how does it feel to be the World's best singer?
    He said he didn't know ,you better go ask Roy Orbison.

  49. Pkia 1050

    So Godly.

  50. Dino Santos

    Maravilhosas e imortais baladas..!

  51. Tom Barnwell

    Simply the best

  52. Lyn Parker

    What a voice!

  53. George Thompson

    His voice shakes my soul, His voice makes me wish I could go back and say the right thing the right way to my loved ones. Roy you give me so much to savor and give my heart a warmth that's been missing for so long.

  54. Harry Versteege

    Roy Orbison was een natuurtalent. Dit is ook weer zo'n pareltje van hem. Wat een mooie rustige stem.Zijn ballads zijn wonderschoon, prachtig en uniek.

  55. Freddie Hogg

    The best rendition of this tune ever done

  56. Billy Whitmore

    What can i say it’s beatiful

  57. michael shelley

    amazing man with amazing voice what a great rendition

  58. motormouth155

    Thanks Twinkle beautiful version.

  59. Mike Eldridge

    Roy always gave his best

  60. white terrier

    Wow, absolutely brilliant .

  61. john andrews

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Voice, song, arrangement, just beautiful.

  62. Dan Robitaille

    My mom called me Daniel only because of her love for this song.  Now, I'm hearing one of my favourite singers of all time sing it.  I miss you mom!   love you,  Danny boy

  63. Peter Ash

    Elvis Costello once said Roy Orbison was the finest white singer ever ! It is true !

  64. Ros Lawrence

    best version ive ever heard

  65. lol lol

    I grow up with this man in my ears.....its sad how people now don't know what real music is.

  66. Francisco Oliveira

    Beauty voice. Wonderful songs. Giant Roy Orbison.

  67. Night Lion

    was ein toller mann!!!

  68. JediSawyer

    Hope that Roy Orbinson Holograph show comes to Seattle soon.


    i am forever indebted to this guy, for his existence & excellence.

  70. Desmond Gahan

    Fuck the ads

  71. Jim Enright jamesenright17

    one of the most difficult songs to sing bravo

  72. Cheryl Daniel

    Miss you Roy

  73. Luis Franco

    Godly voice

  74. sawtnpeppa

    with all these old posts, and, here I am writing mine.. I had read on other versions of Danny Boy, that Roy Orbison's was " the best" certainly very powerful voice.. the " extra" verses are they part of the song to begin with, and they just get left out when singing it, or did he write them? curious to know ..

  75. Dougllas Greene

    RIP Sen. John McCain- the last of a breed

  76. sawtnpeppa

    came here on the comment on an" original" version of Danny Boy, I am simply blown away what a voice!!

  77. Peter Ash

    Best artist ever and could sing in 4 octaves try that if you can !

  78. Alwey Wong

    The burdens he had, wife dies in motorcycle accident. Two boys killed in a fire.

  79. Peter Ash

    Perfect as always RIP mister brilliance !

  80. Gary Leeson

    It's all been said, no equal simply the best RIP Roy.

  81. John Backhurst

    The best voice of all time and such range and passion.

  82. Enrique dominguez Iglesias

    El mejor del universo bendiciones para ud,sus musicos y compositor,10:00PM,8/1/2018/, Raleigh,NC.


    My father loved "Danny Boy". This brings tears to my eyes. I love you dad.

  84. Roy Smith

    daddy I love you .!!

  85. Desmond Gahan

    What a fantastic voice

  86. Sandy

    Roy was amazing! I think this was overproduced - he didn't need it

  87. Sean Cleverly

    One of the most touching and hauntingly beautiful songs ever penned, matched with one of the greatest voices ever possessed of mortal man. There simply aren't enough superlatives!

  88. Brian Chambers

    Is there anything roy can't sing absolutely brilliant beautiful boyond words thank you for this wonderful post

  89. Desmond Gahan

    Great version

  90. swordy54

    Gotta be the best version ever

  91. Abc 60 King

    The best version is up to the listener - We all have different tastes in music. All of them are none of my business. Enjoy this version.

  92. Guy Furet

    Make sure you listen to the late Jackie Wilson's version

  93. Desmond Gahan

    Great Version

  94. Diana L. Clausen

    If this does not make your heart turn against war, nothing will. Thank you Roy Orbison and laserbird28

  95. Gary Leeson

    No equal, best ever, RIP.

  96. john byrne

    His head voice was just beautiful and free, very difficult to achieve without years of training and practice.