Roxy Music - The Bogus Man Lyrics

The bogus man is on his way
As fast as he can run
He's tired but he'll get to you
And shoot you with his gun
Focussed his mind
On something he cared about
But it came out a shout
Just like before
The bogus man is at your heels
Now clutching at your coat
You must be quick now hurry up
He's scratching at your throat
Concealed his doubt
By skilful evasion
But he couldn't find out
About deception
The bogus man is on his way
As fast as he can run
He's tired but he'll get to you
And show you lots of fun

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Roxy Music The Bogus Man Comments
  1. Paul N

    The first 2 Roxy Music albums are stunningly good.

  2. David Ellis

    Nice 🎷 ! Chaka ! Chaka !

  3. Rhea Donker

    Probably best song by roxy

  4. Stephen Clarke

    My mate Spud said a band called Roxy music were playing at Tiffney's Halifax.And did I fancy going.Think it was 1975.Everything was denim in those days.The initial sight of these super cool guys dressed in satin/velvet and furs.And the music was Alien but so super cool. Brilliant.

  5. Bernabé García Sánchez

    They say about Can, but this jam reminds me a bit of Gong, but in straight 4/4

  6. Les Toil

    When the lyrics start the song sounds EXACTLY like a song by The Clash I can't put my finger on. The said they were huge Roxy fans.

  7. ale ricciardi

    The Bogus Man got to 13 people and showed them lots of fun.

  8. Jeffrey Brown

    THE best album ever !!!! Takes me back to being 16 again. I'm now 61 and still LOVE this album.

    Jack Fahy

    The time is now old man

    Andreas Männel

    @Jack Fahy now is never old

    Jack Fahy

    Andreas Männel now is always old

  9. Ian Wyse

    The Bogus Man. Great song from a superb album !

  10. Philip Harrigan


  11. peter ross fletcher


  12. R D Moseley

    This is Eno influenced by 'Krautrock'. It's got Can and Neu written all over it.

  13. David Ellis

    Smooth Groove.Nice Sax.Chacka Chacka. Trump is the current Bogus man.Boogieman as well. Scary times in USA need music like this to soothe. Classic.

  14. Lady Tron

    Freak the neighbours out .Play it loud🧛‍♂️👹🧛‍♂️

  15. Kevan Wignall

    Only a genius could write this!

    Lady Tron

    Definitely 👍👍👍

  16. Kevan Wignall

    The bogus man is on his way
    As fast as he can run
    He's tired but he'll get to you
    And shoot you with his gun
    Focused his mind
    On something he cared about
    But it came out a shout
    Just like before
    The bogus man is at your heels
    Now clutching at your coat
    You must be quick now hurry up
    He's scratching at your throat
    Concealed his doubt
    By skillful evasion
    But he couldn't find out
    About deception
    The bogus man is on his way
    As fast as he can run
    He's tired but he'll get to you
    And show you lots of fun

  17. jesmond galea

    we use to use this as a Halloween theme song

  18. Rui Tavares

    What a fantastic song, way ahead of its time.

  19. mister E

    Eno had his paws all over this song!

  20. Robert Kotter

    Dem Stil war angebl. Nina Hagen mal total eqoulent, sie sagte in einem Interview, Roxy Music ist Punk, The Bogus Man .....ja

  21. Martin Dytham


  22. Aristocrat

    Remind me my school days, smoking hash listening to Roxy. Best ever

    Aida Buljubašić Đipa

    ooohh yeah, so good


    My all time favorite record. Nothing has beaten it.

    scott taylor

    ha me too

  23. Eric Garbin


  24. Hans Holland

    ...The bo-gus man is on his way - as-fast as he can-run!....

  25. Glen Boyle

    john porter on bass mean fat raw bassline makes that number and the great paul thompsons drumming so soild love that fat snare drum

  26. Colectivo audiovisual Zerkalo

    Uffffff!!!! Hallucinatory!!!!!!! this is kool music really!!

  27. vince9kub

    Not Jerry Hall on the cover as read below.. Amanda Lear here..
    oustanding album !

    Martine Strawson

    yes, Amanda Lear indeed

  28. Roxy Musique

    We play this song...

  29. Chris Hall

    Sister Ray for the 70s !

  30. Leo W

    Way ahead of their time. Almost any Roxy track could just as well have been recorded a decade later by people who were influenced by them. This could be 90s Mick Karn (R.I.P.), the title track from this album could be 80s Gary Numan or John Foxx ... and so on. Kraftwerk aside, it's hard to think of any one band as influential as Roxy Music in terms of style and musical innovation.


    Its well known fact that they took influence from krautrock.

  31. M. Lawson

    Almost 42 years ago!  The hideous AM stations here in the states at that time were playing Linyard Skinyard, Eagles, and America, or whatever.  Roxy was our lifeline on FM.

    Paul Andrew

    +SarahNgakaariHammond .WoodRatGirl I love British Music but we have plenty of great American bands.. Altough the quality and quantity that comes from the smaller of the two nations is amazing.


    The great music has always been out there, in the U.S. and U.K. It was just a question of whether the radio stations would play it. They wouldn't, and they still won't. But now we have the internet and YouTube.

    Green Genes

    @WoodRatGirl America was a ripoff of CS&N and yeah they sucked big time.

    John Smith

    yup..US radio was dominated by Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Steve Miller BanD, Peter Frampton..etc... BORING

    yes man

    College station in Colorado Springs played Roxy, Gentle Giant, Rosanne Cash, Nektar...and more!!!

  32. JZZY HIGHman

    They're were REALLY way ahead of the future!  Really AMAZING, I heard this on my way home, I didn't know it was ROXY MUSIC THANK GOD for SHAZAM & Youtube and You for loading this up.

  33. haan rob

    the three thumbs down does not know what true music provides the soul...takes me milling and moving toward Japan with David Sylivian,sure Wetton great bassist but not even Levin can hold a candle to Karn (R.I.P.}


    haan rob -- Love Sylvian too!

  34. Nikos Zilikis

    Fourty years old and still avantguarde!

  35. Kristopful

    Halloween approaches?..I'm going as the "Bogus man", dressed as 'Simon CowHole' with "rotting teeth."
    Horrific ; D

    Marion Taylor

    Kristopful Brilliant!

  36. Zoran Taylor

    This song is bogus, man.....NOT!!!!

  37. FU 2

    Nobody could have written this down. They must have just met in a studio and started playing their nightmares.

  38. Kristopful

    Epic horror movie could be made around this as a "soundtrack"..with "In Every Dream home a Heart ..." as a teaser..?
    Would make every horror movie ever made seem like a comedy, if done well.?
    Look at what was done with "Flashbacks of a Fool.." The music made it EPIC. They made many scenes fit with the music.

  39. mark harvey

    This album set the standard for years, and even now, is probably one of the best albums ever created in my opinion.

  40. Phoenix Rising

    GOOSEBUMPS GUARANTEED - - This is a journey out there, in the underground :-P

  41. tmbfca

    This was the first album I bought. I married the bogus man. later on, and now no more. I am a bit fed up that, having heard about "skillful evasion", I didn't spot it. Cost me eighteen years of my life. Duuugh!

  42. Clyde Robinson

    If dadaism had a sound this would be it.

  43. phil2856

    I agree, one of the best.

  44. Jan Verweij

    i love roxy music

  45. beneveldenco

    this music is pure magic

  46. Magnanimous Imperium

    This is definitely a night time song. As a fan of film noir and dark, often night-dominated thrillers, I love the images this piece of music conjures up in the mind. It's inspired me to do such unorthodox and unusual things in music myself.

  47. Glen Boyle

    love that fat snare and bass lie gives me a.right head rush man,

  48. mark harvey

    The whole album was ground breaking. It was superior to everything, even bowie at the time


    mark harvey - Agreeing with the first 2 statements of your comment, though struggling with the Bowie bit at the end...I'm a huge fan of the year was '73...Bowie produced LPs 'Aladdin Sane ' (love the word pun - a lad in sane - probably intended too!) plus 'Pin Ups'. The 2 hit singles produced from Aladdin Sane was 'The Jean Genie' & 'Drive-In Saturday'. The album peaked at #1 in the UK. Rolling Stone Album Guide rated the album 5/5 stars. Bowie's other album for '73, 'Pin Ups' included the song 'Sorrow' that peaked at #3 in the UK Charts. The album peaked at #1 also on the UK Charts. Rolling Stone Album Guide rated the album 2/5 stars. For Roxy Music in '73 it also produced 2 albums 'For Your Pleasure', and 'Stranded' - with great songs 'Do The Strand' and 'In Every Dream a Heartache'. The album peaked at #4 on the UK Charts. Rolling Stone Album Guide rated the album 5/5 star. Roxy Music's other album for '73 was 'Stranded' and it featured great songs 'Street Life' that peaked at #9 on the UK Charts and 'Mother of Pearl'. The album peaked at #1 on the UK Charts. Rolling Stone Album Guide rated the album 4/5 stars. Therefore in summing up as to whether Roxy Music was superior to David Bowie in '73 - the results speaks for themselves - NO - Roxy Music was in no way superior to David Bowie in '73. Roxy Music was equivocal to David Bowie.

  49. hiddenfire65

    I remember Eno saying once that this should have gone further out, like Can. Sounds a little like Can. Compare this to Tago Mago and "Halleluwah".


    To DamnShit95 ~ Nicht alles ist, Maaaaaaann gefälscht. Sie finden irgendein gutes, wenn Sie halten zu suchen. Unterhalt auf an halten.
    Keep on keeping on, Steeffy ☼ ;-j

  51. Connor Potter

    Mind blowing tunes for a 15 year old.that puts it at 72-3 ish.wicked ain t enuff to describe this.

  52. Aaron Howard

    Even at 9:21, I never find this song to be tedious or boring. It could go on for 20 minutes and I'd be dandy! What a great, groovy tune!

  53. Davie13Thistle

    Aw MaaaaaaaaaaaaaN!
    Wot more do you want!
    1973 Extreme!
    lived it luvd it!

    Love you Roxy Music!

  54. Gerrie Hendriks

    I liked Roxy with Eno. This is a great example.

  55. Darryl Lawrence

    Easy to follow, milk115, just give yourself over...

  56. Darren Hoggett

    Plenty of Eno's influence in this one, which is why it's probably one of their best ever tracks. Madness' 'Grey Day' is based on this (not that it's immediately obvious) but it showed what a diverse range of bands Roxy influenced.

  57. blacknganga

    @SupperOfTheMightyOne +
    Syd Barret =half forgotten Genius.

  58. blacknganga

    @SupperOfTheMightyOne Glad you agree... Floyd's and Zeppelin's MUSIC on the other hand is 5/5.

  59. blacknganga

    @SupperOfTheMightyOne Led Zeppelin and Floyd by comparison to Roxy Music have very pretentious lyrics. Roxy Music have no pretence whatsoever.

  60. 65yello

    to close eye`s at 4:15

  61. honkydudeman


  62. Stephen Davis

    Remember this one? The birth of English (man) Eno.

  63. Stephen Davis

    These songs are still sacred to me nowadays... a link to my (our) past when everything seemed to be alright with the world (1986) and Eno and Krimson were still my intense discovery bands of the day.

  64. Leadhead444

    Good beat!

  65. thomas devine

    I must give an apology. These cats were too much.

  66. oogie11

    umm hmm, I do agree....and just by this song alone, I can tell that the band Magazine were greatly influenced by Roxy Music.

  67. SjoerdDekker

    I sailed ;-) on dutch mv Emmaplein in those days and remember the roxy also When I came in teignmouth in some cheesy pub playing virginia plain from the juxebox seem to light up the wholeplace


    Cheers 'blijjj' ☺ It was very tight stopping it before Gray Lagoons immediately starts up, yea.. This is taken from the 1999 Remastered Edition CD. I would guess your old kids might place it 10 to 15yrs later than it was? It's a sublime piece alright...not 'alf! ;-j


    we are Family, like burley chasis, i got all my cards in one shoe ;-j

  70. remindbender

    roger.campagne: champman. "chick~anno". dominion ov thee veneloving beereaters.

  71. Mick DeVille

    excellent track from a superb album. nice cover too, amanda leer taking the cat out!



    ! !
    ☺<......25 or 6 to 4 ;-j


  73. remindbender

    black w/hole bursting
    panta rhei born

  74. Corey Lascaris

    You ratings seem not to work,i have been replaying it for days/weeks.******A+

  75. Arckitekt

    great album !

  76. ajb15002

    Turn the lights down, break out the headphones and listen to the layers of sound and events... No drugs required. ENJOY !!!

  77. revjimbob

    It was Amanda Lear on this one.


    Really!? I didn't know [email protected], [email protected]'s an eye-opener! lol ;-)

  79. vinto34

    i like all of roxy music's early album covers ...they had some classy women on them like this one...the panther is quite hard to see ,i had this on vinyl years ago...nice.

  80. nameofthepen

    This was fantastic!

    If it were a visual, would it be Harold Lloyd sleepwalking along the parapet of a skyscraper?

  81. ELGROOVER's a perennial favourite ☺ Roxy Music @ the top of their game.


    All the the final gasp! Yw, enj☺y......


    You're welcome ☺

    'jjdeanandpigstypaul' have done a cool animation to this but it stops short @ 05:14. I was gutted!! The full track needed to be put up ; it's a blinder, I never tire of this...