Roxy Music - Re-Make / Re-Model Lyrics

I tried but I could not find a way
Looking back all I did was look away
Next time is the best we all know
But if there is no next time where to go'
She's the sweetest queen I've ever seen (CPL593H)
See here she comes, see what I mean' (CPL593H)
I could talk talk talk, talk myself to death
But I believe I would only waste my breath
Ooh show me

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Roxy Music Re-Make / Re-Model Comments
  1. Han Miao

    Looking back all I did was look away

  2. Rodga

    1st time i've heard this in years - fucking amazing timeless music...

  3. Mal Cubed

    C P L 5 9 3 H

  4. Mildly Amusing Channel

    This was the first Roxy Music album I ever bought... soon as I heard this track I was utterly blown away, and instinctively I just knew the entire album was going to be an absolute classic! And hell yeah, I was right! <3 <3 <3

  5. clive taylor

    The sound of the future!

  6. Nicholas Barchak

    Now, that's what I'm talkin' about! We said, "It's not rock, folks, it's Roxy!"

  7. Kevin Fitzgerald


  8. Jack Wehrung

    Very Talking Heads before TH.

  9. Alexander Kovaleski


  10. Herbert Jansen


  11. Mellow Medan

    When were we told music was PUNK ROCK ?? 1973 with ROXY ahead ...Unique

  12. Gurgis Jones

    You can even faintly hear the song's music in the background of the cafe/restaurant at the beginning if you listen really closely.

  13. Michael Platter

    Early ROXY MUSIC with Brian Eno were the best. When Brian Eno had left the Band after Album "For your Pleasure" the Band had lost the Awesomeness.

  14. noteverton

    Jeez, that snare!!!

  15. M Mess

    This piece was my initiation into music, like I didn't know it before, and I was 9 years old. I still remember hearing it for the first time. I also liked Do The Strand, the much bigger hit, but I appreciated this one, because the other one was too much of a charts music for me. Brian Eno can do what he wants to, today, therefore he doesn't do anything sophisticated or interesting anymore today ...

  16. Les Banks

    CBF 953H....... Any one have this registration?

    Simon Bestre

    No, still looking. Like still looking for an album as utterly original and amazing as this!!

  17. Kelly14UK

    That's some bass player in there

  18. Kelly14UK

    Small wonder DD love their music : )

  19. RoverenderAlligator

    It sounded like nothing before & it sounds like nothing since. Unique!

  20. SkyMan07

    Now THAT'S how to open an album!

  21. Klaus Toth

    an album like a cocaine snowstorm (including the beautiful virginia plain, which was not on the original vinyl)

  22. Luxury Yacht

    The vocals sound like talkingheads.

    Greg Hubbard

    This is a few years before the Talking Heads ever existed kid

    Luxury Yacht

    @Greg Hubbard
    I know. You are right i am kid but i am fan both roxy music and talking heads. I think david byrne may of took inspiration from the vocals of ferry.

  23. Mellow Medan

    Punk , Grunge , Goth ,, New wave and New Romantic ,,,, all there ,,years before the genres were heard..revolutionary and so before its time. Young people today are bought upon souless garbage.... thank God I had this in my youth !!

  24. Carl

    Still listening to this.

  25. barry clarke

    We all use to listen to this at a mates parents garage when it first came out didnt no wat the fuk the lyrics meant but the music n the album cover and how the guys dressed especially ferrari n eno had us hooked !

  26. Stephen Garcia

    I always passed on this album as a kid in my early days of record collecting while digging in bins, cover totally threw me off.

  27. Alec Colesnic


  28. richard murphy

    Still think first album this one the dogs bollocks seriously

  29. Ian Werden

    M'gawd I love this song!! It kinda sounds like Eno.

  30. Oscar Chile

    that guitar is pure james Williamson on Raw Power!

  31. Cockney Red

    so far ahead of its time,we still haven't arrived yet.

  32. Kel B

    I don't think there is a better first track on a first album


    saxisphone player is the leader of them dont forget it hes the identity of roxy

  34. Frank Howarth

    CPL593H is a Blue Austin

  35. 3rdpapaya


  36. Blake70

    How rockin is this!!!!

  37. Cockney Red

    CPL 593H

  38. Daniel Hudelson

    This is what they played first, the first time i saw them open for Steve Miller in '72, having no idea who they were. Their set was greeted mostly with a collective reaction of "wtf??"
    The drummer is insanely good on this.

  39. 2badradio


  40. Rob Verschoor

    Ending drum by Paul Thompson, awesome!

  41. 320 Parks

    28IF & CPL5938 rock n roll vanity plates.

  42. Dee Donner Ramone

    Major influence of British music, Roxy Music.

  43. Bob Berch

    4:57 how fast is that drum?!

  44. arthur Deth

    First support band I ever saw 5 days after the Bickershaw festival that came back on for 5 encores.

  45. Drex Mason

    Living in Indiana, I was one of the few people in my circle who appreciated how tight and robust this entire album was.

    Alec Sabaday

    "Tight and robust" what an enchanting way to put it, nice.

  46. Diego Muñoz Castillo

    Muy buena y extensa colección. Hay un mismo sentimiento musical.

  47. Paul Desmarais

    Roxy Music peaks!

  48. zoso gm

    an underated song on an underated album. the creation of art rock, genius roxy music

  49. Steve Houston

    Angry... Discordant... Urgent... Beautiful... This song is the essence of rock and roll!

  50. neil adlington

    I must be going senile. I haven't heard this song in decades and yet damned if I wasn't singing along. Meanwhile I'm looking for my reading glasses every other hour.

  51. Mike Reiss

    In some ways this almost sounds like the missing King Crimson album between Islands and LTIA.

    Ashley Shaw

    Robert Fripp is the producer 👍

  52. billyblooboy

    What can you class Roxy Music under,,,,???? so unique and still so cool.

  53. sean craine

    This just SOUNDS like cocaine

    Burlats de Montaigne

    Newcastle Brown, mate.

    Ortografía para pobres

    Si, suena a meterse perico

    Pieter Kock

    this just sounds like COCAINE

  54. Andrew Green

    early roxy ...awesome

  55. arthur Deth

    CPL 593H CPL 593H (Apparently the registration of a car spotted by Mr Ferry which was occupied by some attractive lady)

    Mike Reiss

    It was his old car if I'm not mistaken in which he saw a woman who looked a model driving it(back when models had to be attractive unlike the ugly weird looking women they are these days).

    Mark Jones

    Thanks for that i always wondered what it meant

  56. Roberto Arturo Pérez Ramos

    Another wonderful intro by Roxy Music

  57. realskybluepink

    Scorching, Roxy Music is eternal. <3

  58. Andy Robinett

    Frank Black of the Pixies does a great version of this!

  59. Ian Wyse

    Amazing track. Musically it just has everything you could want from a band !

  60. Barry Coad

    some people are lot so lucky, they never hear this album... too bad

    Rapisu and Hamutarou

    They might notice in Flashbacks of a Fool.

  61. Jo Jojo

    The first time I heard this was 1973. Like most I was still hoping the Beatles would do something again. Enjoying Elton John, Spooky Tooth and Wishbone Ash. Then someone put this on and like most, I was totally blown away. There is still nothing to compare to early Roxy and Ferry.

    Cockney Red

    1973.what a year,and the one after,and the one before.....damn,the WHOLE fucking decade.
    Roxy's first two albums were milestones in a country FULL of milestones in music.

    Stuart Wait

    Agree with that ...had just done the hippy thing with all the navel gazing this lifted my head up :)

    martin chambers

    Oh yes there was, David Bowie

    Kel B

    Beatles who? ;)

  62. eugene johnson

    by far the best they ever did.  But hey they had Brian Eno

    Barry Coad

    actually Eno says, Roxy 3 is their best ... what a team player

    S Frederici

    Just say you don't like Eno - & you can tell his contribution was not minimal - all the first 4-5 RM albums were inspired genius be it Eno-Jobson


    " such nonsense as Sinéad O'Connor and U2." - I remember being 12


    The Roxy sound wouldn't have existed without Eno. End of......


    @Jo Jojo what makes roxy music unique is eno, you clearly dont understand what he did to make every song stand out.

  63. eugene johnson

    for me a stunning album at the time

  64. leslie wright

    thank you,,,,

  65. Christopher Nason

    I always thought it was, "See here she don't see what I mean."

    FU 2

    +Christopher Nason That's what it is. Isn't it?

    Christopher Nason

    +strewf No apparently it's: "See here she comes, see what I mean."

  66. gahan101

    4:11>4:25 must've been Depeche Mode inspiration for their track 'Soft Touch/Raw Nerve' from their last album(2013).

  67. Arthur F. Scaltrito

    Carrie Ann is prettiest of all the Roxy Music "Cover Girls"


    Kari-Ann Muller, Amanda Lear, Marilyn Cole, the German frauleins, Jerry Hall...take your pick. You wouldn't turn any one of them down in their prime.

    Dee Donner Ramone

    That's a man, man,

    Mack T

    I always thought it was the sax player in drag.


    Dee Donner Ramone. Amanda Lear...Bowie was enraptured with the "girl from the sleeve" and he was definitely into that.

    The For Your Pleasure cover image itself is striking nonetheless black panther & leather. Whereas the debut album's cover has a faded glamour aspect to it.

    My personal favorite is the girl on the inside of the gatefold of Flesh + Blood, and the full gatefold photo of Cole on Stranded is also visually appealing

    R. Brooks Williams

    Its interesting that Chris Jagger married the first Roxy cover-girl, and big brother Mick married the fifth Roxy cover-girl, Jerry Hall - on the island of Bali.


    another remaster disaster

    Cockney Red

    got to agree.the original album mix is way way above this.
    there are whole parts missing and the instruments sound like they were all recorded separately.
    its a cliche,but like most cliches,true:

  69. robert m.

    i was in heaven being all of 15 and seeing those 2 nights when Roxy Music, with Brian Eno, played The Whiskey. Eno was out front handing out Roxy buttons, which i still have. those were the days!

  70. Barack Bramhall

    Wow I never realized how different this song sounds when I'm not blasting it in my ears.

  71. Robert Rousset

    L'entente entre Bryan ferry et Brian Eno était encore parfaite, l’harmonie semble idéale entre les 4 principaux musiciens, n'oublions pas Andrew Mackay :aux saxophone et hautbois, et Phil Manzanera à la guitare; en France Virginia Plain ne fut pas diffusé dans ce 1er 33 tour...

  72. Poate Maine

    I tried but I could not find a way
    Looking back all I did was look away
    Next time is the best time we all know
    But if there is no next time where to go?
    She`s the sweetest queen I`ve ever seen (CPL593H)
    See here she comes see what I mean? (CPL593H)
    I could talk talk talk talk talk myself to death
    But I believe I would only waste my breath
    Ooh show me

  73. noteverton

    Spot on. Every album has a great snare sound. Fantastic.

  74. Glen Boyle

    the graat paul thompsons drummer hits like a hammer lighting from the gods.

  75. Cockney Red

    were we extremely lucky to be teenagers when this was released or what ? and especially in England and London in particular.the most exciting era for music without any doubt,and Roxy were a massive part of that.Believe it or not,Joe Strummer was a huge fan


    Wish he was still around...

  76. FezzantPlucka

    I've always wanted to know where that registration number came from.


    Ferry spotted an attractive blonde on several occasions driving a car with this number plate. It was a red Mini Clubman.

  77. Kristopful

    Check out the live German "MusikLaden" performance...It seriously kicks ass.!

  78. Karin Anna Maria

    Haha that's true. I can hear Roxy in Scissor Sisters, Donna Summer, Ladytron (of course)... and the ones you mentioned. They sound sooo modern today, it's amazing.

  79. Karin Anna Maria

    rock. sexy. music.

  80. Garry Morris

    where is CPL593H now? I want it!

  81. Robert Black

    See here she comes see what I mean.

  82. MitchelGant

    This song is fucking mental. In a good way. :)

  83. ralucagymnast

    oops I meant "of" all time lol

  84. ralucagymnast

    One of my favourite songs off all time; sublime♥

  85. Glen Boyle

    the great thompson drumming is wicked and has a massive fat snare and bass the guv of 70,s and now know his sound as soon as i hear just the bomb,

  86. lyonslaforet

    Roxy Music is one of the most important albums in the history of rock.

    Mildly Amusing Channel

    I'd throw in Country Life and Stranded too (and possibly Siren)

  87. tomitheory

    help! I'm still not Brian Jones.
    I really liked this record. I also really like Virginia Plain. (Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music)

  88. tomitheory

    I have NEVER been Brian Jones!

  89. Ieva Kalēja

    :) We were drinking with a friend, my classmate at his home and enjoying this CD from his father collection. But now it seems it's time to buy my own .:)

  90. FezzantPlucka

    Does anyone know who that car belonged to or if it ever even existed?

  91. buschnic61

    If I were in this new "group" in 1972-and I was a 21 yo. drummer named Paul Thompson, and I was the anchor of this creative blitzkrieg of a band, and I went to the studio and heard the playback of my new "groups" album that's gonna come out soon..through million dollar monitors ..and this was the opening track..I think I would shit myself...that's just me.

  92. blackandtanful

    ROXY・MUSIC~様々なよこしま顔を魅せるファーストの快楽~~退廃ロックンロールの極み”REMAKE REMODEL"

  93. Alec Luis

    I just adore the idea at the end of the song, it's like they basically just said -

    "hey, lets just let everyone have a fucking solo!"

    hell ya!

  94. Kevin Mathews

    When all around me was Top of the Pops , pointless, meaningless, uninspiring chart fodder. They were there. Different. Unique. Brilliant. The only music that takes me back with affection.

  95. Karen Bennett

    @2009elbow i remember this and many Roxy albums , i would be about 8, i can't explain why but their tracks seemed to be more melodic and contain "more stuff" that made them stand out from other bands, i dont know if it was Ferrys singing or what but they weren't a "normal" band

  96. NataS

    3:25 thumbs up for the Day Tripper riff

  97. Matt Michels

    I tried but I could not find a way
    Looking back all I did was look away
    Next time is the best time we all know
    But if there is no next time where to go-go-oh-go-oh-go-oh-oh
    She's the sweetest queen I've ever seen (CPL593H)
    See here she comes, see what I mean' (CPL593H)
    I could talk talk talk talk talk myself to death
    But I believe I would only waste my breath
    Ooh show me

  98. Kevin Mathews

    The track that changed my life. 1972, Thirteen years Old, I came across this.