Roxy Music - Amazona Lyrics

Is a zone where
There is no doubt
No more fall-out -
Why don't you step
Through the mirror and see'
From Arizona
To Eldorado
Sure is a mighty long way.
Hey little girl
Is something wrong'
I know it's hard
For you to get along
The bell-tower rings
It tolls a hollow sound
But your castles in Spain
Still may be realised
And longings more profound.
You see - every cloud
Has a silver lining
And sometimes paradise
Around your corner lies.
In Amazona everything is nice
Little one - come take my hand'
I'll try to help you there -
I'll take you there.
Getting closer
Oh soon you'll see.
Journey's over
We're almost there

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Roxy Music Amazona Comments
  1. Geoffrey Darcy

    They knew , what Bowie , ,Steve Winwoood , and few others knew.

  2. gary morgan

    So few comments for one of the best songs ever written with brilliant playing and production too. That guitar solo,,,,wow!

  3. Paperback

    Phil Manzanera is a GENIUS...

    gary morgan

    Sho Nuff as Capt Beefheart would've said.

  4. sandero abrahams

    eentje voor jou thomas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    From EastEnders to Elderado ...sure is a mighty long way!

  6. Pavanesound

    So amazing! Love this more polished studio version but really can't get enough of Mr. Ferry's performance of this at Musikladen. Amazona...anyone got directions?


    go inwards