Roxette - Watercolours In The Rain Lyrics

Going through the motions
Ending up
Nowhere at all
Can't see the sun on my wall

Going through emotions
Ending up
On a frozen morning
With a heart not even broken

Seems I've been running
All my life
All my life

Seems I've been running
All my life
All my life
All my life
Like watercolours in the rain

Find a place to settle down
Get a job
In a city nearby
And watch the trains
Roll on by

I'll find the falling star
I'll fall In love
With the eyes of a dreamer
And a dream worth believing

Seems I've been running
All my life
All my life

Seems I've been running
All my life
All my life
All my life
Like watercolours in the rain

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Roxette Watercolours In The Rain Comments
  1. Celular Nuevo

    Total masterpiece. Rest in peace, talented Marie Fredriksson.

  2. Somos Animales

    Miss you so much

  3. John Vanderlip

    Perhaps the finest female lead vocalist and performer in pop/rock history. She left us her incredible body of work that will live on forever! Such a beautiful self written ballad this by Marie!

  4. Rocio Meza

    Hermoso tema que en paz descanses Marie😢

  5. Tara Rhodes

    Yep this is my song. Thank you ..marie. Rip.

  6. hemanthack

    RIP Marie, thank you for the beautiful music you gave over the years. 😢

  7. marcos augusto vieira de almeida

    Thankx Marie for this and all those songs of you! Miss you! RIP

  8. jaseypacey

    This song resonated with me so much and still holds a huge part of my heart - seems like some of us have been running our entire lives as well - RIP Marie xxx

  9. Julio César Vilca Aguilar

    Con esta canción te recordaremos, Marie.....

    Jose Luis Crespo Gomez

    no era de las mas conocidas pero era una de mis faboritas.

  10. Differenz Maschine

    this is for you, Marie. My childhood is coming back to me. Roxette was
    the first band I saw in concert as a young boy. Unforgotten.

  11. Ximena Ximena

    Rest in peace my dear... one of the best singer ...


    Ximena Ximena yes, sorry for all of us 😐

  12. Shar Lee RV

    It must have been tumor, but is over now 🥺 RIP Marie and thanks 🙏🏻

    steven mandl

    damn, that's cold wow

    Celular Nuevo

    Qué imbécil, Dios mío...

  13. Grah Pasulj

    RIP melodie from my childhood...

  14. ktlz9

    good bey

  15. verjan2

    :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( RIP

  16. Osiel Santos

    My favorite CD.beeest

  17. Clare PoisonedAppleUK

    Beautiful song.

  18. Edvaldo Valsique

    Uma linda música numa linda voz!

  19. 余建輝


    Watercolours in the Rain

    Going through the motions.
    Ending up nowhere at all.
    Can't see the sun on my wall.
    Going through emotions.
    Ending up on a frozen morning
    with a heart not even broken.

    Seems I've been running
    all my life all my life.
    Seems I've been running
    all my life all my life
    like watercolours in the rain.

    Find a place to settle down.

    Get a job in a city nearby
    and watch the trains roll on by.
    I'll find the falling star.
    I'll fall in love with the eyes of a dreamer
    and a dream worth believing.

    Seems I've been running
    all my life all my life.
    Seems I've been running
    all my life all my life
    like watercolours in the rain.

  20. sergio rossi

    La banda de la historia de muchos

  21. Heziel Evangelista Braga

    Roxette é parte da minha vida de minha história.

  22. alla belevica

    My love/

  23. allan 157

    Linda canção maravilhosa 💓 extraordinária letra de Marie me traz tanta recordações 💓

  24. Eva Fesperman

    one of my favorite roxxett song of all time.... love you Marie and Per... wish the best for you.... praying for your cancer Marie to go away.... this song is me... watercolors in the rain.... thanks for video too....

  25. Joey Silva A.K.A. Daddy!!

    One of my fav bands as a kid got to see them a couple of times in their prime !they write the most amazing songs!

  26. Andrew Harmon

    Sentimentally speaking, this is my favorite Roxette song, the one that has stuck with me past the others. Compared to almost everything else Marie and Per recorded over the years, this is about as straightforward and stripped down as they got (which may not be saying much since there's an orchestration here, so it isn't exactly a small production). Here Marie doesn't engage in hard singing, and Per's songwriting connects the sadness between lyric and melody well. The synergy is good, I think, because Gessle and Fredriksson wrote the song together, and she always had a flair for melancholia compared to him. Here Marie's lower register conveys the song's themes of loneliness and an unrealized dream. And yet Per gives you in the second verse just enough a glimmer of hope to run like a current throughout the rest of the song: "and a dream worth believing." Most of all, for me at least, there's that chorus lyric: "Seems I've been running all my life, all my life, all my life... like watercolours in the rain." A stunning, singular moment in the Roxette canon never repeated.


    exe what now? lol funny you words me not understand 😢


    Their song "You Don't Understand" is also quite soothing


    @ilythia i like song me good 🤗

    alice alfons

    I've loved this since I was 13. Too young to be jaded about life yet felt the melancholy of this song even back then. It was one of my favourite songs in this album.

    Keya Brown

    RIP 💖

  27. Edvaldo Valsique

    Voz e música maravilhosas!!! ♥♥♥

  28. David


  29. Ton Kool

    "Find a place to settle do-hown....." How does she do this, that "do-hown". I think it sounds fantastic! Amazing what singers can do with their voices...

  30. Amanda Moore

    My mom loved this song. RIP

    Steve Mandl

    and your point?

    Laurika Forster

    My condolences.

    Marcos Reynoso

    @Steve Mandl that's kind of mean from you

    Steve Mandl

    who cares dude

  31. Hector Enrique Bernal Cruz

    genial Mary,tu voz tu fuerza junto con el genio de perl

  32. Hector Enrique Bernal Cruz

    un día de lluvia

  33. Hércules Santos

    "I fall in love, with the eyes of a dreamer"
    The most beautiful Roxette's song

  34. Liana Amancio

    i like too

  35. Julio Logan Castillo

    qué buena canción, vuelvo a atrás,, 😢

  36. Alexander Grosse


  37. Victor Hugo

    today is rainning...and I still miss you

  38. kenny P

    LOve Watercolours In The Rain xxx

  39. Karolína Pavlišová

    Like watercolours in the rain.. <3

  40. 86443

    Thankyou for the nice simple album cover  : )

  41. cotolon

    Uno de los mejorea