Roxette - Sleeping In My Car Lyrics

I'll tell you what I've done
I'll tell you what I'll do
Been driving all nite just to get close to you
Baby Babe - I'm moving so fast
You'd better come on.

The moon is alright
The freeway's heading south
My heart is going Boom!
There's a strange taste in my mouth
Baby Babe - I'm moving real fast
So try to hold on
Try to hold on!

Sleeping in my car - I will undress you
Sleeping in my car - I will caress you
Staying in the back seat of my car making up.

So come out tonight
I'll take you for a ride
This steamy ol' wagon
The radio is getting wild
Baby Babe - we're moving so fast
I try to hang on
Try to hang on!

Sleeping in my car - I will undress you
Sleeping in my car - I will caress you
Staying in the back seat of my car making love, oh yea!

Sleeping in my car - I will possess you
Sleeping in my car - certainly bless you
Laying in the back seat of my car making up.

The night is so pretty and so young
The night is so pretty and so youngSo very young...

Sleeping in my car - I will undress you
Sleeping in my car - I will caress you
Staying in the back seat of my car making love to you.

Sleeping in my car - I will possess you
Sleeping in my car - certainly bless you
Laying in the back seat of my car making up.

I will undress you
I will undress you.
The night is so pretty and so young.

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Roxette Sleeping In My Car Comments
  1. Sergio Martin

    Si pasaran 10 millones de años nunca voy a dejar de escuchar sus temas dejar de Extrañarte ni olvidarte Merie !!!!! Fuiste y seras una piedra fundamental en mi vida y la de muchos!!!!!

  2. びんとろ


  3. 阿部真彦

    My memory thank you rock'n roll best 💌

  4. monstjoe

    Легенда... Ты с нами навсегда....

  5. Wimar Raspati

    one of the best Roxette song ..... rest in peace ....

  6. ELVI L.L

    song roxette

  7. Madilene Bezerra


  8. SelahWayRenee

    I am 14 years old and I grew up on this music and none of my friends know or like this music and I have no freaking clue why this is one of the best bands out there! I get such good memories from this song with me and my cousins when we were like 5. RIP Marie we will all miss you😭😭😭😘😘

  9. Weronika Kucharska

    Roger Taylor loves it :D <3

  10. Владимир Дмитриев

    Rest In Peace. From Russian with love

  11. Cristiano Ferreira


  12. ちゃんねる魁


  13. Ma awmi Ralte

    Still listening in 2020. Will always love your voice

  14. Pipilo Pulido

    Roxette....¡¡ Nunca nos cansaremos de escucharlos!!

  15. Horatiu Stancel

    So fast...Rip Marie

  16. gurmeet singh


  17. wanshngain nongbet

    I can't believe Ur not here anymore.ur my icon in beautiful peace Marie.

  18. Christopher Malcovish

    Roxette saved my life in the 90's. It was my escape from being bullied for being gay. RIP Marie. Gone but not ever forgotten.

  19. fdgdgdfd 2r2rewrwe

    Кто после КINOKOS лайк )

  20. wanshngain nongbet

    I will sleep in my car but without u.marie in beautiful peace

  21. Ал-др Т-рин

    Masterpiece. One of the best songs ever. Riff, chorus, composition... Perfect.

  22. alex Gachegov

    Классная.Классная...Классная!!!! Мари)

  23. Марат Киселев

    1,3 тыс люди как вам спиться после этого холодный пот вас не пробирает до костей нет ?

  24. El Sandstorm

    My favourite song with Roxette! and I'm proud of being
    💙Swedish💛 Rip Marie you're a 80's legend and you will live on with your music.

  25. Kastor toys

    Обалденно яркая!

  26. Lee Bartholomew

    Crash Boom Bang was the last album I got of theirs (other than greatest hits albums) because the radio stopped playing them :( Probably gonna go back and get more .....

  27. alan micelino

    Los Roxette más roqueros!!!! Adoro esta banda y lamento mucho la muerte de Marie

  28. Denon1970

    Es una gran y triste perdida la de Marie. RIP

  29. Zoltan Gutenschwager

    Bedauerlicher Verlust, sowas sollte noch nicht passieren, nicht so. Ruhe in Frieden.

  30. Harald Lichtenberger

    RIP Marie

  31. ハルヒコ社長

    very good

  32. Alexandra Wesler

    A wonderfully fun, playful song. It never fails to make me smile.

  33. macbeth moray

    Please sleep in my car...

  34. Eyre 5


  35. S B

    RIP Marie! Love to you...

  36. Rose Mary

    Me and my Brother childhood song❤

  37. david david

    rip Dear MARIE will never forget You

  38. Helge E

    Cancer is the biggest asshole.
    You passed to early, Marie.
    We all miss you so much.

  39. rafipel 87

    Deluxe song.....deluxe marie

  40. Célio Azevedo

    I love this song. Rip Marie!

  41. andrew musca

    Such a sad sad loss. I still can’t believe she died. Her songs especially this one is my favorite since 1993 when it came out. I just found out recently she had an accent. Thank you roxette for your amazing talent. I hope I’ll meet you in heaven

  42. Apex Rus

    Помяните и Crannberries. .. Мир им...

  43. Apex Rus

    Per Gessle держись... Мы с Вами... Россия С Вами...

  44. Константин Голенев


  45. Fritz Lang

    Roxette were one of the most underrated bands imho.

  46. Elizangela Costa


  47. Tux Pad

    Anyone here in 2020?
    Roxette’s awesome. RIP Marie.

    Pamela Coelho


  48. TopRideFilms

    2009 - 2020 stil the best song

  49. CREEPYPASTA straszny kanał

  50. Lena Zoe

    Rest in Peace❤🍷

  51. Juan Jose Coria

    litlle girl where did you go ? i miss you so

  52. Gerhard Estermann Junior

    R.I.P  Marie und Schade das du so Früh Gestorben bist weil ich die SONG'S immer noch gefallen

  53. Maradona Melo

    Sou fã eternamente 🇧🇷

  54. Julia Marcinkowska

    Marie [*] 😪❤️

  55. Julio César Rico Mayorga

    Quedaste inmortalizada en tus canciones 🌼❤️🎶

  56. rafipel 87

    Remembering marie...

  57. Symptoms of Decay

    This song got me into Roxette back in the day. Had CBB on cassette. Great record!

  58. ahmetguvenrocksound

    listen to your heart,it must have been love,the lokk,drush boom bang,joyride oh what a wonderful songs...but my favorite roxette song is sleeping in my car!

  59. Leonardo Batista

    Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  60. Владимир Лем

    Vad är det för bil? Hade ingen tid att urskilja. SAAB 96?

  61. Sena Andra

    Malang 20 Desember 2019

  62. kick ass

    R.I.P. 🌹

  63. Virgo 1981

    One of my favourite Roxette songs.

  64. Fausto Duenas

    The best

  65. Hengilbert Santos Marie

  66. Coco Drilo

    I remember this song trying to outstand amongst all of that grunge/alternative music of the time. That's why it made it only to position #50 on the Billboard chart! I always loved it, though!

  67. kmilo H.H

    Una de mis favoritas con ese toque alternativo de los 90s

  68. Вера Капина


  69. Jorge Santos


  70. MickeRamone

    This might be the most perfect pop-rock song ever!

  71. Irma Puca

    Lo más grande ROXETTE de los 80 90 de mi época. La mejor te extrañare MARIE CURIE desde ARGENTINA❤❤💋💋

  72. Adriana Medeiros

    I love this song. Marie you're gone so pretty and so Young. 😔❤️🌹 I'm so blue. So many beautiful Memories of my youth.

  73. Phong Thanh Luu

    Roxette können in die Zukunft sehen bis 2030er sleeping to my car schwör

  74. Carlos TSUBASAGA

    Por ella me gustan las chicas con pelo corto

  75. David Molina

    Mi cancion favorita de Roxette! escuchandola me siento invencible,Marie te amare siempre

  76. colemann76

    So underrated. If it had of come out just a few years earlier it would have been a bigger hit


    Kakap0 Well it didn’t reach the top ten in Australia or the UK where so many of their previous songs had and only reached number 50 in America. It was a hit but not a big hit as I previously stated.
    As for Europe well just about all their songs were hits there


    @colemann76 Aaaah, yeah Roxette took Europe with open arms, even Russia fell in love with Roxette


    Kakap0 It was pretty much the beginning of the end for their commercial fortunes in those three countries


    Kakap0 Definitely. I still think it’s as memorable as anything they ever did but grunge was ruling the airwaves by 1994


    @colemann76 For sure, I am just happy I got to be a part of the Roxette éra, even tho I was young

  77. Marco Donadoni

    Rip star

  78. Regina Silva

    Inesquecível! Simplesmente.!

  79. SvS

    Это Роксет.

  80. Scheidia Lemos

    Linda ❤️

  81. Andrea Baldan

    RIP Marie my favorite singer

  82. Gustavo Coronel

    Marie nacio en 1958 y TODOS repiten 2019, si nos ponemos de acuerdo (no por una negacion, sino por una realidad) y lo vemos como que como tenemos sus canciones y su impronta que no perecera...osea !958 al infinito!! Sugerencia

  83. Apex Rus

    We remember U! ) MARIE

  84. Даниил Куприянов

    Goodnight, sweet princess.


  85. Danidelaspampas

    Roxette por siempre ♥️ 🇦🇷

  86. Дмитрий Лео

    Their songs will always back the energy of my youth to me. Thanks Marie and Per for this power!

  87. Jaime Puentes

    RIP Marie Fredriksson. Your voice will live forever. This is one of my favourite Roxette songs.

  88. LM PL

    great singer and performer and big lyrics, good music and powerful hymns at least in Europe they were very very Big in the 90s

  89. оксана макухина


  90. Frederik Strobbe

    Thank you Marie!!!!🖤🇧🇪

  91. Mauricio Gonzalez

    Qepd Marie 😥

  92. Negan

    Прекрасная композиция, прекрасный группы! Царствие небесное Мари! 😭😭😭

  93. David Worden

    A breathtaking, Beautiful voice that touches your soul with every note . . . R.I.P xxx

  94. Татьяна Котова

    Соболезнования всем родным и близким!!! А так же всем поклонникам ее таланта и потрясного голоса........

  95. Cwasili17

    R.I.P Marie

  96. seena16

    Mi canción favorita de Roxette. RIP Marie

  97. 小松豪

    je etais etudient quand je l’ai entendé pour premire fois.