Roxette - (Do You Get) Excited? Lyrics

When the day gets dark
Over a thousand streets
And you feel your heart
Is a living beat

When you're all alone
And you close your eyes
Naked to the bone
The dream comes alive

Do you get excited
When I touch you in the night?
My oh my...
Do you get excited
When I meet you every night?
You won't let the night pass you by

When your body's hot
The window's open wide
This moment's all you got
In this race of life

When you feel the fire
Is getting close to you
Hey baby, you know
I'm lonely too

Do you get excited
When I touch you in the night?
My oh my...
Do you get excited
When I meet you every night?
You won't let the night pass you by

Do you get excited
When I touch you in the night?
My oh my...
Do you get excited
When I meet you every night?
You won't let the night pass you by

I wanna know

I gotta know

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Roxette (Do You Get) Excited? Comments
  1. paul40925

    One of my favorite songs from the Joyride album.Thank you for the music Marie, RIP..

  2. Jenő Oláh


  3. Alexis Ortiz

    In my opinion, the best vocal performance of Marie, sweet and wild in the same song. I gonna missed you Marie 😢

  4. Adriano Sousa

    Como faço para dar mil likes 🐕

  5. Pedro Leiva

    Mari Fredriksson was such a beautiful woman. A muse! My queen of rain.

  6. 007Hush

    God,... played this song so much as a kid. So many memories! Gonna miss you Marie! x

  7. Leonardo Batista

    Ouvi Roxette desde os 9 10 anos e tenho 22 e nunca vou esquecer no bem que fez para minha vida ouvir as músicas da sua banda Marie , ouvi todos os seus Cds... E nunca irei deixar de ouvir...

  8. Carmen Fatima

    Saudades de você Roxette

  9. patrick Clark

    I listened to you growing up, Now grieving, Its like a family member has passed away. Sing for God this Christmas


    I know the feeling. The Joyride cassette played a lot during my youth. Per and Marie were always there.. :)

  10. jose hernandez

    We love u Marie thanks for much....

  11. Thomas Laursen

    Queen Of Music! -that set my teen loins on fire back in 1989! I love You! And rest In Peace! Marie Fredriksson

  12. Vincent Van Der Vaart

    A voice like this never dies...

  13. Lyubomir Marinov

    I almost never regret anything in my life, but never to attend a Roxette concert is something I'd regret forever .....

  14. Hikozza1

    my fave song of roxette. rest in peace Marie...

  15. Marian Witek

    Ac, jak ten czas szybko przemija. Spoczywaj w pokoju.

  16. fabian montoya

    Se está acabando la buena musica

  17. Cleuedson Caetano

    As vezes pop,as vezes Rock...♥️

  18. Alegandro Rodriguez

    Sensualidad pura y sin tener que desnudarse!! La mejor sin duda alguna!!

  19. Chiefsongs

    Well, It's been a week now, when your passing away fades from the headlines I'll still be thinking of you. Farewell beautiful (inside and out) & charming woman. I won't forget you. My thoughts are with your family, friends and your other professional half Per. Big love from one of your many fans xo

  20. Fredy Nero

    Marie descansa en paz . gracias por la buena música q dejastes ... te sigo de los 90 desde mi infancia crecí con tu música ...un saludo hasta el Perú..

  21. Olesya Sen

    Marie looks like an angel in this video, and now she's an angel in Heaven... R.I.P. dearest...

  22. Oscar chena

    RIP Marie viva por siempre hasta la eternidad

  23. Avon

    I had a crush on her when I was a little boy :-D

  24. Cinzia Storchi


  25. Иван Иванов

    Мари навсегда в нашем сердце

  26. Gustavo Coronel

    Amo esta cancion, por siempre a nuestro lado con tu musica MArie!!!

  27. MIMI K

    The Best song. I love her vocal. Rest in peace Marie. I love you

  28. Sheikh A.J. Abrahim

    This is another hardcover favourite of mine. I wore the life of the TDK cassettee containing Roxette's songs. Thanks Marie for lending your awesome magical voice to world. RIP dear one.

  29. Laurence Anstett

    A masterpiece of Roxette. All songs are great !

  30. Татьяна Перепелкина

    Какой божественный голос. Хочется слушать музыку бесконечно... Обидно, что так рано ушла из этой жизни... 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  31. David Worden

    A breathtaking, Beautiful voice that touches your soul with every note . . . R.I.P xxx

  32. Rebelblue

    R.I.P Marie, tnak you for the music 🙏

  33. Дима Ким

    Нам. Её. Будет. Нехвотать

  34. Beth Sp

    RIP beautiful!

  35. Dogs

    Да, только такой она останется в моей памяти!!! Волшебно прекрасной!!!

    Безуглый Валерий


  36. Andrei Pulisca

    Pfff! One of the Best voices în music history! Rest în peace, queen of hearts! România loves you! You bring Joy în Our childhood în The 90's !


    marie. el eco de tu dulce voz siempre permanecera en nuestros corazones, y nunca te olvidaremos.
    en nuestra mente quedara hasta siempre tu gran recuerdo y lamentamos enormemente tu partida, como si de algun hermano se tratara. yo te seguire escuchando hasta el ultimo dia de mi vida....
    con gran tristeza creo que te fuiste muy pronto....pero tambien pienso de que lo mejor es recordarte con muchisima alegria, y tal como tu fuiste....marie, estes donde estes, yo espero que estes bien....
    escuchando esta cancion y tu gran voz apenas puedo escribir estas pocas lineas...
    creo que todo esto ha sido algo injusto para ti, y merecias vivir mucho mas....
    ¡fuiste tremenda luchadora! ..y hasta el fin...diste pelea...
    marie, estes donde estes, un gran beso y abrazo......hasta la eternidad....
    ¡ GRACIAS POR TODO MARIE ! te quiero muchisimo....

  38. Alice M Sundy

    Vocally Marie can sing every emotion. Per really tapped into that. RIP Marie 🧚‍♂️💚🎶

  39. maru ivanova

    RIP Marie! You will be dearly missed.

  40. alexanco69

    Descansa en paz , gracias por el legado que nos has dejado ..

  41. Sandy Hall

    RIP Marie thank you so much for sharing your gift of a voice. Will forever love Roxette music and especially this song xo

  42. Hannes Swanepoel

    R.I.P Sweet Marie, Angel

  43. Portuguese Boy

    Long live the 90's.
    This is one of their greatest songs ever and yet so underrated.
    Rip, Marie ❤️

    Jens Bråkenhielm

    Agreed. So calm, so powerful. So... underrated yes. Still gets to me. Especially days like this.

    RIP Marie and thanks Roxett for the music! <3


    I always rated of my favourites actually.

    R.I.P. dear lady....sorry for your great loss Per...what a team of two.

    patrick cleary

    They were it's a shame Marie will always be in my thoughts I remember listening to her with my mum who is no longer with us last connection to my mother gone it was a sad emotional day 😥

  44. KD Langford

    RIP an amazing talent. Always remembered never forgotten.

  45. Jeanette Summer

    Loved roxette god bless marie

  46. Aamir Afzal

    what a loss...Marie was a rare gem of the 80s ...She was a masterclsas vocalist..Music was in her genes....She was just so phenomenal... Don't have words to share my unending grief now that she is no longer with us.

  47. Al Simmons

    OMG forever keep her memory

  48. miguel añasco

    Siempre te amaremos.....
    Neverending love

  49. Przebudzona

    9 december God gone to sleep , rest in peace dear Marie !

  50. Robert Czerwiński

    spoczywaj w spokoju gorąca królowo z zimnego kraju,na zawsze w naszych sercach:(

  51. svetlana kugappi

    So sad. Marie is in peace now. No suffering, no pain, no tears. Rest in peace. And Thanks for have made part of my youth.

  52. Enrico Aquino

    This song, this music video performed by #Roxette serves two purposes, I often reflect back on the girl from my past, slow dancing with her at the 8th grade dance.

    Nowadays, I think about a girl, a woman who I’ve been crushing on for the last 4 years!

  53. Sorin Casandroiu

    This one was and still remained one of my favorite. It reminds me about the times when I was in high school. It reminds me about the times when I was in love

  54. Compusite Puerto Vallarta

    I loved this song since the first time I listened in 1991 when I got Joyride album. Rest in peace dear Marie. Very sad day for the music.

  55. Frank Viana Pereira


  56. Tom Tom


  57. lican ray

    Descansa en paz Marie frediksson

  58. Moisii Constantin

    rest in peace Marie , we will miss your voice, thanks for all

  59. Carmen Fatima

    Roxette saudades eterna

  60. Zeid Nasser

    RIP Marie. The human goes, but her music lasts forever.

  61. Tom Williams

    We will miss you 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  62. Dawid Warszawski

    Goodbye my Flower
    You faded away..
    But you'll live in our hearts till we die.

  63. Paula Uñate

    mi hermosa marie siempre sonaras unica 😢😢😢

  64. Benny Cahyadi

    I'm not excited, seems like thunder in the middle day to hear that You Passed Away....I LOVE YOU Marie...

  65. Michael K

    I love this song. The lyrics and the base. I blasted this song on my audio system in the early 1990s in college to see how of the base (of this song) it could withstand. Awesome!

  66. Mad Head

    RIP but always in our hearts, darling!!!

  67. Андрей Тамбовский

    thanks for the song can be understood without translation, may you rest in peace

  68. Diego Nuccetelli

    Love you for ever Marie

  69. Contrariando

    Like 10k. #RIPMarieRoxette 😢😢 (*30/05/1958 _ +09/12/2019)

  70. AngelTime Sweet

    She is so Gorgeous!Thank You Beautiful soul!Love You Marie ❤⚘🕊

  71. Scorpion leader

    Roxette never dies, Marie´s voice will always be hearded

    Eliseo Juárez

    Amen!!! 🙌


    True. I will listen to their music until the day I die. Their music will always live as long as there are fans. R.I.P. Marie.

  72. mc77ification

    RIP Marie! We miss you 😢😢😢

  73. Geraldine Aviles

    por siempre Marie

  74. Maria Laura Martinez

    Quedaste inmortalizada en tus canciones!

  75. Dražen Majić

    Amizing Marie, I love you so much. Rest in peace, you Queen of rain.

  76. Luis Rosero

    bon voyage sweet angel. Beauty, sexy, great singer... Sad day for your fans

  77. magda dias


  78. Blanca González

    Mis condolencias a familiares, amigos y fans de su maravillosa voz entre los que me cuento. DEP, Marie. Roxette, Ya te estamos añorando.

  79. Jacques Joubert

    Epic song! Just sounds better every time I listen to it! #legends!

  80. Τέλης Τέλης

    Thank you for the songs you gave us,ecorting us to our youth,to our first love heartbeat .Rest in peace now

  81. Nadia Golubovska

    I always wished to look like her. Beautiful voice, beautiful body.

  82. Gunter Beh

    Ich bin sehr traurig, eine großartige Sängerin ist von uns gegangen, Ruhe in Frieden Marie, wir werden dich nie vergessen.

  83. Susana Brown

    My favorite Roxette song.. Rest In Peace Marie and thank you for your beautiful music!

  84. Jared Adler

    One Roxette’s very best! RIP Marie — thank you for your glorious voice!

  85. Richard Sanchez

    R.I.P. Marie 😢😢😢😢

  86. Tim Addley

    Rest in peace Marie ❤️You will be forever remembered

  87. Lílian C. A.

    😢⚘💗 Não da pra acreditar deixa sdds mil ... Espetáculo de cantora ...

    Michel Neves da Silva

    Parece que a fixa não caiu 😔

    Lílian C. A.

    @Michel Neves da Silva verdade... Não mesmo 😢💔

  88. Ezequiel Altamirano

    Rip Marie desde Argentina te amamos siempre estarás en nuestro corazón 🙏🏼🙏🏼💙😓

  89. Mary Cunha

    Goodbye star that shone in our heart is going to keep shining Goodbye. Goodbye star goodbye.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😭😭😭😭😭😭

  90. Felicitas G. Blesa

    Rest in piece dear Maria. Thank you for such beautiful songs and memories. You will be missed. Sad day.

  91. Iván Rivas

    Marie you look like a real viking. You are now in Valhalla (RIP)


    marie and final dio hasta el fin como buena vikinga....
    jamas dejo de navegar.....

  92. Antonio José

    deixa saudades descanse em paz

  93. New Horizon

    RIP Marie