Rotting Christ - You My Flesh Lyrics

Flesh from my flesh
Natural or unnatural guess?
Even if they harm you
You can't die

You my flesh, you my blood
I see the truth
When you die I'll die
I saw through your eyes
I spoke with your tongue
I name you with my name
Flesh from my flesh
Natural or unnatural guess?
Even if they harm you, you can't die

They can't harm you
They are only clouds
Come with me in a higher sky
Imagine your will and let it be


What is this that comes from you?
The way it comes it makes me tremble like you
Without movement it creeps against us
How does it dare it can't kill us


I never studied with my mistakes
Even when tired I'll do the same
Why did I give you life?
Why did I give you life?

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Rotting Christ You My Flesh Comments
  1. giannis p. 21

    When you die i'll die😥

  2. Axel Ramirez Cruz

    This is beatiful^..^


    Absolutely Amazing !

  4. Y eah

    these are gods words for christ. listen again while imagining god is talking and see how sakis is a great artist.


    Words are actually from Mutilator, he continued contributing lyrics up to this album despite having left from the band in 1996. The lyrics are beautiful.

  5. Emi Olethrio Rigma

    The best love song....einai aristourgima....einai mageia...

  6. CRXcro

    @deusexmachina42 couldn't agree more!

  7. John Tsani

    This song guys is not talking only for talking about marriage and how 2 people...that have in common there love..."live" in the same body..Flesh of my flesh...even if they harm you,you cant die...!

  8. ser4ton

    песдастая песня!

  9. zuulll

    great song!


    beacuse it's Rotting Christ song

  10. Saur

    Looks like a song to one's child

  11. Phil_OceanofGrief

    does anyone to what the lyrics are referring to? I got really obsessed with that song

  12. henchwolf

    fuckin A

  13. hamisun

    surprisingly, i like this song. the music was amazing and its got very interesting lyrics.