Rotting Christ - Victoriatus Lyrics

Like the ocean that roars
Everything I have done
Echoes in my ears
But can never be undone

The battle has offered
The passion and the heat
I can not be denied
Triumph or admit defeat

I remember now
Vigorous I had been
Really cruel but somehow
So glorious no man's ever seen

May we be
The first to know
The first to see
The glory to bow
What else could it be?
The victory I foresaw

I honor the past
I carry the future
I'll make it last
I live up to our culture

In memory of those
Who've crossed my path
I keep them close
In times of death


The battle has offered,
The passion and the heat
I can not be denied, triumph or admit defeat
I remember now vigorous I had been
Really cruel but somehow
So glorious no man's ever seen

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Rotting Christ Victoriatus Comments
  1. vardas

    akomh ena underrated komati...

  2. themistoklas

    solo by Waldemar Sorychta!

  3. Prayer of Fortitude

    Worlds best riff

  4. Ανδρέας Βάθης

    A true masterpiece of our music!

  5. PurpleMojoCaravan

    like fine wine... :D

  6. Wake The Fuck Up SoADer !

    Πολύ υποτιμημένο τραγούδι...

  7. dakis dada

    that is a true hidden diamond. It is inspirational and sublime!

  8. JM Wolf

    Very good song and nice guitar solo.


    greek band from city (ptolemaida)   stay metal stay PERFECT  saki gera  kai gama ta mounia 

  10. kat zlatin

    RC...sleeping angels..:)

  11. Jimk Krl

    Το άκουσα όταν βγήκε.. Μετά από τόσα χρόνια έκανα επανάληψη.. γ@μει.. Destroy em all!

  12. Pantoulis Fotios

    rotting christ is religion motherfucker!

  13. Τέλλος Άγρας

    ROTTING CHRIST the best greek black melody band ever....Συνεχίστε έτσι!!!!

  14. chris dazsi

    awesome release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Rotten1117

    I agree with you but saying that is the worst metal band "EVER" is too unfair for me.It's a matter of taste and i can't argue about that but listen to some other songs from this band and you may like them.

  16. Court R

    Forgot to say thanks for giving me some amusement. Don't take it so seriously, it's music. Every band sucks to some people. Do you like Justin Timberlake ? Is this what the reply was about/ Can't believe it took me this long to figure it out, sorry about that.

  17. Rotten1117

    Your opinion is like a pile of crap to me.And their fame proves you wrong 'cause in the black metal scene you are judged heavily.

  18. Court R

    This is one of the worst "metal" band EVER. With a name like Rotting Christ you'd think they'd sound harder that Justin Timberlake. Has the drummer ever had a lesson on how to actually not blow at drums? This band is just as shitty as HIM. Never listening to this pile of shit Rotting Christ calls "metal" Such a huge fail of a band. How the fuck did they get anyone to sign them???

    calico jack

    sorry mate..but you are terribly wrong....listen to their discography and you change your mind...


    you obviously don't know shit about black metal, greek black metal, and music in general.

  19. simos karastefanis

    poioi flwroi exoun kanei dislike????

  20. Animateria999

    gamei paidia gamei

  21. manos kritikos

    i feel this chill in my heart again and again!!!
    thank you rotting christ for all masterpieces!!!

  22. uglyguido

    best fucking band ever!

  23. akis toulis

    poutanario 2:23

  24. Omar Abasta

    que buena rola esta conmadre!!!!!! ROTTING CHRIST!!!! YEHAAA

  25. 314 Thiki

    1:31 xaxaxa ti mas les re saki oti eisai kolovos xaxaxa

    Βαγγέλης Πίτσιος

    Μλκ κλαιω!😂

  26. ThrashingBlackDeath

    I like refrain of this song so much...
    Rotting Christ are meaning of art...

  27. tzanetos.kavaliotis

    Gamane oi an8rwpoi pali!!!

  28. Serge L.

    Amazing Album!!

  29. Xaggard