Rotting Christ - The Mystical Meeting Lyrics

Circle within circle
The sacred hours come
They passed to obscure deeds
The final step before the meeting

What I wish appears in my sleep
Surpass the whole mortal life
As succubus creeps in my cold room
Tresspass the invisible zone

Archeogonic theory is fallen by reborn
Those who believed the one
Follow the light now
Marking the way to mystical meeting

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Rotting Christ The Mystical Meeting Comments
  1. Nelson Quintana

    Los mejores exponentes del metal griego definitivamente

  2. caleb dickenson

    is great LOL

  3. jilemnicky

    Μάνα φέρε ένα hot dog.....

  4. caleb dickenson


  5. dimmits1

    1:51 epic voice....