Rotting Christ - Noctis Era Lyrics

Paint death with colour night
Scream loud your feeling fright
Hear the mercy yell fight
Unchain the beast inside and bite
Face the underworld
This twisted and naked world
Where screams sing the song
The song of the netherworld

We are the fears
We are always near
We are the fears that feed our souls
With frozen tears
We are the fears
We sound clear
We are the fears that nail your soul with our spears

Weep for me, for you, for thee
Pray in your distress to die
Lay down, obey, vile
Face the enemy and fight
Welcome to our world
To gloomy and dusky world
Where sins sing our song
The song of the netherworld

We are the fears
We are always near
We are the fears that feed our souls with frozen tears
We are the fears
We spare your ears
We are the fears that nail your soul with our spears

[Chorus 2x:]
Dark covered era, behold eternal
Beware the quite torment that last eternal
Bloodstained era that last eternal
Fire... Fire...



Dark covered era
Bloodstained era that last eternal
Fire... Fire...

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Rotting Christ Noctis Era Comments
  1. Daniel Bravo


  2. Nancy Khouri

    People understand wrong the band .... It's not blasphemy.... Many lyrics. Sound normal... I don't know why they are banned from Patra .... Lol if they are so religious .... They shouldn't judge ... "Who haven't sin throw rocks at her" and no one did :)

  3. Dave Darrington

    That fucking Intro ............ AWESOME!!!!!!

  4. Sally Griffiths

    Amazing black metal band so much passion love em

  5. Talib Nazary

    I like music but fuck Christianity

  6. orestis kaitsas markou


  7. Pawan Raju

    Gosh I loved it so much that I listened to this continuously for 75 times and didnt get bored even once. It was that good. Truly a rocking Gothic feel

  8. zaboniaris7

    αυτο το παντρεμα των μουσικων οργανων της μεταλ με τους ηχους της ηπειρωτικης παραδοσιακης μουσικης με φερνει σε εκσταση ρε φιλε... τι συγκροτηματαρα ειστε ρε κοπελια

  9. Lucas Rosa Santos

    O álbum que mais ouvi em toda minha vida. Nunca enjoei. Simplesmente épico, se torna melhor a cada ano.

    Giuseppina Granata

    Lucas Rosa Santos caramba eu curto pra caraí rotting christ em mu outro celular tinha todos os álbuns deles

  10. Sodbileg Khosbayar


  11. Nick P.

    I want that album so bad

  12. Anibal Calla Quiroz

    This is honey to my ears

  13. Peter Kubán

    bad vocals? i love them this song is powerfull mindblaster

  14. zottelmann199

    Very Impressing song. Very Powerfull. I really like their music!

  15. Mr Kushmonster

    absolutely nothing lame here if you dont like the genre dont listen

  16. Darrell Hardy

    Not really into black metal but Rotting Christ rules

  17. superjackass

    beware the quiet TORMENT, that last ETERNAL!!!!

    Valtr The Beastmaster

    superjackass the way they shout that lets out such wrath

  18. Miltos Pitsaris

    Fck Yeahhhhh The best solo guitar

  19. Soufiane Artwood

    i always found the lead vocalist is so weak ... however the rest is great

    Nick P.

    seen them live few weeks ago , the vocalist is nothing but weak and they played for 2 and a half hours almost without a break

    Soufiane Artwood

    @Nick P. No i mean his 'growls' are weird, hes not really screaming nor singing. Maybe i was just a dick and its actually original. Anyways right now i find it cool haha

    Nick P.

    Soufiane Artwood ahaha I dont know man they seem weird but live they sound realy different and maybe better


    Soufiane Artwood i felt the same, atleast after listening to Amon Amarth! johan Hegg knows how to kill by just vocals. but everything else is genius in this band aswell!

  20. Helios

    I was the 666th like! Ohhh HELLL YEAH!


    @Nathaniel Westmoure \m/

  21. BlackDeathThrash

    Rotting Christ is a extremely unique black metal band that has so much passion to their music. They will always be on my list of fav black metal bands

    Nick P.

    And they have their own subgerne ,Hellenic Black Metal was created due to them

  22. Cory Flokstra the Chosen One

    Im deep into the song, it feels epic

  23. Anders Midnatt

    Extremely energetic black metal.

  24. wolf man


  25. 35555

    Nice. i like the old rotting christ more but this cool. Its like a undead or evil Armon Armarth lol.

  26. razorjaw630

    I would play this song as I demolish a tank battalion. Lol

    john b

    this song is perfect for any Warhammer game. in the dow series you can do just that

  27. GodsFragileToScience

    There is only one member of Amon Amarth that is still around from the band Scum in 1988: Olavi Mikkonen.

  28. Din Kon

    Οχι.Ελλαδα ειναι κατι φασιστοκαραγκιοζηδες σαν και σενα.Γιαυτο θα σας κρεμασουμε καποια μερα να ξεβρωμισει ο τοπος οπως λετε απο τυροκεφαλους σαν του λογου σου.

    fotis 21

    Deenowze klewww

  29. Akhamesh

    "Small kids" lol. Learn your shit. Amon Amarth started around 88 as well, they just went by a different name.

  30. GodsFragileToScience

    This is my new favorite song.

  31. GodsFragileToScience

    They don't both play metal?

  32. Kevin Montoya B. RT

    Buenisimo tema

  33. Rotten1117


  34. john kavas


  35. Colter Kyllo

    So because they aren't from the same place and genre means they have no comparisons what-so-ever? I for one think they both play very epic adventurous music.

  36. Palikos

    0:18 ΠΟΥ-ΤΣΑ ! ΠΟΥ-ΤΣΑ!

  37. LAMPROS311

    Πες το ψέματα!

  38. LAMPROS311

    Δύσκολο αλλά αν είναι πιτσιρικάς (όπως μάλλον είναι) και του πούμε καμιά κουβέντα μπορεί και να το ξανασκεφτεί.

  39. Spiros Kr

    σοβαρα περιμενεις δειγμα πολιτισμου απο τον "ethnikismos ellin" ?

  40. Delete The Global Elite

    oxi ellada einai ta stoxadia kai ta nazistika pou varate stous toixous, e? poutana gamw ton ethnikismo sas re mounopana, agapisa tin xwra mou xiliades fores parapano apo kathe poutanas gio fasista !!

  41. Thod Kat

    σκάσε χρυσαύγουλε.

  42. Demi NonServiam

    AEKfootball επιλογη του καθενος να ακουει αυτο που γουσταρει,πανε κανε κανενα ευχελαιο και μην μας τα κανεις τσουρεκια αλλοο

  43. 'Ερεβος

    dld ta arxidia s exoun syrriknwthei

  44. Rotten1117

    Όποτε ακούω αυτό το κομμάτι χύνω.

  45. nekwwe

    Ammon Amarth is a melodic death metal band from Sweden...Rotting Christ is a black metal band from Greece...They have nothing in common!!!

  46. broken skull

    Amon Amarth started in 1988 with an other name "Scum". In 1992 they have changed it into AA.
    A little research is recommended before you make a comment like that.



    broken skull how can people be unaware of Amon Amarth! its being soooooo ignorant id die. not knowing or hearing about AA today is equal to hearing Fear of the Dark and asking which band is the song from lol

  47. Vlad The Impaler

    2.25 <3

  48. costiantinos

    itan xalasmeno to gamimeno to space mou xaxaxaxa

  49. Outo John

    oraia ta les...alla autes oi teleies...xD

  50. LooKerHood

    Rotting Christ > Amon Amarth

  51. LooKerHood

    Rotting Christ > Amon Amarth

  52. LegitTurtleSon

    This song is right deadly... Like holy freaking crap.

  53. Thod Kat

    piksame sta ethnikia sto youtube.. den pate na deirete kana foukara k afiste mas na akousoume mousiki!

  54. costiantinos


  55. srprasad

    killer album

  56. ahileas Vforv

    τους ειδατε τοιυς χριστιανους στο χυτηριο που βριζαν χυδαια τους "αντιχριστους" και ο τραγοπαπας παταγε με μισος την αφισα.σας το λεω αν υπαρχει παραδεισος και κολαση μεγαλητερες ελπιδες εχουμε να παμε εμεις πανω απο αυτους.lol

  57. Delete The Global Elite

    allo o marxismos kai allo na krazis mia alli thriskia, eime xristianos, to onoma omos dn me enoxlei GT AKUO TIN GAMIMENI MUSIKI TUS GT GAMAEI FARES OXI EPIDI INE SATANISTIKI I ALLES MLKIES KAI GUSTARO TRELA \\M// \\M//

  58. Drangu the Apostate

    eprepe na grafei kati xeirotero apo sapismenos,nai exeis dikio.

  59. FixxxerZ7

    Δεν το εγραψα εγω το πρωτο σχολιο, ουτε εξισωνω τιποτα...
    Και αλλο επικριτικη σταση, αλλο "σαπισμενος Χριστος" νομιζω.

  60. LAMPROS311

    Δηλαδή, εξισώσεις την κριτική των Rotting Christ στις θρησκείες (ακόμα και μέσω του ίδιου του ονόματός τους) με το "τι λες μωρή ηλίθια;" που έγραψες σε μία άγνωστη στο youtube, επειδή δε συμφωνούσες μαζί της...Δε νομίζω ότι είναι το ίδιο. Ακόμα, μπορώ να σου αναφέρω ένα πλήθος διανοητών (Καζαντζάκης, Νίτσε, Μαρξ, Ρουσώ και πολλού άλλοι) οι οποίοι κράτησαν επικριτική στάση απέναντι στις θρησκείες, λιγότερο ή περισσότερο, δε θεωρούνται κομμάτι του πολιτισμού αυτοί;

  61. FixxxerZ7

    Συμφωνω απολυτα οσον αφορα τον πολιτισμο, αλλα και το ονομα των Rotting Christ ειναι ελλειψη πολιτισμου, αφου δε σεβεται καποια θρησκεια, ομως δεν ειδα κανεναν να παραπονιεται για αυτο (και ειμαι εντελως αθρησκος ε). Επισης, νομιζω πως η Ελλαδα εχει πολλα περισσοτερα για να ειναι περηφανη περαν των Rotting Christ. Αλλα ολα αυτα δεν εχουν νοημα, το κομματι ειναι υπεροχο και ο δισκος εξαιρετικος, οποτε ας τον απολαυσουμε και ας αφησουμε τις μαλακιες :p

  62. ichangedmynameatcollegebecauseiwasbored

    i just translated that using google translate

  63. LAMPROS311

    What do you mean dude? :P

  64. ichangedmynameatcollegebecauseiwasbored

    wooo thank god for google translate

  65. WhoreTorture

    Holy shit this brings back memories and feelings!! I used to listen to this song, Be'lakor, and Rings of Saturn EVERY day after school while smoking weed in my closet. Those were some GOOD ass times and this brings it all back!! My god. Seriously makes me feel like I'm back in that time. WEIRD as shit!

  66. λενιω κεφ

    τον θεμη τολη τον ειδα στο χωριο μου και τ μιλησα ηταν με την κορη του <3

  67. Corranhorn122

    I am going to buy this cd. Tonight. Right when I get home from work.

  68. Niccolò Nicodemo

    AGGLUTINATION 2012!!!!!!! thanks Rotting Christ!!!! greetings from Basilicata!

  69. tosodoulis100

    αντε ακου μπιμπερ κυρα ελενη λουκα

  70. Dimitris Mitritsakis

    pali autos o malakas o xristokaulos?se ola ta video twn RC exei plakwsei tis den sou aresoun koritsara mou trava kai gamhsou pente videos pio pera,ti 8es edw?

  71. Damien Iakovidis

    Gamato. OU A OU A OU A

  72. lelos pinelos

    malakes satanistes wannabe kai kala!

  73. lelos pinelos

    μου θελουν και σατανισμο τα αγραμματα...
    το Σ ρε βληματα ισουται με 200 και οχι με 6.....αυτο ειναι το ς ή το στ....

    just metal things


  74. Zinnnnnn

    HU HA HU HA !

  75. LAMPROS311

    Οι Rotting Christ μας τιμούν περισσότερο από άλλους στο εξωτερικό αυτή τη στιγμή... ;) Και μάθε να μιλάς καλύτερα σε αγνώστους... Είναι βασικό δείγμα πολιτισμού... ;)

  76. Greed Peccata

    Δώστε παιδιά της Ελλάδος! Δώστε τα όλα μαχητές του μέταλ! \m/

  77. CRXcro

    it's not a made-up story, i have the pics but you are just an youtube idiot so why bother.. .. enjoy the music and keep suporting good music. cheers from Croatia

  78. CRXcro

    you my friend, are an idiot.. .. that was the point of my comment, thanking "god" for making a band called ROTTING CHRIST! I've been listening to RC for more than than years and i had a chance to spend the night drinking with the band and even Sakis and Themis laughed at the joke. because they are not idiots and they can understand a joke that isn't "knock-knock". don't worry, puberty will come and you will start to understand some things

  79. Eryn Jean

    This is so badass. I can't ever get enough of these guys. *windmills*

  80. Peter Cross

    like an kaneis headbanging stin eisagogi

  81. R. Rondags

    id rather say : dear satan....thank you for rotting christ :P

  82. Delete The Global Elite

    ne esi ipes, pios ipe slipknot na ton lianiso.

  83. Delete The Global Elite

    e trava kopana to mexri na spasi to gamidi ti m to les emena, sta arxidia m sto kato kato se rotisa??

  84. Ilya Kuryakin

    Haha, good one

  85. Non Serviam


  86. CRXcro

    another one doesn't get the joke.. .. just enjoy the music

  87. Non Serviam

    god????!!!!!!!!!! you must thank roting christ not god!

  88. Delete The Global Elite

    ne giati?

  89. HomoAfanusBalleticus

    @funeralforacousin ποντιακο δεν ειναι αλλα στο δισκο συμμετεχει κ ενα σχημα ηπειρωτικων πολυφωνικων τραγουδιων...Μονο οι rotting θα μπορουσαν να το κανουν να ακουγεται τοσο επικαα γαματο...

  90. johnbad1000

    @inoyamaha κι εσυ την πεταξες το χουν aealo για να το προφερουν σωστα οι ξενοι

  91. jona e gekes

    pss.. telio tragoudi

  92. div1ne

    @falloist den sugrinonte oi rotting christ me slipknot...

  93. Delete The Global Elite

    @falloist gt re muni ti exun oi SLIPKNOT????

  94. Embrace your Hatred

    Slava to Hellas from Serbia!

  95. Akali Jax

    @CRXcro their anti christ's!! u have t saY Dear Devil **!!! ^ ^

  96. Non Serviam