Rotting Christ - Hills Of Crucifixion Lyrics

Bleeding sky is tonight
Seperation of gods
Blasphemy's cries (in the middle hill)
Divine ghost

Black the cross, bloody thorn
The horn shaped against the holy son

Infernal land
Scream the sky
It's tonight or yesterday
Blasphemy in godland
The holy land is offensed

Sabbatic light, the goatshaped
It's the final full moon

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Rotting Christ Hills Of Crucifixion Comments
  1. Jorge Llancafil

    Una vez más..el sonido del demo unico del feeling incomparable!!! CRISTO PODRIDO!!!

  2. Oussama Mh

    good old song <3

  3. J.J. Decay

    holyfuckin'shit, trufuckin'death ☠

  4. Soufiane Artwood

    fuckin sick !

  5. Alastor Sabaktes

    The ultimate black metal song. Nothing can be combared with its necro feeling. for ever and ever!!!! 666

    Finis Malorum

    That better be a joke right? This is a superb song but FAR from the best.

    Mantvydas C.

    This is not black metal.



    Christopher Yeniver

    Sounds Sarcofago(BR) influenced