Rotting Christ - Enuma Elish Lyrics


When on high the heaven, had not be named
Firm ground below was unnamed


When on high the heaven, had not be named
Firm ground below was unnamed
Mummu Tiamat she who bore them
Naught primordial Apsu their begetter

And the earth has been done and the life has just begun
And the formless void and darkness outdone
And the water has been done and the sky raised up
Separating the water the genesis goes on
And the greater light has been done and the lesser light spun
To rule the day and night together with the stars
And the living creatures has been done
And the sea monsters have born
And everything that moves with which the waters swarm

She made the Worm the Dragon
The Female Monster the Great Lion
The Mad Dog the Man Scorpion
The Howling Storm

And the earth has been done and the life has just begun
And the formless void and darkness outdone
And the water has been done and the sky raised up
Separating the water the genesis goes on
And the greater light has been done
And the lesser light spun
To rule the day and night
Together with the stars

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Rotting Christ Enuma Elish Comments
  1. Shaz Dudhia

    I’ve always loved their use of the Azan here - it gives a massive dimension of etherealism and atmosphere. Absolute work of art.

  2. Husam Metalsoul

    1:51 for anyone wondering what was the sound in background its a Muslim azzan and it gived the song more gothic soul......its really amazing song

  3. Husam Metalsoul

    Hail from syria i worship that band
    The Muslim azzan idea was good

  4. Husam Metalsoul

    1:51 its good to but arabic Muslim azzan with this song....amazing

  5. Alx Synth

    Amazin song!

  6. Husam Metalsoul

    I like the azan sound its amazing

  7. Man in a Van.

    How about "your rotting mothers crotch"?
    More accurate anyway...

  8. Vídeos de ecologia

    The woman singing in the back vocals put this song in another level...

  9. Prayer of Fortitude

    Ateist dayılardan ezan şov

  10. Selçuk Gökhan Kalkanoğlu

    Sayın Şeytan Efendi, rica etsem duyar mısın sesimi?
    Ezan güzel gitmiş şarkıya \m/

  11. Sofia Dimitrakopoulou


  12. akasha noir


  13. Ashley Wrench

    I just like going through the comments just to reply to let everyone know this masterpiece still exists!

    Rotting Christ Guitar Covers

    Keep the Spirit Alive!...


    I'm sure...and She's sure...

  15. ramahe lion

    يا ولاد لحرام فيها ادان

  16. Evolv

    Gilgamesh makes metal


    Vanish them Ea

    Ashley Wrench

    Pfft, Gilgamesh sucks these guys of for a chance of their talent!

  17. مسلم

    And now you are using Athan (my Islamic call to prayer which I made/keep making inshallah) in such ways? Dear God Allah bear witness that I confess my old ways to you seeking your mercy and forgiveness. I didn't disobey you underestimating you but my lusts misled me and Satan beautified bad deeds to me and here I am as humble and broken as I can be seeking your pleasure in this life and in the hereafter. May you accept and help me. I ask you all that which is good, seeking refuge in you from all that which is evil and ask you to forgive me that which you already know for you are the best knower of the unseen. Amen.

  18. Sorestar Bing

    It sounds like "Rabbana" at the beginning of the chorus (means Oh God / Ya Allah in Arabic). The sound actually mimics a Muslim chanting verses from Koran. But I'm sure it is not a Koran reading. Just the sound.

  19. Husam Metalsoul

    Best rotting christ song

  20. Husam Metalsoul

    Amazing song with islamic azan sound.... Good luck

  21. Kyle J.

    If you don't like RC...Fuck you

  22. ziya aydemir

    they made too many roads, we could make our own plane.

    By the way we are lucky generation to catch this band.

  23. Luzbellangeles Ángeles


  24. Katerina Razmyslova

    Stop all of you with your idiots ideas about religions and enjoy that song!!

  25. Jeres Joseph

    Thank you for the uploading.
    Hail Rotting Christ.
    Hail Greek Gods
    Hail Mesopotamian Gods our blood.
    Full appreciation for Rotting Christ for reviving the Mesopotamian roots in their music.

  26. Jeres Joseph

    Fuck Islam and their fucked up religion.
    Fuck Muhammad bitch. Piece of Shit.
    Islam are The Cancer that infiltrated Mesopotamia.
    The Chorus parts in the song are not in Arabic shit language.
    The Chorus are in Assyrian and Babylonian languages. Both are ancient languages.
    My languages is Assyrian and Syriac. both are an ancient languages.

    Tiamat is a primordial Goddess of the salt sea.
    Abzû/Apsu the God of freshwater.
    Together They create the primordial creation.

    For anyone who does not know what this song is about.
    The Enûma Eliš is the Babylonian creation in the Library of Ashurbanipal at Nineveh.
    Nineveh is an ancient City in Babylonia,known today by the name Mosul.
    This epic is one of the most important sources for understanding the Babylonian worldview, centered on the supremacy of Marduk and the creation of humankind for service of the Gods. Its primary original purpose, however, is not an exposition of theology or theogony but the elevation of Marduk, the chief God of Babylon, above other Mesopotamian Gods.
    The Enûma Eliš exists in various copies in Akkadian and Babylonian and Assyrian languages.

  27. Jeres Joseph

    Hail Rotting Christ.
    What a Masterpiece.
    Hail the lord Satanas.
    Hail the Greek Gods.
    Hail the Mesopotamian Gods.
    Hail our pantheon lord Marduk.

  28. Julian Hansen

    The beginning feels like a thunderstorm washing upon you, great track.

  29. vasiliki sarri


  30. Kaka Maka. nagyo jo filem garatulaok

    shit music


    Fuck You

  31. genti tirana

    It was the Time.....thanks Rotting Christ...i love them since "non serviam"....i love summerian heritage last a serious band had something to tell....if a was a musician this will be my topic....thanks My favorite Greek metal band Rotting Christ..hail from Albania

    Omkar Bharambe

    try gojira

  32. vasilis karapiperis

    Breathless out!

  33. Alice in Araf

    "Woah I sing this song 5 times a day"

  34. 314 Thiki

    3:07 kai sou erxete na spaseis ola

  35. Carlos Costa

    Ganda malha


    Carlos Costa mesmo

  36. Sergeï Dragon Noir Poète

    Sakis Tolis is a Warrior !! I love it !!

  37. Black_Legion666-

    Lets continue with your songs Rotting Christ 666 for ever !!!Excellent black metal

  38. Black_Legion666-

    Tosa xronia kai akoma to akouo kai oxi mono auto to kommati tous, apo tous ekseretikous Rotting Christ !!!

  39. Ayman Solomon

    حي علي الصلاه، حي علي الفلاح

  40. Bahar Özdemir

    I was born in Greece but I have a Turkish islamic background. In our village we had a greek orthodox priest who decided to become muslim and he declared he wanted to be a muezzin. He then was casted out of the church and his Greek orthodox community declared him insane. However he really became a muezzin though. Its always an interesting topic-religion, and how it confuses and messes with peoples heads. I LOVE the confusion, and this song I adore, I also enjoy how people get annoyed by such interesting pieces of art as this song.


    Rotting Christ isnt Christian orthodox ,they believe Lucifer ,you can see what tell sakis and after you can speak.They are legends ,i listen black metal 30years ,my best bands is Rotting Christ,Cradle of filth,Dimmu borgir,Azaghal,Septic flesh,Windir and Emperor..I think you dont know nothing for black metal. You tell Orthodox you are really joke,you cant understand the lyrics and the songs

    Bahar Özdemir

    I did NOT say anything you wrote. I told a story which occured in our village in Greece. I think you replied to the wrong person, because the orthodox discussion is below and NOT in my comment. Take a look at my channel and you will see how wrong you are.

    N0N 0N

    Insanity is to believe this god BS not to turn from orthrodox to muslim, these kind of pll was insane in first place lol...

    Ashley Wrench

    Did you know this band was created by the Greek orthodox just to play with your mind??

  41. Black_Legion666-

    Ta spane opos pada

  42. Sergeï Dragon Noir Poète

    Fucking great video !! Sakis Tolis is fucking good !!

  43. robi pw


  44. Tino Engelhardt

    ;) top metal band.

    Ashley Wrench

    *Top 10 top of the pops that should of been

  45. Kayla Weaver

    Yes sexy

  46. Fanie Rabenschwarz


  47. Rusty Shackleford

    This is the best/only song about the Sumerian creation myth I've ever heard.

  48. Teglat Pelasser

    I'm Assyrian and i believe our old Assyrian religion

    erdem uysal

    Sumer religions & tradisionals mother of all religions

    Ashley Wrench

    Good for you, at least your let yourself jam to good music.

  49. Philipp Müller-Litz

    2:43 gives me strong Dethklok vibes

  50. Maria Joaquina Hernandez Martinez

    You can read the poem or simply listen this amazing song for resume

  51. Demonwater Demonwater

    so many things right with tbis band

    Ashley Wrench

    And so little wrong

  52. darkolml

    10 effin years, still gives me chills down the spine. Fucking perfection.

  53. ossx kxyx

    its the ezan islamic pray alarm

  54. breden villalobos

    great album by a great band but what i really dont understand is why he has to show his breasts so much, i mean the camera looks straight to them frequently, this is totally not dark stuff, this really seems kind of a poser attitude, honestly this is not for a black metal fan.....

    joaquín cordovia

    poser attitude?? and what about all that panda make up stuff and nails wrist bands...

    breden villalobos

    the 80´s american glam rock bands showed their breasts but a dark greek man???, totally not cool.......

    joaquín cordovia

    i was talking about black metal scene in general, this band have and was in black metal stuff and yeah this guy is shirtless and is kinda annoying that breast close up that the camera make, but others black metal bands did much more akward evil satanic from hell poser attitude that this

  55. Hraxus

    summerian ancient story

    Ashley Wrench

    u r ancient

  56. Κυριάκος Παχατουρίδης

    Έλα ρε μπαντάρα

    Antonis Nikolaou

    Έλα μωρη Ολυμπιακαραααααα

    Stephen Even

    Τον Μαέυιο τι τον έχεις;

    Ashley Wrench

    Gdrycxdhbftdtvfr too brother

  57. CJJJ


  58. joan the mad

    why do they have to pan in on his body like that tho :| kinda lame

  59. Luís Miguel

    Imbasupermegabrutal music. . .


  60. Black Metal Artists

    anti islamic black metal

    oq po

    Middle eastern pagan black metal )))

    dead pool

    learn some respect kido

    Deathkvlt 666

    Fuck off all fucking religion here

    Ashley Wrench

    *Anti black metal, black metal

    Asim Muhammad

    @Niesamowity Świat Pawlacza Fuck You

  61. Luciano C. Drakkon


    Ashley Wrench

    Am I nearly there yet?

  62. Home Depot

    I'm sure and he sure


    Home Depot ANSAR AND KISAR

    Ashley Wrench

    @KAMIKAZE J what he said

  63. Carlos Costa

    ganda malha

  64. m3xicanrebel

    fucking brutal

  65. Relinquished

    Que gran tema!

    Ashley Wrench

    Theatre sure ;*

  66. Danae Liakopoulou


  67. Silver Teede

    Sodomize all the fake gods.

    Ashley Wrench

    Sodomized shite music, that's what this really is.

  68. Jamirokyo 666

    Is he singing in greek or latin??

    Είρων Δηκτικός

    +Mario Bozicevic Neither. It's Babylonian. And English of course.

    Αλεξανδρα Κουτσοσπυρου

    +Mario Bozicevic english.but its a greek band

    Ashley Wrench

    A little from column 'A' and a little from column 'B '

  69. Warrior Hart

    Amazing... They used something in the chorus not all musicians can figure out the origin of it...

    Anyway... Empty heads fighting over colors, ethnicities.... religions... Etc shut up and enjoy this piece of art

    Geo Mpon

    Mohammad M what is that chant in the chorus?


    its Adan

    Brook Savage

    SUAL Studio sick sound!!

    Ashley Wrench

    Could be worse: you could be a Jehovah's witness, they don't know how to shut up!


    That's a good reason to learn latin.


    Indeed, but it sounded like latin to me when I first heared it.

    Fred Mendes


    Stef Black

    ZEUS > Everything Brother !

    Stef Black

    OrCHAOS, EREBUS, NYX > Everything

    Jason konstantinou

    and old greek

  71. Kevin Franklin

    Wassup beloved, please look at my video and send me your comments.

  72. James Swollenballs

    Best Song Ever!!!!

    Ashley Wrench

    4 years later and he still isn't wrong

  73. Melissa Correa

    uno de mis temas favoritos

  74. Demonwater Demonwater

    this song is so smooth..

  75. Demonwater Demonwater

    yo i this is my lullubye..

    Ashley Wrench

    You won't find anything more relaxing, buddy.

  76. Demonwater Demonwater

    I go to bed on this.. LOL

    Ashley Wrench

    Pfft, I wake up to this

  77. Demonwater Demonwater

    An hesir...

  78. BlackAvengerMty­o
    check this please

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