Rotting Christ - Baptised In Phlegm Lyrics

Stinking vomit
Petrified inwards
Putrefaction mal tract
Enzymes dispeptic

Baptised in phlegm

Ruptured lungs
Splattered limbs
Amputated penis
Drying sperm

Baptised in phlegm

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Rotting Christ Baptised In Phlegm Comments
  1. Joel Creswell

    A delightful lil toe-tapper. You cant help but sing along...try not to, its impossible!

  2. Sam Tallarico

    Curious what the Greek scene would've sounded like today if all bands continued this black grind sound. I love the later melodic stuff but the grindcore style was interesting.

  3. TheRantKid/TheRanting Marauder

    Holy fuck this quality is low as fuck. But this still is some raw ass grindcore.

  4. svarte dauen

    Grindcore days

  5. Fernando Lara

    Leonidas your collections is awesome you I'm nostalgia when see this band with fucking big company

    Leonidas Daemon

    Thank you bro \m/

  6. iwantoutnow

    I think i got this tape back in the late 80's when I used to have an underground metal zine and I thought R C were just awful noise with no chance to improve, I was totally wrong as they became a great band.
    This tape still very noisy to my ears.

  7. Adventum Diaboli TV Official

    True Black Revolutionary Metal!!! The music I love \m/

    kostas vlachos

    Yoth Iria this is their first album since 1993 they became black metal/gothic metal/extreme metal

  8. Leonidas Daemon

    Same thing i have been saying to people that used to be in metal, older metalheads that changed their taste in music and the feeling of the music we love! I WILL NEVER CHANGE FUCKERS!! that's what i have been saying to all those traitors.. so Hails to that, Ave! \m/


    This is tragic lol

    Linus Wärn

    Sounds like a religion.

    Joel Creswell

    i think something is wrong with my speakers...there wasn't any music what so ever. it was just this horrible mid range distortion that kept stopping then starting again over and over. Anyone else have that problem? Too bad, my grandmother was really looking forward to hearing Rooting for Christ!! God bless

  9. Milios666

    This belongs to a museum so that people can freely go and admire the tape

  10. Celio19891

    Poorer technology than what we have today is the bulk of it. Add that to the fact that most metal bands (particularly the much lesser known ones) most likely didn't have the money for production that didn't sound like shit and as is the case with this particular recording it's a demo tape which obviously is going to sound less polished and more rough than a properly recorded release.

  11. 4ur3n

    oh believe me we could tell what was going on...even now I can. Though I prefer the modern way and the technology. Still this sound reminds us of the old days...we mostly like this nostalgic feeling, otherwise it sounds a mess to even us. Imagine that we grew up with tetris, not even NES was released back then. Of course, comparing to the latest AC'3 everything else sucks for example, but I would still play a bit tetris to remember the old days..tetris sux btw


    @Anton: You cannot feel it and explain it...if you have not live in that cannot understand the feeling...i am very lucky that i lived all that, the birth of the greek underground death/black metal scene. I was buying demo tapes, 7" vinyls and it was so amazing!!! you had to search to the record stores back was like a ritual!

  13. ernest soto

    Very good !!

  14. mdiktatorship666

    Yes, perhaps you are too young to understand, It's something you felt at that time man, hard to explain, but thats the way we like it.

  15. psymodeller

    but on their official site there are not these releases

  16. Alex G

    Too kvlt for me. Perhaps I'm just too young, but could anyone actually tell what was going on back in the days when tapes of this quality were abundant?