Roth, David Lee - Sunburn Lyrics

First I take my finger
And put it on your skin
Makes a little white mark
And then it turns to red again

So if you're lazy on a Sunday
And you got nothin' to do
If you wanna get a sunburn
Come on up to the roof

I think your nose is peelin'
The sun is hot and clear
The city's fairly steamin'
And I can taste your skin from here

So if you're lazy on a Sunday
Any Tuesday'll do
If you wanna get a sunburn
Come on up to the roof

See, I was up here yesterday
Saw some pigeons on a power line
Looked like notes upon a music paper
I wrote it down
I guess Manhatten gets the last line

Sounds like


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Roth, David Lee Sunburn Comments
  1. Rich Ed

    DLR is absolutely THE most underrated song/lyric writers in the history of R&R

    joe Pipe

    Yeah, Never appreciated enough

  2. Heavy Metal Hippie


  3. rosskolnikov

    One of his best and the strongest cut on this album.

    Heavy Metal Hippie

    On this overlooked and underrated album. I mean Nile the most funky mother*'Ä/&/ ruling overlord Rodgers.

  4. Paulo Costa

    Beautiful song! This is _Bossa Nova_ or _Brazilian Jazz_

  5. paxonPL

    overlooked gem

  6. Raymond Lawson

    head's or tail's?

    Wayne Switzer

    Raymond Lawson heads

  7. Kevin Stead

    he is just so versatle killer song

  8. Trevor Hirst

    Looks like someone took DLR's Pigeons on a Power Line School of Music Composition to the next step:

  9. Jack Broad

    incredible song!

  10. Frank Eller

    Yeah, pretty bitchin. Don't know what DLR did to piss of the moguls, but he's always been bigger than the commercial gang, anyway. Love this groove.

  11. Red Spaniard

    How in the hell does this never get noticed?! This takes me to another planet! :)

    Long-Haired Luigi

    Yeah, tell me about it! I've always loved this song, so hypnotic, so soothing... damn all that stupid trendy so-called "alternative" stuff that was popular back then, play THIS instead'

    I always wondered if that pigeon bit he mentions at the end was real... if maybe that's the way he actually wrote this... that would be such a trip.

    Wayne Switzer

    Red Spaniard it was a different guitar player, so no one noticed this gem.

    80's Lemon

    Can’t seem to get it out of my head
    Lazy on a Sunday....come on....magic, maybe
    Up to the roof....

  12. Brendan Beamish