Roth, David Lee - Slam Dunk! Lyrics

Oh yeah

Got basic skills
The kind that thrill
My moves are hot, wooh
Can't block that shot

Watch me now, oh yeah

Check my style
I make you smile
Hang time reverse?
Just watch me work

Shack to chateau
Watch me go
You want a big car and you finally win it
Next week you're sleepin' in it
That's the game we play
And I plan on winnin'
Slam dunk!

Guaranteed to shock
I can't be stopped
Don't need no defense, baby
I plays on top

Shack to chateau
Watch me go
You want a big car and you finally win it
Next week you're sleepin' in it
That's the game we play
And I think I'm winnin'
Slam dunk!

So let the good times roll
My game is better than ever
Winners... they come and go
Legends... they're forever

Shack to chateau
Watch me go
You want a big car and you finally win it
Next week you're sleepin' in it
That's the game we play
And I think I'm winnin'
Slam dunk!
Slam dunk!
Slam dunk!
Slam dunk!

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Roth, David Lee Slam Dunk! Comments
  1. Tuff Teddy

    Shack to chateaux!

  2. Jeff Krezel

    0:53-0:56... "Electric Funeral, Electric Funeral". The guitar part sounds like the Black Sabbath song.

  3. Tuff Teddy

    John 5 is incredible. He's all over the neck shredding the shit out of this song.

  4. Jane Lane

    Before you shit on this as derivative or anything like that, look at that steaming pile of dumpster fire called VH3...

  5. akimmbo

    Yeah, it's really so misleading when people say Dave NEVER had a successful solo career. Oh really? Throw Eat em and Smile on your rig and get ready to rock. He put together some of the best players ...EVER. And, he was a stern taskmaster, (look at some interviews of those who played with him) ..He demanded the best, and everyone who made the cut was honored to rock out with DLR. He IS the man...;-)

  6. Tony Powell

    Guitar is god like!

  7. Tommy Gunn

    John 5 and Terry Kilgore played on this album


    As did Mike Hartman.

  8. Greg West

    John 5!!!!!

  9. Andrew Evrist

    Bourbon Bob IS John 5. Found out on today’s episode of Talk Is Jericho

  10. I Iz

    LOVE IT!!!

  11. Michael Dickerson

    Very,very underrated album.liked this,ever since it came out,in the late 90`s.

  12. Tracy Lee Smith

    love David Lee ,great in everyway

  13. Mr. Apple

    tengo la suerte contar con el albúm, y el violero ejecutante en esta pieza fabulosa el señor john Lowery. es una locura este trabajo.

  14. Caballo Negro

    Oh yeah! i can hear John 5's iconic shred.


    john 5 can outrun evh...lynch...dimebag...even yngwie..but hes humble..hes a proud guitarist

  15. DoubleVisionandco

    This track and the album kicked ass. It was good to see DLR back to form.

  16. Allen .Berge

    The guitar player on this song sent the music to Dave, sort of an introduction to his music and Dave took it into his studio, wrote lyrics and added the vocal track.  Dave really wanted this guy because he could basically do EV's style of guitar, but he got a better offer from Marylin Manson and became his guitar player.  I think this song was a one-off and he never toured or even worked in the studio much with Dave.  This is what he said when he phoned in to the Drew and Mike Show, the WRIF morning show in Detroit.


    What?!! John works with Dave all the time, they constantly write music and work in Dave's studio. The songs may never see the light of day, but they are great friends and work a lot together. He co-wrote 7 of the 14 songs on DLR Band's debut album, and in 2014, John 5 announced a new album with David Lee Roth, which he hoped would come out in the future.

    Danny Frati Celli

    John was Mandon Guiitar player at the time, but Dave was reluctant to tour.

  17. mr198221

    @chitownbluesy Ozzy had some great ones as well

  18. chitownbluesy

    Never bought this when it came out. Now that I know that its John5 on guitar, I'll buy it. Dave sure has had the creme de la creme of guitar players over the years. The best of any lead singer I can think of.

    Tony Powell

    Ozzy Osbourne had some amazing guitarists too.

  19. Nunya Bidness

    Words can't describe how big of a douche this guy is.  He sucks worse than a Hoover.


    Go suck it loser!

    Dave Rowelet

    @Nunya Bidness oh now come on...

    Dave Rowelet

    Dave rules

  20. Micah Howeson

    I was afraid to check this album out because YFLM broke my heart. This is a Great record. Since it was self released I imagine that you made more money on this than any other solo album. Sales are probably around 100,000 mark.
    Also ...I wish people would stop saying that his solo success declined. When Jon Bon Jovi goes out solo billed as JON BON JOVI he plays clubs. Jons NEVER played an arena headlining as himself solo. Dave did for many many years.

    Rod Lee

    Mh Is Alive Damn straight, but I liked YFLM.

  21. Lee S Kennedy


  22. iplayesp

    +PonyXpress1 you mean except Jump, right (charted #1 single)?
    While Van Halen never charted #1 with an album recorded by DLR, the albums David Lee Roth recorded with Van Halen have sold more (in some cases more than triple), the albums recorded with Sammy.
    While 5150, for example charted #1 and has sold 11 million copies to date (their highest selling album with Sammy) , Van Halen 1 charted at #7 and has sold 17 million copies to date (same with 1984).
    Not taking anything away from Sammy, as he's a talented guy, but when you ask people what their favorite Van Halen song is, hardly anyone says "Right Now", or "Humans Being", the majority will say "Jump" or "Hot for Teacher" or "Panama" or "You Really Got Me".
    Charts don't = sales necessarily and the band was clearly more successful with DLR.

    Darrin Connor

    Wow is this all knowledge in your brain or is this from Wika? I'm impressed.

  23. Doctor Doom

    A little too cheesy for my tastes. But there are other tracks on this CD that are really good. Does anyone know why this was taken off iTunes?

  24. Kenny Kanowski

    Holy Van Halen Batman!!!

  25. tatassin2

    This band did kick ass. Marketing and timing did them in unfortunately.
    Ray Luzier on drums! Shit, he must of been all of about 16 years old in 1988.


    Ray is 49 now - he was 27 or 28 when he recorded this album.

  26. namesolonggood1sgone

    Me defecate in trousers

  27. Buffalo Bill

    I thought it was "John Lowery" aka "John 5" who played guitar on this album, or at least on this song? I used to read guitar magazines but I no longer read them and haven'tbeen for years now.

  28. William Clark

    More like half a million copies of =VH= 1 are stolen digitally every year...

    But, the new Van Halen album with Dave has sold 500,000 copies already, and I think he sounds a million times better on there then he does on this album. Just check out "As Is" or "Honeybabysweetiedoll", Eddie is on fire and Dave is just going insane with primal screams and rocking vocals! Van Hagar might have been more successful on adult contemporary radio, but Van Halen is a rocking band with more overall success.

  29. Christopher Woods

    Yeah but Van Halen 1 probably sells a half million copies every year even today just because it was so monumental. And probably mostly because of the Eruption Solo which singlehandedly changed rock guitar in itself.

  30. Christopher Woods

    My friend Mike Hartman played on this album.


    Dude was a genius guitarist. 🤘

  31. William Clark

    Well, Sammy is a much older man than Dave is, so it's not surprising that Sammy has more albums out there. And, there's a few problems with your statement:

    1. Van Halen's single Jump off their album 1984 with DLR went #1.

    2. Van Hagar may have had more #1 charting singles and albums, but the Van Halen albums with Dave has sold many, many more albums. Try over 20 million.


    William Clark you have to add that the VH1 came out when vinyl and 8-track were the formats. Most of the sales were for upgrade purposes. People replacing their 8-track copy for cassette, then replacing that copy for CD. Also, VH1 has got 8 years of sales on 5150. So, comparing sales of two albums that came out 8 years apart with all the format changes is just as misleading as #1 hits. Why compare one to the other, anyways? It's Van Halen! The band had to change their sound or they would have died as a band, just like all the others. Fact is, teenagers are what feeds the music business. If you're not changing with the times, you might as well find another career. All the greats that have survived through multiple decades did. Aerosmith, Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, Alice Cooper, etc. As a Van Halen fan, since as long as I can remember, I own and loved every album and song they've ever put out. I started collecting their cassettes and then replaced all of them with CD. Sammy Hagar was a great replacement when Dave quit. For VH to carry-on, they had to find somebody. Why the bitter hatred toward Sammy? The Dave era of VH was dead, because of Dave. Not Sammy. And Sammy did an awesome job keeping Van Halen alive.


    Reflect on sales?

    Well, let us just do that. Getting to No.1 doesn't say ANYTHING about sales. It all depends on how long you are at the top, or in the Top Ten, and what the competition was selling. Those Hagar era albums all got to No.1, sure, that's partly 'cos he was stepping into the biggest hard rock band in the USA. In fact, sales for Van Halen dipped with Hagar, and kept dipping the longer he was in the band.

    But how long did those No.1s stay there?? Not long - a werk, maybe two. The

  33. PonyXpress1

    The Only thing better about The DLR band than VH with Sammy Hagar was the Guitarist !!!
    John 5 makes Eddie look like he's arthritic !!!!!
    Sammy didn't need VH, VH needed Sammy, VH NEVER had a #1 hit til Sammy Joined and NEVER will again without him
    Sammy had twice as many solo Lps before he Joined VH than Dave has had his whole career and when you add in the Waborita and Chickenfoot CD's C'MON NOW

  34. Ghostbusters3

    It goes Dave>>>Sammy>Gary Cherone.

  35. blackrockdude1

    NO, that title belongs to VH's own "Source Of Infection" from "OU812" !!

  36. discostu355

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  37. Roland Watson

    It's got that "A Little Ain't Enough" flavor. Great licks by John 5. Just realized that he was in 2wo...awesome player!!

  38. ginsunh

    Should've been a hit. But in the days of depressing glum rock, no radio station would touch this.

  39. blisteredvision

    John fucking 5

  40. iago1616

    Great song. Surprised it didn't hit. Thought this would be an NBA staple.

  41. Jacob Davies

    @lelandvampire ah so kind of you for the knowledge sharing, but I did know that, infact got his 2 first solo albums as well, an mate can that guy tear up the fiddle! An what did you get in 92? Cos that was when I was born lol!!!

  42. Jacob Davies

    drummer on this also drums for korn now! Just a little tasty wedge of knowledge for you all to sleep on...

  43. Ryan Haws

    um, might as well call it Hot for Teacher pt 2.


    Guitarman Phelixer

    Aside from the double bass drum and the tempo, I don't see any similarities.

  44. Jim McBride

    I feel ya on that...but this isn't a bad tide-me-over, ya gotta admit!

  45. elvalle89

    sounds pretty tasty to me. John 5 plays guitar for this album & song

  46. Miki Pannell - Guitar Geeks & Gear Freaks

    Slam dump more like... Bring back Ed