Roth, David Lee - Blacklight Lyrics

Baby, somehow you seem to glow, woah
Take me where history unfolds, woah

I have a blacklight
It makes her radiant
I love my blacklight
My girl's fluorescent

Black light
Black light

Summer of love?
One you might have missed
Peace, love and harmony
At a flick of my switch

Black light
Black light

I have a blacklight
It makes her radiant
I love my blacklight
My gal's fluorescent

Foxy lady
Comin' to getcha

I have a blacklight
It makes her radiant
I love my blacklight
My gal's fluorescent

I love my blacklight, oh
I love my blacklight, woah yeah

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Roth, David Lee Blacklight Comments
  1. counterjabs

    Biggest overlooked album in my book. John5 guitar playing is out of this world! Dave and John5 make a great songwriting team.

  2. mr wiggiless

    How is this not a HUGE hit?

  3. Ryder El Marihuanero

    Omg, the perfect song is this, John5, The drummer, singer, all are amazing

  4. ivi13

    Slammer! Dave has one or 2 a record .

  5. rags847

    It's amazing that this album is almost 20 years old. I wish that 💎 David had released an album per year. We'd have 20 more albums by now! I can't stand this lack of productivity from old rock stars. Van Halen 1978 to 1984 released an album every year.



    Hope VH produces 2-3 more releases before they retire.

  6. Richard N

    Damm! I never heard this before. Its like Robert Plant meets David Bowie

  7. Tim Reynolds

    Thee best ALBUM by Dave

  8. Scott Roberts

    I can't find this record on I-Tunes.  

  9. Scott Roberts

    Slam Dunk and Indeedido are really great songs... yes along with Me Wise Magic and Can't Get This Stuff Anymore would have made a great VH record.

  10. jfmayer

    I was a super VH fan in 82 to 84 , I'm 44 and just discovered DLRB now, imagine that! on what planet was I living on, I don't know. I mean I knew about the band and it's personal, Vai and company but I didn't know it was that good.

  11. Alain Laspeyres

    ♥ ♥

  12. buzzcrushtrendkill

    Too bad Dave didn't get this band together much, much sooner in his career. Could've made a BIG difference.

  13. bcrox123

    Love the chorus

  14. 61lovingyou


  15. 3tongues

    These songs from this release could have been van halen songs..Roth told stern but no vh chose cherone??? Ooops!!!

  16. Tyler Morin

    this album is actually really great love it

  17. OwlEye2010

    Diamond Dave sounds so much like an American version of Robert Plant for some reason here. Nice song!

  18. classic7890

    Here ya go:

  19. ivi13

    Great Album.. Post Weekend With The Baby Sitter.thx Peace!