Rostam - Wood Lyrics

Sunlight on your eyelids
You were sleeping
Ah, ah ah
Sunlight on your back
You were dreaming
Ah, ah ah

And I lay inside a field
Beneath a cherry tree
And listen to the grass
And horses as they pass
And wake up in the light
Across the mountainside
And I sleep beside a fire
I built with burning tires

Sunlight on your eyelids
You were sleeping
Ah ah, ah ah ah
Sunlight on your back
You were dreaming
Ah ah, ah ah ah

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

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Rostam Wood Comments
  1. kil koh

    I remember when this song first came out....and there is no way it's been 8 years already... I think there was some kinda, mistake by YouTube... lol

  2. Samus Aran

    Very Indian sounding.

  3. Alien Invasion!!!!!

    When you hear that ableton default bongo drum sample thing

  4. Valentina Patino

    He is a true composer of our times, his music is pure art.

  5. shane kennedy

    Oooooohhhhhhh! Very Sgt pepper's 🤩👌

  6. Shaheen Kauser

    How can you be so versatile?!

  7. Lamya Alharbi

    رستم my man

  8. lena mary_7


  9. clumsiii

    O Rostam, I'm here. Thank you. This is so elegant and wild Please tour again - I can make it to seattle or portland. Beautiful

  10. Luz Ysela

    te amo, pinche genio

  11. shane kennedy

    Totally life affirming music! If there is a heaven up there, this is the music you will hear! 🐸 🚬💣💥💨 💞 🐯

  12. Jeyhun Veliyev

    if Wes Anderson knew, he would have definitely waited to shoot Darjeeling Limited until this song was composed,

  13. Marc Emrich

    Reminds me so much of David Byrne solo stuff. But like his best solo stuff

  14. PewPew

    When I first heard this song I thought it was Vampire Weekend. I have a feeling Rostam took along more than his fair share of talent and style with him.

  15. Mmm K

    Saw him on Vice News and had to hear more of his music. Just awesome!

  16. Sanjay Khilnani

    The composition reminds of a past I wish I had.

  17. Kumail Ahmed Shirazee

    so beautiful ...soofi fusion is too good

  18. Ben Fox

    My favorite off the new album so far

  19. Grace McFadden

    this song is SO PRETTY i can't stand it i'm in love

  20. A T

    and why the name is written in arabic

  21. Mia Carter

    If you were to look up the definition of "masterpiece," it would literally be a link to this song.

  22. Tai Nguyen

    this song's a dream. Would anyone recommend similar vibes?

  23. Johnny Felcher

    His name is Batman Jingle, isn't it?

    kian Hylian

    Johnny Felcher rostam batmanglij

  24. ayesha punjabi

    any artist or songs similar to this? with similar instrumental?


    Check out Ravishankar collaboration with Philip Glass. You will realize Rostam is kinda ameture in this game :)

  25. Mervexoxo

    People of Mumbai brought me here. Great work!

  26. grayson w

    I can't believe this is 5 years old.

  27. Evillincoln

    KCRW brought me here.

  28. Temple Of Colour

    Can anyone recommend any other artists with an indian sound similar to this?

    Heather Mifflin

    listen to Bombay Bicycle Club's album, "So Long, See You Tomorrow" the particular songs that have this indian vibe are "Overdone" and "Feel"

    Andy Blaszkiewicz-DiBacco

    Vampire weekend! Rostam was in VW until this year and he's produced all their songs in their first 3 albums so a lot of it sounds similar to this

    aamar butt

    Naadir Soeker Talvin Singh Nitin Sawhney

  29. Emily Rose

    I want an album!

  30. JP 99GC

    This reminds me of "I think ur a contra"

  31. Palloma Paulino

    Amo tanto <3

  32. Αντώνης Βαμβακάς

    this is so fucking perfect!!!!

  33. Jevian Fernandez

    This song needs more likes !!!

  34. Guilherme Santos

    Damn, what a wonderful song! I just can't stop listening it

  35. Eren a

    That's really interesting. Love it

  36. aunthau MV

    WOW, this is awesome..he should make more stuff like this

  37. Faezeh Khalili

    I just love your voice. The music is awesome.

  38. Darren Kenney

    sounds exactly like VW. then i realized this guy was in the band.

  39. Ankita Negi

    I can hear Indian instruments here


    +Ankita Negi sitar, tabla


    Hes Iranian so its not surprising that his songs have that South Asian influences

    Harshan Radhakrishnan

    you have gifted ears

  40. zephyr84

    Just discovered this song and love it. For some strange reason I feel like this song would fit perfectly on a Wes Anderson film

    Nicky Bautista

    Exactly my thoughts

    Richard Fukuda

    zephyr84 Darjeeling Limited maybe?

    Letícia Araujo


    Alamda Ali

    a wes anderson movie just with sock snake puppets

  41. Michael Tanner Moss

    Super happy

  42. fernanda sanchez

    What style/kind of music is this? I love it <3

    Mia Carter

    fernanda sanchez Persian influenced. Hence the sitar. However, it's not just restricted to that. He goes above and beyond fusing traditional Persian melodies to more contemporary material.

  43. Quick Silver

    this is a masterpiece! good luck with creating more music like this :D

  44. Cody Starke

    I'm okay with Rostam leaving VW because he left to pursue different opportunities within music, unlike Zayn Malik who left One Direction to go solo to make the same exact music as he did while in the band and is giving them the middle finger by putting his album out exactly a year after he left.


    Zayns solo stuff is a lot different to 1D what are you talking about

  45. Cody Starke

    when it comes to adding several elements to music, Rostam never disappoints

  46. Wallezz24

    This sounds remember me a lots of vw's songs

    William Kunga

    He used to be in the band

  47. arctic.ella

    reminds me of the darjeeling limited

  48. Paola Guajardo

    sounds a little bit like taxi cab

  49. sammyenn

    makes me feel like anoushka shankar makes me feel

  50. Greg Watson

    Hot damn, this is ludicrously pleasant.

  51. Skizzo Frenetik

    reminds me of starfox adventures

  52. Dezz A. Avalos

    I'm sad that he left VW, but it's hard to be sad when he makes wonderful music like this😩

    Manel Menano

    That's because he is too busy making music for others, which is kinda why he left


    Luckily he and Ezra said they would continue to collaborate on future VW releases

    Alamda Ali


    Dara Otl

    @Alamda Ali Some of the instrumentals in 'In Rivers' are similar to 'We Belong Together' on FOTB. Rostam's music is very VW at times, or perhaps VW was just more Rostam than we realised. He helped out on Harmony Hall too which is dope

  53. Blanca Segura

    This feels like a breeze in a very hot summer. It is so soothing!

  54. Ashley Yen

    good luck with everything after leaving VW <3

  55. פראנקי הון

    this is really boring

  56. bb1

    Dude... Fuck. :')

  57. Mike Cohen

    I love this.

    Farm Time

    you are not alone :)

  58. agniman

    Grande Rostam!

  59. Taís V. L. F. L.

    I like it and I feel like dancing in a wierd way.

    Shaunak Modi

    Haha glad I'm not the only one! :)

  60. mellymutton

    Simply the best <3

  61. Sabih Omar


    Collin Clayton

    @Sabih Omar fuck your shit

    Sabih Omar

    You guys are just not familiar with oriental music, that's why it feels so novel to you. But this is mediocre af.

    Sabih Omar

    @***** You are

  62. Luke Schreiter

    Rostam you're the fucking man

  63. kassykatful

    I listen to this on the daily. It makes me feel like I'm in sunlight, wind at my back, like I'm so light and whole, free to go anywhere

    Adam Horner


  64. Hannah & Liz

    Rostam, this is honestly beautiful. 

  65. Amir Khan

    im gonna get this to 1,000,000

    Asim Khan

    +Amir Khan Wow you fatbutt i just found this yesterday good job on getting it to 1,000,000 GG ur a youtube n00b.

  66. Charlotte Brennan


  67. Sean Fleming

    god music

  68. Helen Foster

    You're so good I love this

  69. Aleksandra Kubisztal

    What does the sign in the middle mean?

    Sami Mourad

    it says rostam in arabic, it also might be facri (persian) but i only know arabic and that definitely says Rostam in arabic  

    Aleksandra Kubisztal

    thank you :)

    kian Hylian

    +Sami Mourad rostam is a Persian hero

    kian Hylian

    it says rostam

  70. NovaScotiaChick

    Modern Sufi. :)

  71. Samantha

    This reminds me soooooo much of Darjeeling limited a Wes Anderson film and I feel as if this song should be in it

    Paula Resque Porto

    @Samantha Currie First thing I thought of when I heard this!

    Kemal Ramadana

    +Samantha Currie YES

    Elizabeth Lives

    Samantha exactly my thoughts

    John Johnson

    Yep! Even the test style design of "Wood" is like the text overlay on Wes Anderson film text, I think. Just like Zissou, Darjeeling. LOVE IT.

  72. cool cat

    He literally has the voice of an angel.

    Amit Maharjan

    @ezra turner the true hipster
    named ezra turner with storkes profile pic

    cool cat

    @God is an atheist not a hipster just incorporated my three favs into one :)

  73. Ruba Badwan (Visual Artist)

    i love his voice its beautiful reminds me of the sun

  74. Craig Silva


  75. Yanti Ashaiban

    I'd like to see this live. I really, really do.

    Mia Carter

    Yanti Ashaiban he opened his show last night with this and it was the absolute most beautiful thing I've ever heard.

  76. Racquelle Baysa

    Rostam is literally so perfect I cry I love him so much wow

  77. StellaLou

    This is absolutely amazing. I really hope he makes more solo music in the future.

    th3FT pUnK

    StellaLou your wish came true

  78. Combo872

    Thank God for YouTube!! Otherwise i would never know this gem!

  79. Sophie Kloor

    Ughhh ear sex

  80. Deanna Hammel

    Oh my gosh this is gorgeous

  81. violeta safir

    like like

  82. Lord Mandarin

    Rostam is one of the legendary heroes of Persia.

  83. Tazhjian

    I really really love this sooo much

  84. pflerg

    Absolutely beautiful! It brought a tear to my eye. Thank you.

  85. shutuphermione

    pergh jawi

  86. juliancisthebest

    This is perfect oh my goodness. It makes me sad that Rostam will never get as much credit in the band as he deserves but sighs what can you do

  87. Teddy Breihan

    He's able to sing so softly without losing his power.

  88. Michaela Sousa

    this is beautiful

  89. jbobsession123

    che ghashange :) barakallah!

  90. サディスト

    Sounds like a lot of Persian music that my parents and I grew up listening to .. then again, he IS Iranian/Persian.

  91. Maria Ruiz

    His voice is so ugh so calming

  92. Alice Mellow Levy

    my thoughts exactly man

  93. Samuel Richardson

    In love.

  94. Glenn Yeahh

    ik i already corrected myself lol no need to be a dick

  95. Matthieu McIntosh

    You're joking right? They're the same person.

  96. J Criss

    70% of the best music has always and will forever fly under the radar. It takes a little bit of searching, and some luck, to find gems like this. :)