Rostam - Gwan Lyrics

Don't listen to me, I only believe myself
So I'm going somewhere to do that alone
And then I see you
The light falls through the room
And all of it don't seem so hard

Do you ever get the sense
You're watching someone else?
Your face against the glass
Across 11th Ave
Some people say they know
They never really know
They all wait for something
That never comes to them

But all of these dreams
Keep coming back to me slowly, slowly
And sometimes I laugh
When I think about how you know me
Yeah, you know me

Wisdom comes to your heart
Down a shaft from afar
Pulls you out of bed and into the noise
Whoever's up this late
You really still awake?
Why can't you go to sleep like everybody else?

And all of these dreams
Keep coming back to me slowly, slowly
And sometimes I laugh
When I think about how well you know me
Yeah, you know me
But all of these dreams
Keep coming back to me slowly, slowly
And sometimes I laugh
When I think about how you know me
Yeah, you know me

But all of these dreams
Keep coming back to me slowly, slowly
And sometimes I laugh
When I think about how you know me
Yeah, you know me

And when I woke up from that dream
I was sleeping in a basement
Leaves were falling on the pavement
I was happy in the city
Took a friend's car to the ocean
Are you ready?
Are you ready?

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Rostam Gwan Comments
  1. TheRealScottG

    I keep coming back to this video every week. Such a good melody. Brings me good vibes every time.

  2. Texas Coqui


  3. btfrenchy

    Such a great composer but I miss him in Vampire Weekend. I really wish he didn't leave.

  4. Robbie Hart

    wtf did you do to your hair man

  5. Tyler Patterson

    TIL rostam was the secret of vampire weekend all along. I needed to hear this after hearing their new music (sans rostam). nothing but love for vw but what a genius, glad to hear him doing his own thing. superb

  6. Zachary Williams

    i wish it was more clear this was sampled from a welsh lullaby

  7. Shane Lanning

    Does anyone else here Suo Gan in the middle of this?

  8. Dave not Doug

    He has a voice like a violin.

  9. Nobetterman

    This reminds me a lot of Badly Drawn Boys "The Shining".

  10. Enrique Nangüelú

    I officially love you. I like how your voice sounds so happy like laughing when your sing. I miss you in VW but this worth it.

  11. Taiyo Maruyama PH MNL

    iZombie S04E06!!!!!

  12. Furgan9699

    Izombie? Lol

  13. Joseph Achi


  14. shane kennedy

    So beautiful it sends shivers up my spine! A legend in the making! Love this guy! 😀 👍

  15. fks b

    eu te amo tanto que não cabe em mim


    Nem em mim

  16. sophia da silva

    I'm here from roebling's story All These Dreams Keep Coming Back To Me Slowly and it's so beautiful omg

  17. Skinner453

    Am I the only one who thinks that this and Bike Dream are incredible songs, but the rest of the album is just weird and hard to get into?

  18. Performance Means Life

    Hermosa Canción!

  19. Marimar Toledo

    Love that both "Gwan" and "Diplomat's Soon" have water themes in the last lyrics <3 I wish the video ended with him overlooking the city from a car but it's still a beautiful video ♥

  20. Gabriel Marçal

    His voice reminds me of Kevin Drew. Really beautiful songwritting, love it!

  21. Jeyhun Veliyev

    i heard this song first time in Forever21 couple days ago, shazam'ed it and now love Rostam's music. btw, my brother's name is also Rustam:) good luck to you!:)

  22. Arto

    faking sheet

  23. Erkki

    Ty for singing about me

  24. Joshua Kirk

    Ah... those strings are heavenly.

  25. Claire W

    I abruptly started crying in the middle of this Rostam you beautiful beautiful human being

  26. Kat Xploring

    Joy radiates from Rostam in Gwan. Love the use of the strings... feels dreamlike. My current favorite song (not just of Rostam, but of everyone I am listening to),

  27. getmetwister

    Hit like if you come here watching the Vice video :)

  28. Thomas Kohut

    sony a7r?

  29. MajorasMatt

    Took me a few listens to get into it. Definitely an acquired taste for his style of singing, but I dig it. :)

  30. vedant dragon

    love you bro

  31. xKramer

    Sounds like a song that will be in FIFA, am i right?

  32. Changbetter24 24

    coming out of Cartmans ass

  33. Changbetter24 24

    Man this sounds like SHIT...
    His voice reminds me of fart sounds from South PArk.

  34. Per Mertens

    Smile. (Suo Gân)

  35. gilberto martinez

    He was the art pop slash pioneer who was producer of vampire weekend

  36. Turtle is as Turtle Does

    Quality songwriting!

  37. Jose Luis Pacheco

    So cool

  38. kamran66

    Bravo Rostam....the Tehranis send tribute. :)

  39. Aretis

    Empire of the Sun

  40. Faezeh Khalili

    awesome music

  41. Faezeh Khalili

    This is my favorite

  42. Mashiach Matityah

    I like how he added the "Empire of the Sun" W/ Christian Bale the movies, theme into the bridge of the song. A great transition in the music, so seamless.

    Kristen Jones

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who heard that. That was a spectacular movie and that bit of music left a forever impression on my heart.

  43. Taylor DuRoss

    such beauty.

  44. Oloff Music

    Lovely track. Looks like he was a bit self-conscious filming this video though as his mouth is barely moving at all.

  45. nikannen

    This reminds me of Grizzly Hills

  46. Daniel Kirby

    wisdom comes to your heart, down a shaft from a fart

  47. Dan Day

    When I walk around at 3 a.m. after work at night, I hear this song in my head. It is my walking song.

  48. Tara Ayche

    Jesus christ, this guy is one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

  49. Wake Up

    This is my shiz

  50. Victorious_Geek

    Why do I have this urge of moving to New York now?

  51. Mark Hopkinson Jr

    What a happy and enjoyable tune, glad I came across him!

  52. Tyrone Vatubuli

    Who's here from Boys by CharlieXCX

  53. Tynsiol

    I never even liked Vampire Weekend, but I guess they were there for a reason after all. ;)
    <3 this is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

  54. Dan Day

    This is the song that plays in my head when I get off the radio at midnight and walk around Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  So good I featured it with these other cool songs on my podcast.

  55. Jamie Collins

    so glad i found rostam :')

  56. DreamComa

    When I woke up from a bad dream,
    I was sleeping in a basement,
    leaves were falling on the pavement,
    I was happy in the city,
    took a friend's car to the ocean,
    are you ready, are you ready?

  57. Micah Jodhan

    rostam the type to look like joe jonas

  58. Tynsiol


  59. FuziaFinja

    When he says "you're really still awake? why can't you go to sleep, like everybody else?"
    I giggle a little, cause I feel like he's talking to me. Thanks Rostam for another great song!

  60. MrRed9zz

    Damn Rostam is underrated...

  61. thewhatness

    This fills my heart with that same wistful feeling of breathlessness I got on my first listen of Modern Vampires of the City: suddenly my surroundings were awake, every little mundane detail sprung to life, and in an instant, I felt my city exhale in unison. It made me appreciate my home more than I could ever have imagined. You stay one place for all your life, and even if it's the coolest place on the planet, it tends to get stale. But when I listen to this, I feel my home take in its breath through the concrete, humming with that ever-present ambiance. And for a few fleeting moments, I am no longer crushed by the weight of isolation between a ceaseless run of cloud-piercing buildings amidst a sea of 8 million faces. I'm a raindrop in a tempest. I'm a wooden plank on the Brooklyn Bridge. I'm exactly where I need to be. And I'd give anything to feel that way everyday. God, I am so excited for this album.


    Your comment is absolutely beautiful.

    Kapisha Ramraj

    That is stunning

    Robbie Hart

    this is the corniest thing ive ever read

  62. Samuel Sisti

    That Welsh lullaby, though. That transported me as soon as I heard it -- killer track.

  63. dupla dup

    the last 44 seconds of this song hit me so's so bittersweet to a point where i don't know if i should be crying or smiling...rostam is truly a genius.

  64. Troy Z

    Stick with producing.

    Matthew A

    Corn Flava he's ending his solo career as we speak because of your comment, thanks a lot :'(

  65. MilesC608

    This is so.... different/weird

  66. louxxrite

    Favourite part is from 4:00 - so goood

  67. ImTooAbstract

    If I'm being honest his voice isn't as good as Ezra's :/ I still like this though.

  68. Raps Raps Raps

    So much to learn from this kid <3

  69. Xinyu Ma

    each one of your songs is a gem of a different kind i don't know what else to say

  70. Taran Navy

    The first time I heard this sing was by complete accident. I don't listen to the radio much I guess in a way it makes me feel like I'm part of a cliche. it was on Sirius FM radio and I couldn't turn it off and I got my phone real quick and looked it up and then listening to it every since this guy is an artist of precession history instruments remind me of something that is written in the stars.

  71. Edward Lloyd

    I can hear Suo Gan (a Welsh lullaby) during the strings part. Just beautiful!

    Zachary Williams

    THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING. this song was listed on the soundtrack of izombie but i could swear the part they sampled was suo gan

  72. Clifton Bullard

    Does anyone know what's going on with distortion at the the edges of the frame? Can't tell if it's the lens or postproduction. It's such a subtle and cool effect; it perfectly matches the song.

  73. Kavan Cleary

    I really love this song. Listened to it at least 20 times. The audio looks off on this video though.... :(

  74. HashimHayat


  75. Sophie Somerville

    I think this is a really good song to listen to in the morning, when you're depressed becos you're going to work but the train is rocking gently and the sunlight is flickering through the window and you have that small quiet moment of peace


    @Gtr Dude18 legend

    Gtr Dude18

    homerun what


    @Gtr Dude18 i think that you're a legend


    @Gtr Dude18 because you told that guy to shut up then immediately said "sorry I didn't mean that" which is very funny

  76. Brian Logan

    Sounds like Suo Gan, a traditional Welsh lullaby made famous in the film Empire of the Son.  Meter, rhyme, strings and tempo seem really similar.  Listen from about 1:20 in,, compare to 2:59 in on Rostam's track.  I still love the song, but the strings don't seem very original.

  77. sonoki82

    Beautiful song and a lovely video. I don't care for the new hair, though.

  78. jeffindacut22

    Thanks for making this music. Beautiful song, absolutely euphoric from 4:00 on

  79. Kakashilazy Cyclops Nee Gee

    he so hard liam

  80. Paul Condon

    What's the sample melody used from 3:00 - 3:20?

    Paul Condon

    Well that bugged me for 17hrs. It's the Welsh lullaby 'Suo Gan' from the Spielberg movie 'Empire of the Sun'.

  81. Mia Carter

    Rostam does it YET AGAIN. 😍😍😍

  82. bear sets fire

    Leave Vampire Weekend then make music that sounds exactly like Vampire Weekend👌🏻


    Do you realize they sound the same because it's the same person making them?

  83. Brianna Houle

    I honestly prefer Dams of the West or Baio better but Rostam doesn't disappoint. His music is peaceful and enjoyable, it's soft and it's clear to understand that he was part of Vampire Weekend. It's also obvious that he studied music at Columbia because his pieces are just beautiful. I'm excited to see what Rostam is soon to offer.

  84. Soarin

    This song reminds me who I am.

  85. Arcelia Pulido

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  86. John Doe

    Most beautiful song of 2017 so far for me, for sure!

  87. Irsyad Iranto

    Rostam sounds like he's crying, and I like it

  88. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Gwan" debuted at #12 on the New Alternative 20 Chart this week:

  89. Pat R

    yes! thanks rostam

  90. arze

    Whooooo wee I missed this. Invokes a sense of nostalgia for somewhere I've never been... I agree with always hearing the smile in his voice! Missed ya, Rostam. Can't wait for the album.

  91. Maxim Sokol

    He's an Arab?!

    Mia Carter

    Maxim Sokol yea he's Iranian and Persian

    Maxim Sokol

    Iran is Persia.
    but thx. cool.

    Cameron S

    Mia Carter your answer should have been "no, he's Iranian or Persian. Not Arab. If you consider Iranians Arab then the Spaniards are as well...

    Josiah Shank

    He's the son of an Iranian immigrant

    th3FT pUnK

    Mia Carter omg I'm Iranian always thought he's Arab my life is complete

  92. Rashel Lara

    who else came here from Dlan Minnette on twitter

    Dakota :3

    Rashel Lara send me the link

  93. Justin Poirier

    Love your songs, another great one.