Rostam - Eos Lyrics

Listen to the crickets at night
Can you hear that sound?
Dusk and the tide goes out
Your feet in the sand

Everyone of us has felt the lights go down
Everyone of us has felt our heart beat pound
Everyone of us has felt it on our own
Lo and behold you were here now you're gone
Lo and behold you were here now you're gone

Along the coast we could see time and space
And across the water it was all emptiness
But I held you close, my cheek pressed up against yours
And I could feel the hereafter out in front of us both
Along the coast we could see time and space
And across the water it was all emptiness
But I held you close, my cheek pressed up against yours
And we could feel the storm gathering in front of us both


Everyone of us has felt the lights go down
Everyone of us has felt our heart beat pound
Everyone of us has felt the lights go down
Everyone of us has felt our heart beat pound
Everyone of us has felt it on our own
Lo and behold you were here now you're gone
Lo and behold you were here now you're gone

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Rostam Eos Comments
  1. xMdb

    designated survivor anyone?

  2. Daniel

    I’ve been trying and trying to find this song. Thank you Google, Thank you Designated Survivor.

  3. J. Koch

    Top Lied deswegen auch in einer Netfilx Serie 👍🏻😊sehr schön

  4. Daniel H

    Here from designated survivor Season 3 Episode 2... :)

  5. siddharth nair

    Designated survivor brought me here ✌️

    Nipunj Niket

    Same here😁

  6. Jahid Hasan Rana

    Designated Survivor brought me here !!

    Eduardo Carbajal

    Jaja, igual yo

  7. Zev Rand

    Who else knew this song already. but then came back to it to it after designated surbiorb

  8. Joe Babcock

    Designated Survivor?

  9. Alexandre Schmidt

    Designated Survivor.

  10. Ohio Against The World

    Designated Survivor brought me here, even though it took me forever to find the song name.

    Maddie Um

    rostam fan here, next time you're looking for a song from a show just search the season and episode number with the title of the show and then type in soundtrack and usually it'll take you to a website called Tunefind where you can find all the songs from that episode. I've used it forever, figured it'd help you so it won't take you forever next time.

  11. peepeepoopoo

    don’t listen to this when you’re depressed...

  12. BigRiddimMonsta

    This sounds like it would be an amazing intro to a Phoria song.

  13. iiisraaaeeel


  14. Jarrick Williams

    Reminds me of STGSTV by Anco

  15. daytripperarrabal

    Rusty by himself is just the next level of perfection.

  16. The Team Players

    So much talent.

  17. Helionomicon

    Am I overenthusiastic or is this touching the good crazy of Brian Wilsons Smile period?

  18. Monika A

    I just cried to this song

  19. Andrew Boyer

    hey Rostam - this is great <3

  20. Yair

    Canciones como las de Rostam ya casi no hay... muy buena música para el oído

  21. Amanda Mc


  22. Learning Now

    the visuals remind me of fantasia

  23. Rafael Bites

    que vibe massa

  24. Diva Meshia Arif

    The 48 dislikers might regret their decision.

  25. DeadWiegraf

    I feel like I've fallen in love. This song feels like falling in love. I have always loved Vampire Weekend; they are one of my favorite bands, but Rostam has always been my favorite part of the band. This song makes me fall in love with music again.

  26. musicalman1995

    those 11 seconds of drone are probably the best part of the song. Such a wonderfully constructed song. "my cheek pressed up against yours" ;)

  27. Port80

    man, beautiful edits. beautiful music.
    always stoked to hear your jams yo!

  28. Emily Rose

    How the fuck does this only have 92,000 views????

    Cem Gökdeniz Arslan

    Because a hundred thousand qualified people listen to this song and jealous people definitely mustn't know this song. So I want this piece of art not to be famous and I'm very happy because of this

  29. Sir McPepper

    Very very nice !

  30. Miguel Albarracin

    I love Rostam's voice. There's a demo of the song Campus in which he sings instead of Ezra Koenig that's wonderful.

  31. Yoav Ledezma

    This could have been a song for the new VW album :'(

  32. Arsalan Aslam

    Whenever Rostam releases his debut studio LP, it will be the best album of that year, and a landmark. Like "Modern Vampires of the City" in 2013 or "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire in 2010 or "Merriweather Post Pavillion" by Animal Collective in 2009, it's going to be a huge deal and it's going to be amazing. I called it first, February 2016~

  33. russ6406

    More. this is awesome

  34. Laka R

    just like the lip balm

  35. Gio Paredes

    Good Luck, sounds great!...

  36. Alex Sheriff

    It's sad the he has left VW, but he makes magical music alone, as well as with the band, so I can't wait to see what he has in store for us.

  37. abbey sullivan

    did u name this song after the chap stick

    Sandra Urbina

    +abbey sullivan no

  38. Carianne R. Hixson

    great! kinda sounds like a mix Animal Collective and Kishi Bashi to me

    Clint Golub

    Carianne R. Hixson that's actually a really good comparison

  39. Andrew Bigbie

    Okay I have listened to this lots of times now and compared to vocals on Modern Vampires of the City and the two earlier VW albums and I swear the vocals on this track are Ezra's. We hear Rostam's vocals (mirrored with Ezra) on Hannah Hunt also on some of the Am Ex HD special by Steve Buscemi (Horchata). Can anyone confirm or deny this? BTW: I have thoroughly enjoyed this new track, awesome job @matsoR, can't wait to see some more!

  40. igloo2

    I loved the upbeat sound of Discovery LP

  41. greekgodofsynths

    Absolutely beautiful

  42. mochi kun


  43. Dalton Hughes

    This was good, but I left unsatisfied. It needed to come to a climax or something and it never did.

  44. Maria

    Sounds like Christmas corals

  45. Anna From The Island

    dont leave VW rostam 😭

  46. Ali Alarcon

    your time has come, my friend. very well done

  47. Isaiah Enriquez

    It's a beautiful song

  48. Jangojim

    Wow, amazing. This song makes me feel ALIVE ! Extra points for that cool galactic shizzle video.

  49. Oliver Throne

    Sucks he left Vampire Weekend...

    Emiliano Monti

    but he stiil work on their next album..

  50. Jack Sagehorn

    How can u dislike this?

  51. Taneleer Tivan

    Romance. Even as a saiyan it's getting to me. Good song.

  52. Rebecca H

    beautiful!!! love it

  53. hifibryant

    Could be Animal Collective, slightly less weirder but those Deac/Panda Bear vibes

  54. vahidrvahidr

    keep it up buddy. huge fan of you

  55. Benjamin Heinzle

    sounds like anco

    Jarrick Williams

    JP Pope Animal Collective. An Experimental Neo-Psych Band.

  56. Curtis Ditmars

    EP please!

  57. Zac Spearman

    Reminds me of Comfy in Nautica by Panda Bear, in a good way

    Justin Simmons

    I hear Noah inspiration all over his album

  58. Jess Stokes

    Love it so much Rostam, and reminds me of when I went to meet my boyfriend for the first time in Spain. :-) Bravo.

  59. Alex K

    WOW! =)

  60. rockemwell

    Great job rostam. This really inspired me

  61. Maxwell Young

    this is beautiful

  62. Mike Cohen


  63. I m a n i H i l l

    like if your here because of amandla's tumblr

  64. Raveena

    Anyone else get major goosebumps as soon as the song started? Also, something about his and VW's lyrics just make me feel sad and nostalgic inside in a good way. Beautiful song.

    Eric Mazariegos

    Fucking yes! Major nostalgia


    +Raveena Kshatriya Think it's very melancholy

    jinei lee

    Totally!! And Half Light gets me all the time!

  65. Matin R

    Rostam's baccckkkk

  66. Tom R

    Daddy is home

  67. Diana M

    I don't even know him personally, but I feel like saying, "This is very Rostam."

    Myk McGrane

    +Diana Mariska me too.

  68. Sarah

    This is beautiful

  69. Pablo

    I need a new Vampire Weekend album

  70. Peter Jacobovsky

    at first I thought it was over-produced, but it stuck in my head. nice

  71. Eliza Bright

    what a beautiful thing

  72. Alan Xiao

    We finally get to hear Rostam's voice shine!

    David S

    +Alan Xiao We got to hear his vocals way back in '09 on his Discovery side project

    Spencer Kieft

    I second that. Check out the band, Discovery. It's really cool. Swing Tree is a popular song on that album.


    +Spencer Kieft agree, wish Wes and Rostam would make more music together!

    Jack Buckley

    +Alan Xiao Didnt realise how similar his voice sounds to Ezra Koenig